Bella angsa, swan Bella angsa, swan ikon Contest [Round 16]

lauracullen66 posted on Aug 13, 2010 at 08:56PM
I have seen this game in a lot of spots, and I thought it would be fun to have it here too! :)

The rules are simple:
1st step: A subject for the round is chosen.
2nd step:Everyone has 5 days to submit their icons on this forum.
3rd step: A pick will go up for voting.
.There will be 5 days for voting

you have to make the icon yourself

So, have fun! :)

1st place - gets three points
2nd place - gets two points
3rd place - gets one point

Round 1- Meadow
Round 2- At school
Round 3- In or with her truck
Round 4- With Edward
Round 5- With Jacob
Round 6- Twilight Movie
Round 7- New Moon Movie
Round 8- Eclipse Movie
Round 9- Kristen Stewart
Round 10- Promotional Shots
Round 11- With Humans
Round 12- Fan art
Round 13- Kissing
Round 14- Your favourite Bella icon
Round 15- In Italy
Round 16- Smiling- link
Round 17- Your Fave Bella Icon


CullenSisters-X- 19 Points
shannon9396- 19 Points
twilighter4evr- 15 Points
dazzlers- 12 Point
willow96- 10 points
Flana_2- 5 Points
teamedward4evr- 5 points
elina1996- 4 points
cateyxtwilight- 3 Points
Enchantedfan- 3 Points
bl0ndy- 1 point
lydlion4444- 1 Point
myka_0123- 1 point
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