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HardNut97 posted on Jan 08, 2022 at 10:12PM
I'm only counting adult characters who've already appeared in the Cobra Kai TV show or characters who haven't appeared on the show whilst in good health (so no Tommy from Season 2)

8. Jimmy - Seemed clearly less skilled than Bobby Brown during the bar brawl and unlike the other Cobra's was shocked he still had good Karate skills indicating less confidence in his fighting ability and a obvious sign he hasn't practice Karate for many years.

6. Bobby Brown and Season 3 Daniel LaRusso before he learned preassure point technique - I felt early Season 3 Daniel should be seperate to his current self as it was a significant leap in power level for him. Bobby presumably was defeated by someone in the tournaments he was in before 1984, including 1983 where Tommy was the one Johnny beat in the finals, Johnny beat Tommy 3-0. Despite Bobby not being in the 1983 finals I think Bobby was arguably a slightly better fighter than Tommy, he seemed confident he could beat Daniel in 1984 tournament and although his illegal kick on Daniel was illegal and therefore a sneak move, Daniel could've still dodged it.

5. John Kreese - Johnny had already battered him before he fought Daniel, Kreese still bested Daniel and looked like he was about to kill Daniel before Daniel resorted to preassure point technique.

4. Terry Silver - Lasted longer against Miyagi than Kreese did. Beat Johnny by sneak attacking him which probably gave Johnny a concussion. In a fair fight current Daniel and Johnny would struggle quite a lot to defeat Silver.

3. Daniel LaRusso - I've put Daniel below Johnny as although they tied in their tournament rematch, I think in a more proper fight like a street fight where there's no rules Johnny would be able to harness his more extensive experience of deadly offensive moves and in general would also be more willing to kill or severely injure someone than Daniel.

1. Chozen and Johnny Lawrence - Chozen only sparred with a Daniel who didn't know preassure point technique, before Chozen used preassure point hits Chozen was only besting Daniel slightly in their S3 sparring scenes. So I think Chozen is still slightly better than Daniel based on that. I need to see more Chozen fights before I can tell whether Chozen could beat Johnny or not.

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hampir setahun yang lalu TerrySlivers said…
I agree with your list for the most part I think.

I feel like Chozen has a lot more than just that pressure point trick up his sleeve. You can bet there’s several more Miyagi-Do scrolls out there. Chozen has kept up with Karate all these years…whereas no one else really has…Johnny, Daniel, Kreese (I think?), Silver and all the other old Cobras are picking it up again after long, long years away from Martial Arts all together. Not so, with Chozen. Chozen has built-in advantages the others simply do not have. He learned Karate in Okinawa from a pure linage Master where the artform was invented. He’s about Offense AND Defense. He’s Good. He’s Bad. He’s One Bad Son Of A Bitch. He’s Yin and Yang in one dude. There’s nothing in a fight he can’t counter short of a machine gun.

IMHO he would destroy Daniel or Johnny. He would beat Silver; but it would be MUCH harder. Silver IMO sees the limitations of ALWAYS strike first strike, strike hard. Silver has a VERY long reach and is a psychopath. Crazy is often a good edge to have.

Barnes is gonna be a savage too I think. Scott K. Is in better shape than anybody in the show. I think Mike B. is gonna be up there. I will be interested to see how tough they make Julie Pierce too. She received training earlier than Daniel…AND had much
much more natural ability than Daniel.

My list as of now is: 1. CHOZEN 2. Silver 3. Johnny 4. Daniel 5. Kreese

Later on… 1. CHOZEN 2. Barnes 3. Silver 4. Johnny 5. Daniel 6. Kreese

I put Silver so high because he is so: smart, evil, and psycho…
plus, he’s open minded enough to incorporate other ideas as I stated above. In other words, the guy is an outside the box thinker.

I have no idea where Julie will be at…it depends on backstory. It will be interesting.
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