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 The Kardashian Ladies
The Kardashian Ladies
Elizabeth Wilson's Gut Feminism is a must read for all my readers out there. The work has been called an intersection of science studies and feminist theories. I loved this book, but then I would--anyone that knows me knows that I'm a sign waver at heart. Gotta get this book!

I'm hearing rumors that my Penulisan buddy Randy Jernigan will siarkan a new celebrity bio on the Kardashian ladies--including Caitlan, this Fall. Randy admitted to me late last tahun that he was a peminat of KUWTK tunjuk and never missed an episode. Now, all the TV watching will pay off for you!

Also, it's about time for Randy's...
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Losing to Win! penulis Randy Jernigan tells me that he hopes to resurrect his Writers Studio and begin teaching again.

The school, which boasts alum Les Bailey of The Vampire Game fame, was located in picturesque Utah and had a reputation for graduating several published novelists, a couple of popular poets, and even two produced screenwriters.

"I miss teaching," Randy recently told me in a phone interview from his Utah home. "There's nothing like the experience of being in a room of inspired, hungry, creative writers. The synergy is absolutely amazing!"

Randy tells me he hopes to begin teaching classes as early as mid-June 2016.

This Summer may prove to be a bit busy for Randy. According to Medium.com Randy will go back into the studio and host 30 new radio talk shows and he's also launched a new line of active wear that bears his motto: "Making the Rest of My Life, the Best of My Life!"

Wishing my friend Randy the best of luck in his creative ventures!
 Randy's active wear line, hoodie
Randy's active wear line, hoodie
 penulis Randy Jernigan and Jackson
Author Randy Jernigan and Jackson
When I sat down to makan malam, majlis makan malam at a small Asian bistro with my old friend and writer Randy Jernigan, he quickly scanned the menu, searching for the healthiest foods. Today would not be one of his famous “cheat days” he shares on his social media pages–usually Mondays when he and best friend, Jackson Fackrell, indulge in what he terms a “free meal.” Today he opts for several veggie heavy dishes with less calories, and of course, minus the fried beras and noodles. Later, as the waitress cleared the table, I notice that she cleared away his half eaten meal.

At the time I remembered our last...
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 Randy with penulis Les Bailey
Randy with author Les Bailey
According to several media reports penulis Randy Jernigan will write and siarkan a memoir about his twenty two years as a freelance tabloid journalist for such weeklies as Globe and Star, but the busy writer says the book won't be about spilling a lot of celebrity secrets, but coming to terms with his own past and, in some cases, making amends and changing career paths.

Scoop. An intimate memoir of sorts, was taken from Randy's personal diaries and interviews of his lebih than twenty years in the celebrity magazine industry.

“It’s important for a writer, as well as other creative people that...
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"War is not women's history," Virginia Woolf observed. But when confronted with it, members of that sex have summoned levels of courage and resourcefulness to rival those of any military commander. In A Train In Winter, Caroline Moorehead focuses on a group of women worthy of particular awe, both for the bravery they demonstrated and the brutality they endured.
The tajuk refers to a vehicle that in January 1943 transported 230 women — all members of the French Resistance battling the German occupation of their country — to Nazi death camps. They ranged in age from 15 to 68, in occupation...
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Sell Your Story To Hollywood: Writer's Guide To tunjuk Business sejak Dr. Ken Atchity [FULL INTERVIEW] via FilmCourage.com.
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