Black Krismas Wall

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jlhfan624 berkata …
I....I have...such...mixed feelings about 2019. The action was good, even if the story was a bit slow at times. But they should have NEVER presented this as a remake because it is clearly not. It's lebih similar to Sorority Row (2009) than what it's supposed to be loosely based off of. If anda don't think of it as a remake, it's okay. telah diposkan ·3 bulan lalu
jlhfan624 dikomen…
Not fond of the overly 'womyn good men bahd' message it tries to send and the characters and dialogue are atrocious but...decent action and okay plot twist if anda take out the sexism involved. ·3 bulan lalu
alishamau berkata …
when i watched this it was before Krismas and i was scared incase billy came from the attic and killed me telah diposkan hampir setahun yang lalu