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Chapter Une - Flash backs from other seasons

I am ~*eViL eLeNa*~ and dis here is my fan fixion for COBRA KAI season cinq.

First thare are many scenes to catck views up on seasons une, deux, troix, and quatre.

We see a bed raggled and unshaved Johnny Lawrence glaring at his arc enemy Danil LARusso and his two mineons Cousin Looie and Anoosh who both also work at LaRusso's car dealer ship which Johnny had 2 go to becuz 3 dum teen girls including Larusso's daughter crashed their flashy car (the grils are wealthy and snobby) into his car and broke it.

Cousin Looie (to Daniel about Jonny who is still standing right there glowering and glaring): Is this the guy whoez a*^ you kicked in that tournament when u wuz both still in high school?

Daniel: (to Looie and Anoosh, grinning smugly) Well if u want to get technical I kicked his face!

Looie, Anoosh and Daniel roar with laffter. Johnny has a brief flash back of his then mentor John Krees sneering at his teenaged self at the tournameint that they are talking about.

Krees: (in flashback, evilly) Finish him!

Teenaged Johnny: (gulps in fear but wanting to please his sense) Yes, sensei.

We see Johnny try to do just that.

Krees: (sternly while still in flashback) Sweep the leg!

Johnny' friend and feller cobra Kai Tommy, hollering in the background while grinning maniacly: Get him a BODY BAG! YEAH!

But then teenaged LaRusso heroically despite his very injured leg that Krees made Johnny hurt, does a crane move that his hero MISTER MEYAGI taught him and wins the tournament!!!!!

Back in the present, we then see the adult Johnny storming out of the car dealership and breaking a littel bonsai tree that LaRusso gave him along with fixing his broke car for free to be kind and mend fences but Johnny found it condesending as he still hated LaRusso that season becuz Daniel Had reached success and was cocky and arogant but Johnny was down on his luck and had to borrow $$ from his rich but mean stepfather Sid.

The next previus scene to catch viewrs up is still season Une and shows a bunch of teen boys pouring Pink Pepto Bizmo that Jonny's teenaged neibor Miguel Diaz brought for his sick granny who had a tummy ache only the bullies took it and poured it all over his head!!!

Kyler, a bully: So ur granny has die-a-reah? We should call YOU Reah!

The bullies laff and laff as Pepto Bizmol drips from Miguels hair and down his anguish face until Johnny (who was in the same parking lot eating a piece of pizza from a convenyence store) inteveens and saves the day and does karate on the bullys.

We then see LaRusso and Johnny in La Russo's backyard in fighting stance preparing to do karate on each other after Cousin Looie burned up Johnny's new car in revenge for Jonny havng being mean to Daniel in various ways even reopening CObra Kai which stireed up bad memories and made Daniel worry for the fuchure of the vally.

Daniel's wife Amanda LaRusso comes outside.

Amanda: (dryly) I do not mean to interrupt your little high school karate feud but there is breakfast waiting on the table.

Daniel: (to Johnny) Are u hungry?

Johnny: (grudingly) I could eat.

We see Johnny looking at a plate of eggs and bacon with distaste as Daniel And Amanda Larusso r arguing about him in anothr room.

Johnny: (to Daniel's son) Don't u people have any catsup?

Anthony LaRusso: (shrugs) Ya.

Johnny: Where is it?

ANthony LaRusso: (sneers) Get it urself!

The next scenes shows Johnny and LaRusso briefly temporary bonding.

Daniel (in passenger seat of car from his dealershup that Johnny is testing and that Amanda made him give to Johnny so he wold go away): Woah! Do not drive so fast.

Johnny: Relax, Danielle. (turns the car radio on which is playing "Take it on the Run" by REO Speedwagon). Do u want me to change the channel?

Daniel: Na, this is fine.

Johnny: (surprised) U like Speedwagon?

Daniel: Wut real man doesn't?

They sing loudly along with the song enjoying the music in a rare moment of peace and stop at LaRusso old apartment and share their memories of their tuff child hoods. They go to a bar to continue nostalja.

Johnny: (still in flash back) I will have a beer and a Shirley Tempel for the lady. (La Russo rolls his eyes but with a good nature)

They then reminiss about their old mutule ex grilfriend, ALLY Mills.

Daniel: Her new last name is Shwarber. She is doctor now.

Johnny: (suspicous) How do u know?

Daniel: I looked at her Facebook.

