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10 Best Tips for Winning at Scrabble

#1 Look to play Bingos
Playing a seven-letter word will give anda a quick 50 point bonus. Champion Scrabble players would rather exchange a

bad draw of lettes than play a 5 atau 6 point word. DON'T be afraid to exchange letters...especially at the beginning

of the game when there are lots of open places to play a bingo.

#2 Play two directions with a hook
Add one letter to a word then go a different direction. This can quicly gain anda additional points for an normaly

run-of-the-mill word. Use the s, r, and d letters to your advantage here. Find a word that ends in e and many times

anda can add any of these letters and then play your own word in a different direction. Look especialy for higher

point words that anda can add onto.

#3-10 See full article: link
posted by jarik
Here's a do it your self board game that two atau lebih players can play.

First you'll need either a dinding calender atau simply take a piece of paper with a grid of numbers going from 1 to 30.

For game pieces anda can either buttons,game pieces from another board game atau anything else that can be used as a game piece.

Finally you'll need a die to determine how many spaces a players game piece can be moved. This can be found in any board games anda might have.

The rules for this game are simple. Each player throws the die and moves their game piece accordingly. So on a 6 the player will alih his game piece 6 spaces. The first player to get to 30 wins. If anda would like to stretch out the game use a bulan with 31 days.