Carmine Giovinazzo Danny Messer riding a Harley on the FDR?

hrokow1 posted on Oct 06, 2008 at 09:04PM
I was driving northbound on the FDR yesterday (Oct 5 2008)at around 5:30pm when we see a police car driving slower than the speed limit with flashing lights followed by a truck that looked like it was shooting a movie/show. The driver of the harley trailing the truck seemed to look like Danny Messer from CSI:NY.

I was just wondering if anyone can confirm they were shooting in that area or if anything like that is scheduled to be in a future episode.

I only found one little blurb about it in an interview that he did where he mentions that he'll be riding his harley ( link )

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hampir setahun yang lalu Dantana02645 said…
Yup. Danny Messer rides his Harley during a think tank moment on the CSI:NY episode "The Box". Messer leaves to ride on his Harley and think after Lindsay tells him she's pregnant.