Johnny: Wut is a Facebook?

Daniel: (dryly) Really, Johnny?

LaRusso shows Johnny Ally Mills Swharber Face book and they look at photos of her and her hubby.

Johnny (sneers at picture of Ally husband): Look at his dum face.

(They laugh but this was their last good moment together for awhile as they soon had another fight necuz Johnny learned that La Russo was training his estrange son robby only he didn't understand that LaRusso didn't know that they was related. So they fight over that)

Robby: (during that fight glaring at both Johnny and Daniel) I never want to see either of u 2 ever again! (He runs away.)

We then see other scenes from season une such as Johnny training his new protagay Miguel Diaz to become a champion and Miguel winning a tournament and holding his arms in a arrogent geschur (as Cobra Kai gave him a bad attitude and made him be a littel mean that season).

Then there are some scens to catch up from season deux.

Johnny: (at a computer trying to spred the word about Cobra Kai, and becuz he know nothing about techmology) Move, stupid arrow!

We see Daniel standing at Mister Meyagi's grave.

Daniel LaRUsso (with reverece and respect) : This is so hard Mister Meyagi but I will take down CObra Kai. For u.

Then there are some scenes showing Daniel forming his new, kinder and gentler dogo Meyagi-Do and some scenes of John Krees (who had pretended to be killed dead at first but was very much still alive and who pretended to be Johnny's freind as well as his father figur and co-sensay for most of the season deux. Until -- )

Kreese: (in season finalie, in Cobra Kai dojo that Johnny restarted, evilly) This is my dojo now. Cobra Kai is mine! U r no longer welcome here. Leave... imMEdiately.

Johnny's former students glare in agreemint and Johnny angrily storms away vowing to be done with cobra KAi for good! We then see a scene that partilly led to this sad ending for him, which is a scene of a huge fight at the high school with all the kids in the whole school having erupted into a violent brawl and also Sting Ray (the only adult member of Cobra Kai who Jonny met at hardware store) is there too and so is Jonny's troubled estrange son Robby who is fighting with his arc enemy Miguel. Robby....... pusshes Miguel off a balcony before fleeing.

Miguel: (falling from balcony to the stairs below, arms outstretched) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then there are some scenes from seson tres.

We see Johnny staring at Miguel in a hospital bed who is hooked up unconsience to machines and might... die.

Johnny: (sadly) This is all my fault. I never should have restarted Cobra Kai.

But Miguel get better and we see Johnny helping a temporary paralized Miguel to walk again by showing him tuff luv.

Johnny (to Miguel, in wheel chair) Get up! Get this magazine.

(He tauntingly dangles a "girly" magazene above Miguel's head that he thought might tempt Miguel enuff to walk. Miguel struggels and grimaces and tumbels to ground but soon Johnny's tuff luv works and Miguel can walk again and even do karate again but with caushun at first.)

We then see other scenes like those of Cobra Kai kids such as HAwk whose real name is Eli (who used to be picked on becuz of a scar on his lip and called Lip) but is now mean this season, being a bully with kids like Kyler and even breaking his best friend Demitri's arm!

Samantha LaRuso (in season tres flash back, coweing in fear in a dark corner of da mall from her arc nemisis Tory and watching Tory and other Cobra Kai kids bully Demetri and break his arm) (whispers from the dark corner): Do not break his arm. Why is this HAPpening to me?

Hawk delivers the final blow that brakes Demetri arm and laffs and laffs along with the other Cobra Kais.

Demetri: Ouch ouch oh ouch!

Samantha cries and cries but quietly so she will not get found and have her arm broke too and meanwile Sammantha also fingers the scar that is already on her arm caused by the tacky and gaudy braclit of her arc enemy Tory after Tory ponk her during big fight at end of season deux.Tory did that becuz she hates Samantha becuz Sam accuse her of stealign from Mrs. La Russo and from da country club.

We then see Ally Mills Schwarber has returned to the Vally and got divorce from hubby and is now just Ally Mills and she goes to carnival with Jonny for old time sake.

Ally Mills: (at carnival, giggles) This was so much fun!

Johnny stares at her with luv and thinks about cheeting on his currint luv who also happen to be his protajay Miguel's mother Carmen but decides to stay faith full and true to Carmen and keep things platonic between him and Ally Mills.

Johnny: (fondly) Ya, I know. We will always be friends, Ally.

