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blazethekitty94 posted on Nov 20, 2010 at 08:20PM
Ok first of all....these are my SUPPORTED reasons why Silvaze is true.
1. Who is the white hedgehog that is Blaze's LIFELONG( as confirmed by Sega itself) best friend that stuck up for her when she was bullied??
Silver the hedgehog.
2. LISTEN TO THE LYRICS OF SILVER'S THEME SONG...U WILL KNOW THAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT BLAZE( hence Sega gives theme songs that FITS the umm i dunno " All Hail Shadow"...c'mon guess whose that is).
3. Silver and Blaze see each other in games AFTER sonic 06 and do remember each other because in Sonic Free Riders a guy from the Sonic Team said that Blaze is on Team Silver. Oh and that reminds me, that in EVERY character select screen Silver and Blaze are ALWAYS near each other(winter olympics,satbk,satsr, srzg, sfr, and prbly more
4. Silvamy is a no go...due to the fact that Silver only USED Amy to get to Sonic, since she idiotically mistaken a white hedgehog for a blue one and caused Silver to lose Sonic out of his sight. Also after she found out he was trying to kill Sonic and left Silver, he STILL tried to kill him after Amy told him not to....but Shadow gets in the way. This shows that Silver doesn't really care about Amy. ALSO this " Silvamy" is also just another stupid Amy couple....i mean THINK about it!!! Who HASN'T Amy been with?!??!
5. At the end of Silvers story listen to the conversation Silver and Blaze are having b4 she leaves. Apparently, Sega makes the males say "friend" to replace "girlfriend." How do I know this?? In Sonic X after Cosmo dies Tails is crying and saying that, "its not fair!! She was my friend!!" Coughcoughgirlfriendcough!! Because i watched that episode where Tails and Cosmo fell into this trap of love that Amy set for they were together which means "friend" that Silver says actually means GIRLFRIEND. Silver: You're my friend....right?
Blaze: You're still so naive....but I've always liked that about you...
6. Sonaze FAILS mainly because in Sonic 06 Blaze doesn't even REMEMBER Sonic!!! She hears "blue hedgehog" and sees him but doesn't recognize him from Sonic Rush. She calls him "blue hedgehog" NOT Sonic. Shadaze is just illogical....need I say more??
7. Silver and Blaze are like ALWAYS together.
8. There is a mission in Sonic 06 called " The Test of Friendship" where Silver has to save....guess who??
It's ok when ppl have opinions....but its when they say its a "reality" that really gets me. Like this girl in my class said that,"cream is SO Tails's gf!!" NO U THINK SHE SHOULD BE EVEN THOUGH SHES NOT!!!! Ppl who know nothing of the sonic universe should just keep their mouthes shut. Just because the ONLY two little kids u know r Cream and Tails DOESN'T MEAN THEY ARE TOGETHER!!
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hampir setahun yang lalu segarainbow said…
hampir setahun yang lalu segarainbow said…
the most hated so-called lovers: sonadow, tailream, silamy.
hampir setahun yang lalu bastetsBFF said…
The does make me side with Silvaze more than Shadaze. After all, if you were hard-working attractive Blaze, coming home after work and seeing lumpy old Shadow there might make her day worse. Seeing happy old Silver, probably the better choice....
hampir setahun yang lalu segarainbow said…
hampir setahun yang lalu blazethekitty94 said…
hampir setahun yang lalu blazeroxs said…
WHAT.THE.HELL! "It's ok when ppl have opinions....but its when they say its a "reality" that really gets me." if you don't like their opinions just deal with it. And by the way the only reason why Blaze doesn't remember Sonic is because SAGA made her (not exactly made her, but they make her not remember him) and plus even if she did "forget" him she wouldn't because she said she would see him again. Why would she forget him?
hampir setahun yang lalu MarioLuigi25 said…
Although I'm not really Silvaze shipper, I do respect your opinion and you do have some good viewpoints.
hampir setahun yang lalu sonic_rareware8 said…
Well I have to agree!
hampir setahun yang lalu -BlazeCat- said…
Yes, this is very true. but the only one Amy really stuck with is Sonic.
hampir setahun yang lalu blazethekitty94 said…
hmmm Sonic has Sally FYI. Sonic is stuck with Amy on his back because SHE is the one chasing HIM. NOT the other way around.
BlueMoon090 commented…
Sally...? Sally's not even an official SEGA character... -.- hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu geousumaki said…
becaus silvaze is true,but silver has no confes it atraction to blaze
hampir setahun yang lalu BeautifulBlaze said…
Your viewpoint is very convincing. Thank you for the honesty you displayed.
hampir setahun yang lalu AstralSonic said…
This will be fun. Here are my counter arguments to each one of your points. I respectfully read all your points and while some may "seem" true, some are misleading as well.
1. Silver did protect Blaze for about 7 years or more but I did not hear anything about being bullied. I've read fanfics saying Blaze was Billie but how does that make send in 2006? The awnser is, it doesn't.
2. This one was very very VERY misleading. The lyrics in Silver's theme "Dreams of Absolution" refers to Blaze once and it has no romantic relationship. The rest deal with Sonic and mobilise. The quote "only you can change our past" refers to Sonic altering time in the past. Some parts spun like it's talking about Blaze but in reality, it has a more time line theme.
