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I’ve seen every episode of Jessie, any appearance he’s ever made in any tunjuk atau movie, I’ve paid money to go to special screenings of descendants 1,2,& 3, and when I heard about Cameron’s death I ran to my room shut the door and cried myself to sleep. The seterusnya morning I discovered that everyone was in as much pain as I was, then I thought... I can’t imagine the pain that his family is going through, his mother, father, sister, and all of those others close to him. A few days later I discovered that there was a fundraiser for him. At that moment it hit me, he’s really dead, so I contributed to that foundation immediately. Still every night since his death, I’ve cried myself to sleep, I just want his Friends and family to know that we all care about him very much and I’m here for you, we all are, I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true. Whatever anda need, I’m here, we’re here.
We’re here for our cute, funny, freckled, star!
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He is 5 foot 3 . He is 14 .Birthday may 28 1999. His kegemaran color is blue and fav animal dog . He used to go to soces high school but now homeschooled.his Facebook is cameron boyce the profil picture is him on the computer and Instagram is called itscamboyce. His kegemaran tunjuk is jessie 2nd is Austin And ally his fav episode is New Years with Austin and ally. He dated Peyton senarai Emma from Jessie then a peminat called Vanessa thim. They broke up a week ago.he has 1 sister called maya boyce and a dad victor boyce . Mom called Libby boyce .dog is Cienna . He lives in Burbank California la and I know all of this sejak Twitter Facebook and ask fm . Twitters account is thecameronboyce. His best friend is jake madeson. I am a huge fan!
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