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posted by rizwansait1
This month’s feature brings Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2 to the Kidtoons family. In this story, Merliah must learn to balance her family responsibilities as a mermaid princess with her passion for competitive surfing as a human with legs. As Merliah progresses as a surfer in the human world, she must find time for her mom, the mermaid Queen under the sea. This entertaining story provides several lessons for the Kidtoon audience.

This engaging story will appeal primarily to the four to ten-year-old age group and to many of their older siblings. Younger children will identify...
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Barbie: Mariposa and The Fairy Princess is an upcoming Barbie movie. It will be the 25th CGI-animated Barbie movie, and it will be released in 2013. The movie is a sequel to Barbie: Mariposa and her rama-rama, taman rama-rama Fairy Friends.

Story: "Fly with Barbie in an all-new Fairytopia adventure in Barbie Mariposa and The Crystal Fairy Princess. sertai Mariposa as she returns in Flutterfield with her fairy friends. Discover new Pari-pari and embark on magical journey as Mariposa lead anda in a beautiful world and meet the enchanting crystal fairy princess!"
anda can hear this song in the video "Various Barbie songs on Italian" that I telah diposkan yesterday...


Still in the sky like a star
Beloved daughter, beautiful daughter
My love, I'm watching anda from up there
Every dream you'll dream will come true
And because of that, anda won't suffer anymore


I had to write something lebih to post this on the articles, so hope anda like it ;)

And tell me what other songs do anda want me to translate, I'll be very glad to do it... and It's quite funny to do...

posted by FairyAmbassador
I can be a hero (uh-uh), I can be a'strong (yeah, yeah)
I'm not a bird atau plane, they should know my name
Not just a girl (not just a girl), uh-huh
I can be free (uh-uh), free to be me (yeah, yeah)
I can speak it out now, no doubt, say "hello" to the world ("hello" to the world)

Scream it out like hey, hey
Don't listen to what they say, say
'Cause it doesn't matter, no way, no way
One goal, one dream, 'cause we're on the same team, babe

(Oh...) Raise our voices, (oh...) raise our voices
So it's time to tunjuk our faces and raise our voices
(Oh...) We're gonna raise our voices,...
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And Giselle Dancing Barbie angsa, swan Lake Today competition with Mattel Barbie merah jambu "Shoes", a quality jury - chaired sejak Eleonora Abbagnato great star, prima ballerina of the Paris National Opera - reward dancers atau groups who have been able to better interpret the spirit of the film.
But we found better detail .... In his new movie "Barbie and merah jambu Shoes" DVD released sejak Universal and released on March 6, Barbie celebrates two of the most beautiful ballets of all time: Giselle and angsa, swan Lake, memorable music, the dance all steps of the greatest classical dancers dancing world, two fascinating stories...
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Me and my friend
Our friendship doesn't has an end
We walk down the street
And give each other a treat

We walk hand in hand
And together play in sand
Together we read each book
And learn how to cook

We together sing holy songs
Often do something wrong
We try to make it all right
We bring the sparks to light

We don't have much in common
I look like a cat,She looks like a Roman
I am from hills,She is from plains
But still we together play in rains

Me and my friend
Our friendship doesn't has an end
We walk down the street
And give each other a treat
posted by babypink123
Once in a beautiful world there was a princess called Barbie and her best Friends Princess Teresa and Princess Nikki all of them had wonderful voices and lives till King Mattel their god all of a sudden got annoyed living in a palace and having olden-time lives,so he changed the whole world Barbie's vioce became horrible so did her face same for Teresa but for Nikki KIng Mattel atau should i say director Mattel replaced her with a girl named Grace.Barbie and Teresa were heartbroken but they soon found out that King Mattel was being controled sejak ZOMBIE PEAS! Teresa & Barbie were horified!...
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posted by redsamurai
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Take one look at us and you'll see
We belong together
Got to be a part of a team
Ready for whatever

On and on, we're here to stay
Let's keep it going strong

The greatest hari never goes away
Make it last forever, put it on replay
The greatest day, got something to say
Everyone together, we'll always treasure
The greatest day

Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Here with anda is where I should be
No matter where we go
I'm for anda and you're here for me
It's why we're good as gold

On and on, we're here to stay
Let's keep it going strong

The greatest hari never goes away
Make it last forever, put...
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To my knowledge, there are no imej of the book covers yet, but I have just found out about some movie tie-in buku for Barbie: bintang Light Adventure and Barbie & Her Sisters in a anjing, anak anjing Chase. Look out for them later in the year, when there will be book covers, and perhaps some content previews and plot information!

Star Light Adventure
Barbie Summer 2016 Movie Pictureback - Jul 26, 2016 | 16 Pages
"Children ages 3 to 7 will Cinta this full-color storybook based on the latest Barbie™ movie, releasing in fall 2016. Press-out paper anak patung and over 50 stickers are included to add to the fun!"...
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Barbie & Her Sisters in A kuda, kuda kecil Tale is a 2013 computer-animated Barbie film. The screenplay was written sejak Steve Granat and Cydne Clark, and Heavynn Gates is the lead vocalist for the movie's theme song.

Barbie and her sisters use an RV to go on a horseback-riding vacation to the Alps and go to a horse academy. They make new animal friends, and Barbie has an instant connection with a wild horse which she trains. At the horse academy, the sisters attend a festive gala dressed in their prettiest ball gowns.

