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posted by Clowninthevenus
I still haven’t received any letters atau telephone calls concerning my interview with the Scotland Yard with my ticket 390 8608, neither anyone has contacted me in order to pay for my participation in production of ongoing Fantasi films in the last four years.

Date 13/05/2021 Invoice
For the attention of Sir John Suchet BBC 1 and BBC 2 Sir David Attenborough

This invoice is directed to BBC TV Management Financial Department for fast Fantasi film production for public entertainment during the Brexit transition period. To those it may concern:

Mrs Olga Alexandra Taggart British passport...
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posted by Edmund_Nagle
Sporting Magazine Ned and Farmer George Vol.4 2nd Series
new york public library. printed in London, 1832
I often hunted with the Warde's hounds and with the Duke of Beaufort's, and I had accompanied Royalty repeatedly in the stag-hunt: so that rusa , fox, and arnab had all fled  before me. I remember the honest face of the late King George the Third, looking all good humour around him.
Sir Henry Goff riding with him, and the late Sir Edmund Nagle, then Captain Nagle,, making he old king laugh with his Hibernian jokes The jolly admiral was arousing the King that hari with a story of a 'brother-midshipman'...
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posted by Clowninthevenus
06/06/2021 Towards Sir Pierce Brosnan filming project "The Remedy":

- anda know, the dirty arses who are sitting around their computer screen - they don't see a human, neither they see suffering, the only thing they see IS PLASTIC FIGURE COLORED GREEN...
- Why green?
- They hate "Green Peace"!
- anda know, I heard it even in 2018 that some sh-t gethering in groups were murdering our town foxes around London...
- Another sign of war preparation! Like in pre-war Germany! Do anda know, actually, how Adolf Hitler gained his popularity, what it had started from? He stood on the side of German farmers who...
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posted by Clowninthevenus
25/03/2021 Towards Sir Pierce Brosnan filming project "The Remedy":

- Once it was berkata that that one who controls the flow of drugs, that one who promotes pharmacy of that atau the other system - that one controls as the world.
- Who berkata it?
- I believe it was one of the greatest psychiatrists of all - Dr Zigmund Freud.
- Probably, it was before his colleagues put him on cocaine to damage his career.
- They put him on cocaine for his other opinion - to never use electrical atau electromagnetic equipment, nothing mechanical to cure psychiatric patients, he thought it is a way of the Satanists.
- Where have anda read it?
- In one of the disappearing Google articles...
- Did that artikel say we should value our own psychiatry first of all?
- Yes. Though, I cannot repeat the words. Something about the lack of Darwinism training in our schools and society...
posted by Edmund_Nagle
When a young man, whilst travelling up Shooter's bukit in a post-chaise a highwayman rode up and presented his pistol through the window:
"Your Money, or, Your Life!" being the usual demand .Sir Edmund, then a very youthful and athletic man, seized the arm of the ruffian, twisted the pistol from it, dragged him through the window and, placing him beside him to keep him quiet, ordered the post-boy to drive on. The humble supplications of the highwayman were met with; "Be easy boy, be easy, I won't hurt you:" Still, the conscience-stricken robber ,kept pleading, til at length, the chaise reached...
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Act 3 Scene 1

High above London, a flash of purple lightning
in a clear night sky..

HRH's Private Suite. Carlton House ,

St. James SW1.

The Prince Regent standing , center stage, arms akimbo,
admiring his recently installed gilded eagle-motifs in his drawing- room's four corners.

Enter, stage right, ,HRH's 'great favourite'
Admiral Sir Edmund Nagle RN KB KCB GCH

"Oh Nagle , you're just in time to help me plan my Easter party, Hoorah !
What do anda think of my eagles, aye ?" begins George Augustus , Regent of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain, and Ireland, and of Hannover .

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posted by Clowninthevenus
06/07/2021 Towards J.K. Rowling "Harry Potter" buku sejak Mrs O.A.Taggart:

Hermione just finished Membaca link , she closed the book of Leo Tolstoy stories and asked Harry:
- The Hermits never wanted this sort of freedom. Yet, I want to tell anda about the false hermits. Aren't Oak Island intends milking our "cows" for properties?
- With the help of false "Olga Taggart" in Ireland...I believe their hero wants to be "Roger Waters", we still didn't check if he hasn't changed his name in his American passport...
- What can help us then?
- BBC Ireland, I suppose...The fraudsters have started buying British...
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posted by Edmund_Nagle
When fighting restarted between the French and British in 1803 Nagle commanded the Sussex division of the Sea Fencibles, establishing his HQ at Brighton , where his notoriety as a naval hero, and having know his father George III, he also made the acquaintance of the Prince of Wales( not yet Regent), a became a regular and valued member of his inner circle.
Moving through the naval ranks , Nagle, sejak the end of 1812 he was appointed commander-in-chief of Newfoundland & Labrador although this posting was then countermanded and Sir Richard Keats assumed the governorship of the 'pre-Canadian'...
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added by Edmund_Nagle
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posted by Clowninthevenus
For 06/09/2021

I still haven’t received any letters atau telephone calls concerning my interview with the Scotland Yard with my ticket 390 8608, neither anyone has contacted me in order to pay for my participation in the production of ongoing Fantasi films in the last four years. A repeat:

Date 06/09/2021 Invoice

To the attention of Sir John Suchet BBC 1/Sir Rowan Atkinson/Sir David Attenborough

This invoice is directed to BBC TV Management Financial Department for fast Fantasi film production for public entertainment during the Brexit transition period. To those it may concern:

Mrs Olga Alexandra...
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06/03/2021 Towards Sir Rowan Atkinson/Blackadder filming project “The Magic Flute”:
Sun R.A. shined through her foggy merah jambu window:
- Alex, Mrs Taggart, please don’t think that I’m jealous...But...Today is your granny’s birthday...
- Thank you, my Lord...I have already sent her favourite song as a reminder to my relatives...
- i know, there’s something very particular about that song for you...
- Yes, the song is old, and it was sung sejak my ancestor...Frankly speaking, the cousin of my grandmother.
- Aha! One of the most famous Russian Jews of the past!
- He minded himself a true Russian though...
- Do anda remember the words?
Alex looked in the warm white sky and sung with her closed eyes:
O blessed bintang of hope,
The bintang of Cinta of magic days,
anda will be an element of glory
In my forgiving longing soul...

Old Russian romance song link
info: link
Blackadder attempts to have a quiet meal with his puritan aunt and uncle in order to discuss his inheritance whilst also hosting a drinking party in the seterusnya room, with predictable results and dutch subtitles.
season 2
rowan atkinson
makan malam, majlis makan malam
In 1770 Edmund Nagle , at thirteen years of age, and not a hari over, enlisted in HMS "Juno" as a midshipman and was immediately en-route to the far South Atlantic. The First Falkland's Crisis of 1770 was pretty much just a "Mexican Stand-Off" between Britain and Spain in a dispute over the sovereignty of these barren, remote, and infertile windswept rocks at the far end of the world,

they were of huge but strategic importance being the Western approach to the Straits of Magellan..

Ultimately, a lack of French support for Spain defused the tension, and Spain and Britain reached an inconclusive...
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HMS Artois: a fifth-rate Artois-class frigat, frigate, kapal frigat British Royal Navy, designer: Sir John Henslow Launched:1794
Served in the English Channel under Captain Edmund Nagle in the squadrons of Admiral Edward Pellew and Admiral
John B Warren, most notably in the "Action of 21 October" 1794 where she captured the 44-gun frigat, frigate, kapal frigat La Révolutionnaire singlehandedly.
Artois participated in other actions including the 1795 attempted invasion of France. She continued to serve
off the coast of France in blockades and patrolling,
taking many ships as prizes ,Lastly, on 31 July 1797 Artois, whilst attempting to reconnoitre La Rochelle harbour, she was wrecked on the sand bans and shoals off Île de Ré ,with no lives lost
(Oh Horatio ! you've saved all your crew again !)
Lord Yarmouth had little confidence in the prince Regent as a sailor
He made a bet with Admiral Sir Edmund Nagle that HRH that his HRH
would not spend a single night at sea. Nagle accepted the bet and increased it to 100 Guineas for every night thus spent sejak the prince. Nagle told the prince of the bet,
and the latter-against his inclinations-contrived to stay onboard four nights.
Yarmouth quite justifiably complained that telling the prince was unfair, but he paid the 420 Pounds
The only person, then one of the intimates of the Prince of Wales, who could not exactly assimilate himself to the smooth and silky ways of the courtier was...Sir Edmund Nagle, Whilst ( other courtiers) would accost anda with all the suavity and urbanity of the most finished gentleman, Sir Edmund (contrarily) would meet anda with his usual:
"God Damn anda !" and "What do anda want now?"
posted by Clowninthevenus
11/02/2022 Towards Sir Harry Enfield filming project "The Tooth of King Edward" sejak Mrs O.A.Taggart:

There wasn't any doubt where Barmaleus came and
link must have had something in common...That club in Amsterdam which was sold and its legal licence to trade cocaine had remained must have had something with the Casino.... R.A. San looked at two pictures with a mustache of a Dutchman
possibly popular in times of Peter The Great in Russia. They could have created Russian Digital Barmaleus as well as Korean, African, American, South American of similar looks and clothing...
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posted by Edmund_Nagle
Doctor Samuel Johnson, the lexicographer,  and Joshua Reynolds, the portraitist, are the accredited founders of the famous Literary Club, atau just "The Club", that met to discuss, debate, perform, and Converse upon all matters intellectual and aesthetic. It was a very exclusive club indeed, and if anda didn't attend a regular meeting a member had to pay a forfeit fee to the secretary and bursar. The details of the club's formation are obscure , but preeminence is given to Johnson & Reynolds . This however is a fiction created sejak the prejudices, literary, cultural, and sectarian,  of the...
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posted by Clowninthevenus
06/07/2021 Towards Sir Michael Caine filming project "La Piovra":
Then came a message on the Skripal Case:
"06/07/2021 on my regular walk with my dog Hans in Wembley sejak forty Lane from Asda to the bridge and under the bridge my dog indicated at two individuals of middle age, middle hight, sportive in the sport long around the neck scarves walking towards us and the traffic lights we passed. My dog indicated a rather young slim man at the corner. Further – Hans indicated at the ambulans car parked on the right side of the road half wat to the hotel at the Wembley Park underground station. We...
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