Ben 10 Ben 10 game for PS4?

russellmart posted on Mar 29, 2018 at 01:50PM
Has anyone has got hands on the new Ben 10 game released for PS4? Actually I am looking forward to buy it and there are a lot of mixed reviews out there.

One of the reviews i read says "Ben 10 has its ups and downs. Even though its gameplay and ideas are interesting, its duration and poor depth make the game feel incomplete. An entertaining game to have a good time with, and also for the kids."

But another gamer on a different website says "Besides the HD visuals, Ben 10 feels like a licensed title from a decade ago. Most of the game is comprised of inoffensive mediocrity, and rarely is there anything that feels inspired. Kids will likely have some fun smashing around levels as their favorite characters from the show, but there’s simply too little content for it to keep attention spans occupied for too long."


Though I Enjoy almost everything related to Ben 10 (my childhood favorite. I have played all the other ben 10 games on my pc like the Protector of Earth etc ) but i am totally in dilemma to spend on this.

If anyone here has played the new link, please share your honest review so that I can decide.

Thanks in advance peepz! :D

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