From Barbie Filem wikia
posted by SilentForce
One, two, three, four

Woke up this morning feeling good, feeling great
Walking on air, nothing can get in the way
It's a beautiful hari to celebrate
Feeling alive and I can't complain

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Here we go, one, two, three, four

You can't take away my sun on a rainy day
You can't take away my smile 'cause it's here to stay
It's okay, I'll be great
Every awan has its silver lining

You can't take away the pep in my step
You can't take away my light, that's a fact
It's okay, seize the day
Every awan has its silver lining

I'm on awan nine with bright eyes, blue...
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posted by redsamurai
I was thinking that Spy Squad would bintang someone not Barbie. (e.g; Alexa, Mariposa.) But it was announced that it would be Barbie's own adventure. But I'm still not sure cos of Laslo. I thought starlight would too, but I think it's Barbie too. Well, let's see what would the new Barbie era bring for us.
I think they should quit merah jambu and bring in something new. And everytime Barbie doesn't have to be someone fashionable. They could bring in someone brainy and highly intelligent now.
Barbie Movies' teasers were quite interesting, but I think they should be longer and starlight's teaser was not that good. Anyhow, Barbie entertainment rocks!
posted by Madmozell
As an entertainment powerhouse, the Barbie® brand has been bringing peminat-peminat of all ages engaging content for decades. Now, in collaboration with EMS Entertainment, Barbie will bring peminat-peminat a new opportunity to sing and dance with the introduction of an all-new musical, Barbie™ LIVE! Barbie LIVE! is an engaging production featuring contemporary Muzik with empowering lyrics, energetic choreography and a modern storyline that will appeal to peminat-peminat of all ages. Barbie LIVE! will make its debut this September in Singapore and will travel Asia through 2014. In Manila, the tunjuk will be staged at the Mall...
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posted by Mariolka
 This is your reaction. : )
This is your reaction. : )
Chapter 2:

"KEIRA! Wake up!" Shouted Jennifer. Keira looked up from her bantal at her strict manager. Jennifer looked angry, "Do anda want to miss morning practice."

"Morning? It's three o'clock, and it's raining" Keira muttered.

"Early bird catches the worm." Jennifer said.

"Yeah, but I doubt they would fly in the rain at three o'clock when anda can barely see where you're going." Keira muttered under her breath.

"There's too much wit in you. Go get ready." Jennifer said. Keira got out of bed, and took a pancuran, pancuran mandian and got dressed. Muttering to herself how much she wanted Jennifer to disappear,...
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Keira: Once I played, anda know?
Something that no one ever listened to
But I see them, anda know?
They look at me
You know, dreaming is easy

Now I feel that what I wanted is here...

Here I am
I will give everything that I have
I have no doubts
I'll burn and light up everything
And the dark will disappear

Tori: I wake up and outside it's already morning
The Duchess tells me 'You're not a child anymore!'
I know she believes I'm spoiled
But princesses, anda know, just want to play
Princesses, anda know, just want to play

The joy and the happiness for us
When the hari will be over
Princesses, anda know, just want to...
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You'll hold me in
Your arms at night
You're the only one
To make me feel assured
I'll softly sing tonight
And you'll have sweet dreams

Now the voices of sun go away
And then night's sweet moments
Are coming to us

You'll hold me in
Your arms at night
(Forever I'll be with you
Wherever you'll go)
I'll softly sing tonight
(Close your eyes now)
And you'll have sweet dreams
posted by coolraks12
Barbie stars as Flora, the princess of Edelina who has the power over nature and which is hidden from everybody. She has a happy going life. But one hari something terrible happens which forces her to leave Edelina. She now has to start a new life in the kingdom of Ruby where she learns a shocking truth about her family which changes her whole aspect of life. Now, Flora has to save her kingdom and her family from the hands of the evil queen. Its the biggest challenge of her life.
Will she suceed? sertai Flora in her magical adventure with Bunga and trees.

Barbie The Green Princess
posted by Sirea
I'd like to do a big Petikan collection of all Barbie Filem in this article.


1) anda can post every quote anda like from Barbie Filem except
- Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse
- Lyrics quotes
- Officaly Petikan from ending credits.

2) anda have to add the name of the character and movie.

3) It doesn't matter if anda post your Petikan in one post atau in more.

4) Please post just original quotes. If anda can't remember the quote exactly, anda can post it too, but please leave a bintang on it. This means: You're not sure if the quote is correct.

5) anda can post a picture, if anda like, but anda don't have to.

6) Please look carefully if a post was already added.


"May the best surfer win."
(Merliah Summer, A Mermaid Tale)
Hidden beneath the ground,
Is the spring that feeds the creek,
Invisible as the wind,
That anda feel upon your cheek.

And every breeze that whispers,
Reminds us constantly,
Sometimes what's real,
Is something anda can't see,

Believe in all that can be,
A miracle starts whenever anda dream,
Believe and sing from your heart,
You'll see your song will hold the key.

Waiting behind the clouds,
Is a sky that's always clear
And chasing away the doubts,
You watch the sun appear

It's shining to remind you,
As each new hari begins.
There's always hope if anda just let it in
Believe in all that can be
A miracle starts whenever...
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posted by LeiaAmidala2000
As anda all may know, Mattel fired Kelly Sheridan. This has made tons of people mad and protest. Kelly recently telah diposkan this statement on her Facebook page:

"I'm hearing very interesting things from the powers that be. There is some reconsidering going on. peminat-peminat are making their opinions known. Kind of amazing."

Will they re-hire Kelly? Will they reconsider the 'modern' movies? What are your opinions?

I think that Mattel should listen to their fans. We have, for a while now, been protesting the new voice and the modern stuff. I personally don't like this 'new image' they have been going for. If I wanted that kind of stuff, I'd go watch, play, and collect Bratz.

-Leia <3

I found this out at: link