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Can someone name me all the Filem Carmine played in?

 Qcgirl posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
kelkelkelkel said:
This Is Not a Test (2008) » Trey
In Enemy Hands (2004) » U.S.S. Swordfish: Buck Cooper
Pledge of Allegiance (2003) » Frankie
Black Hawk Down (2001) » Goodale
The Learning Curve (2001) » Paul Cleveland
Terror Tract (2000) » Frank Sarno (segment "Nightmare")
For Cinta of the Game (1999) (as Carmine D. Giovinazzo) » Ken Strout
The Big Brass Ring (1999) » Young Billy
Billy's Hollywood Screen Ciuman (1998) (as Carmine D. Giovinazzo) » Gundy
Fallen Arches (1998) (as Carmine D. Giovinazzo) » Frankie Romano
Locomotive (1997) » Russ
No Way utama (1996) » Frankie Hamm
Conception (1996) » Billy

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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
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