Baseball Want to own a piece of MLB history

rye22king posted on Jul 27, 2010 at 04:34AM
had to put up three more of my autograph baseballs for sale on ebay and might need ot do more so keep posted

Roger Clemens
Roger Clemens Autograph baseball upperdeck COA hologram - eBay (item 120601033712 end time Jul-31-10 15:01:25 PDT)

Roberto Alomar
Roberto Alomar Autograph Baseball COA Upper Deck MLB - eBay (item 120599846155 end time Jul-28-10 18:42:25 PDT)

Rollie Fingers HOF
Rollie Fingers Autograph baseball HOF w/ COA Athletics - eBay (item 120600489932 end time Jul-30-10 10:36:45 PDT)

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