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Cammie posted on Mar 01, 2008 at 01:06PM
Today I have access to more than 50 different tv channels mainly due to satellite television. However I must confess that I only really watch about half a dozen of the channels available - and they're the ones that show old movies and old tv re-runs. There's a magic in the old (particularly 50s & 60s) tv shows that I feel is lacking in today's programs. The shows I watched as a child were wholesome family viewing without the need for violence, swearing or sex - all of which is incorporated into many of today's family programs. The fact that decades later many of the old tv shows are still being shown and loved around the world proves, I believe, that there was indeed a time when television was great.
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hampir setahun yang lalu TVMadnezz said…
Television back then seemed to be made to make people happy. I notice with a lot of the TV shows these days, I end up in tears when they are done, they are always sad. I love watching the old TV shows. Gotta get my hands on The Love Boat!!!!
hampir setahun yang lalu HuddyJoy0524 said…
I am very picky about the television i watch today. Growing up, I always watched tvland and all the old sitcoms from "I Love Lucy" through "The Nanny." i can watch them over and over again and never get sick of them. I refuse to watch the garbage sitcoms on today, I will only watch the dramas.

I think that these shows will be around forever and im looking forward to watching them with my kids! :)