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Hi guys! In the last couple of weeks I read a number of artikel-artikel about favourite animated heroines atau most beautiful animated heroines, so I decided to post two articles, one with my favourite heroines, and one with the animated heroines I find most beautiful. So enjoy and share which your favourite animated heroines are :)

20. IRENE (The Princess and the Goblin)

 Let me give anda a Ciuman to thank you.
Let me give anda a Ciuman to thank you.
One of the cutest animated characters ever made. I really like Irene, because she is a dreamer and an explorer, she wants to find both adventures and friends. The thing I don't really like about...
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 I guess he's not a peminat of ballets atau 1980's animes.
I guess he's not a fan of ballets or 1980's animes.
Ever since Doug Walker did his review of The angsa, swan Princess, I've noticed lebih and lebih people around the internet accuse this movie of being "Disney-lite," "a Disney knock-off," etc.

Problem is, the reasons they give are either something that almost EVERY animated movie has done since Snow White (singing, princesses, animal companions, etc) atau it was already in the original fairy tale-inspired ballet written and composed sejak Tchaikovsky decades before Disney ever got into animation.

Quick Backstory: The angsa, swan Princess is based on the ballet link, again, written and composed sejak Tchaikovsky. And...
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I wasn't sure if I should've telah diposkan this on the Disney club atau the Childhood Animated Heroines club but I finally decided on this one because it concentrates lebih on the heroines' beauty. Plus I've already made my prettiest Non-Disney females artikel on here, so it's kind of a part 2 lol. Now I wouldn't want to leave out my Disney girls ;) including Non-Canon!

10. The Bimbettes
It was hard to choose between Babette and the Bimbettes... but the Bimbettes is a trio, so Babette didn't make the senarai because she got outnumbered lol. I like that the trio act silly 24/7, yet still have beautiful faces...
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