3. I found this point interesting. Blaze and Silver actually DO remember one another after 2006 but only contain certain memories. These memories are of Crisis City and they dont referring to one another sayingsomething along the lines "remember Crisis City Blaze/Silver?". No reference is given to one another but only Crisis City. Also, the character select. Really now? It's almost like saying anyone next to anyone is a couple. Does that mean Sonic and Tails are a couple? I think not. In my opinion, I believe Silver and Blaze are near one another because of their roles in '06 as well as their date of entry into SEGA. (They were introduced a few fays apart looking at it through calander view).
4. You claim that Silvamy is a stupid couple when the fact is it is a strong fan basr (I dont support it though). Now, Silvamy isn't likely but Amy does show motives for Silver like she does for Sonic: always sticking with one another to the very end. However, you are right when you said Silver tried to ignore Amy's demand, so I will give you that.
5. There are three canon in SEGA. The video games, shows/movies, and the comics. When there is the mention of "friend" in the scene, it could potentially mean girlfriend/boyfriend. However, that is a canon on its own and this is what I mean. Not everything that happened s in one canon can relate to the other. Take Sonic Adventure for example. The game was the original copy of the storyline. However, the comics an shows decided to add in extra scenes or even alternate a few parts/locations from the original piece. Therefore proving that the canons are different. The ending of Silver's storyline with the quotes "but I always liked that about you" raises theories and eyebrows. Theory 1, Blaze loves Silver. Theory 2, Blaze felt bad that Silver would have to live in his own now so she said this to comfort him. Repeating over and over that he is naive, Blaze wanted to assure him that his personality never bothered her, allowing Silver to leave a life of happiness and no regret.
6. Having an opinion is great, but to say that "Sonaze FAILS" is unnaceaptable. First off, most of your evidences are from Sonic 2'006, which to evidence standards, is bad. Remember Sonic rush/adventure? How about Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic games? Must I remain of the Black Knights or give a theory on why Blaze was to replace Elise in 2'006 but they didn't want butter sonamy fans! Well, I wont, because then you'd be overwhelmed. Back to my point, Blaze doesnt remember Sonic because she is a different Blaze from the one's you see in the regular canon (Sonic generations, Sonic colors, etc.). Blaze in 06 is different from Blaze in the present, so keep that in mind. In Sonic Generations, Blaze recalls Crisis city for a reason. She does this because the Timer Eater, is like a similar incarnation of Solaris (ripping the fabric of time). There could be memories of forgotten events or erased moments I the sonic franchise that seeped back into characters minds. Sonaze does have a lot of evidence (as a matter of fact much more evidence than silvaze) but quality vs quantity right?
7. Are Silver and Blaze always together? ALWAYS? Think about it, and you can then awnser.
8. The Test of Friendship in 2006 showed Blaze's trust with Silver. However, it doesnt automatically indicates that they are a pair. Sonic saves Tails a bunch of times with the power of friendship. Knuckles saves shade. Shadow saves rouge. Shadow tried saving Maria but failed. Etc etc etc. Brighter one of thesehave a "romantic" theme to it.

I support Sonaze, but it doesnt mean I am against Silvaze. To many Silvaze fans make false claims and unsopporting evidences. I researched Silvaze and Sonazenin depth for a good 5 years right now. I have the right to say something because I did the research, had the experience, and saw the error the majority of the fan base made. Sonaze is not superior to Silvaze and vise versa. A couple cannot be classified in the videogame canon unless SEGA says " Sonic and Amy are now a couple". There are teasers for every character with several couples. Sadly, Sonaze isn't as big as Sonamy because Amy was introduced in 1993 while Blaze was introduced in 2006. In the end, Sonaze, Silvaze, and Shadaze are a couple and does exist. However, making false accusations will only get you this long explanation of your error. Pleas stake this in the kindest way possible. It is my opinion, but the facts are here as well.
hampir setahun yang lalu BlueMoon090 said…
I would respect that you like Silvaze.. But I don't think It's possible for Blaze to forget Sonic.. Either they haven't met that time, or it's just how the game was designed, and their probably just too busy worrying about other things.. ._. But honestly, I never understand how Blaze could even meet Silver.. Blaze is a princess from another world, and Silver's a hedgehog from 200 years in the future, and isn't Silver from the future of Sonic's world...? Then how did they met? And isn't Blaze's world in the same timeline as Sonic's?? It's just confusing. o_o And after what happened in the ending of Sonic 06, they said everything was erased, therefore Blaze and Silver never knew eachother... So that means Blaze's still back at her own royal world, right? But what happens to Silver? Their relationship is confusing, cause later, in Sonic Generations, Blaze said that she still remebers Crisis City, and probably still remebers Silver.. So... I guess they still knew eachother afterall.. But how?? ...
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Taylor_LuvKitty commented…
SEGA's like. "screw logic." hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu Uncle-Chairman said…
This "reality" you speak of is very different from the one we live in. Silvaze is as true as Sonic 2006 is relevant to the canon, and it doesn't help your case that most of your evidence comes from said game. Furthermore, the other games you mentioned are not relevant to the canon either. Sonic Colors is canon, but only it's Wii counterpart, since console versions tend to take precedence over portable versions, so their meeting in the DS version is most likely not canon either. The Mario and Sonic series is doubtlessly non-canon. It intrigues me why Sonic Team keep teasing such a hopeless ship.