Ally Mills: (fondly nods and smiles)

In another season tres scene, at a party that those two and Daniel La Russo all went to along with Amanda Larusso. Johnny who is wearing a 80s style white suit jacket is suprised and... annoyed to see LaRUsso at the party, for he thought that it would be a special night for just him and Ally to make up for a special nite for them that got ruined during his feud with LaRusso in hi school.

Johnny: (sneers at LARusso) Nice suit.

Daniel: (sneers at Johnny) Look who is talking, Scarface.

Ally Mills: (in attemp to ease the tenson) Why don't we all have a drink. (Amanda nods in agreement)

We then see a scene at the La Russo house that is taking place at the same time as the grown ups party, where all the Cobra kai kids like Hawk and Tory and Kyler and others broke in to teach the good kids from Migyagi-Doe and Eagle-Fang (Jonny new dojo) such as Samantha and Miguel (whose attitude got better after he got paralized temproarily) and Demitri and Bert (a smaller kid wit glasses) a lesson ... a lesson of pain and fear. But the good kids fight back in defense as Larusso taught the Miyagi-Doe kids important lessons from Mister Meyagi so they fight for the right reasons and are better fighters. And Johnny taught the Eagle Fang kids to be bada*^ and never quit.

The kids all fight and fight. Hawk, during fight, paces back in forth in da demolished La Russo kitchin feeling trubbeled.

Johnny: (voice in Hawk's head, angrily) When u came to Cobra Kai u were softer than a babby's a*&! I made u bad a*&!

Krees: (voice in Hawk's head, evilly) The enemy of ur enemy is ur friend.

Hawk looks at his former bully Kyler who is doing karate on Bert and realizes that they are enemes and not rilly freinds and Kyler just using him and then Hawk looks at two other Cobra Kais who have grabbed... Demetri and are holding out his arm which is encased in a cast since it got broke earlier dat season.

Cobra Kai kid (sees Hawk watching): Hey, Hawk! Free hits!

He and the other cobra Kai who has captured Demitri laff and laff. Demetri stares at his former best friend pathetically and with fear. Hawks sneers, runs at Demitri as if to hit him and hurt his arm some more... but then karate kicks the two other Cobra Kai kids instead! They fall unconsciencly to the ground.

Eli/Hawk (to a shocked and stunned Demitri): Look man I am sorry... for all of it. Do u want to help me win this thing?

Demitri grins and nods, relieved to have his best friend back and feeling happy overall cuz he now not only had best friend Eli back but also has new grilfriend Yazmin (who was one of the girls who crashed car into Jonny's back in season une) who used to be mean but soffened a bit when former Cobra Kai Aisha (who moved away) taught her a humliating lesson (becuz Yazmin meanly call her Fugleesha and cyber bullyed her) and soffened even more after she saw Demitri get bullyed and signed his cast. To loud and raucus music, Hawk and Demitri join forces and help win the fight... but the LaRusso house is left in shambles.

Daniel and Amanda get home from party.

Daniel: (shocked as he and Amanda look around in horror at their runed home) Get the h*&^ out of my house! (The Cobra Kais run cowardishly away.)

Then there is scene of Kreese at Cobra Kai dojo doing karate on Johnny (who went there in a brave attempt to get his dojo back) and almost killing him ded!

Johnny: (chokes and gags as Krees tries to kill him ded)

Krees: (evilly but with a touch of regret) U were my best student. It didn't have to end this way.

Suddenly Krees falls to the ground! An outraged La russo came to the Cobra Kai dojo after he saw what happen to his house to teach Krees a lesson.

Daniel: YOU CAME TO MY HOME??!?!? UR STUDENTS ATTACK MY DOTTER??? (Hits and does karate on Krees)

Johnny in the background watches and recovers from being nearly killed ded and he and Daniel finally join forces and do karate moves on Krees again and again and defeat Krees... almost...

Krees: (evilly after Daniel and Jonny did a lotta karate on him and wore him out since he no longer bears quite the stength of his army days and yunger Cobra Kai self) I will stop for now but there will be a tournament. If u win I will leave the vally but if u lose... u will both have to close ur dojos... foreva!

Johnny and La Russo reluctntly nod in agreement to the deal so that Krees will go away and becuz they r not sure what else to do. We next see them in La Russo's backyard having joined forces on a permanint basis... or at least long enough to defeat their common enemy... Jon Krees.

Daniel: (to Miyagi-Doe and Eagle Fang kids who have gathered and are watching with respect) This is ur new sensay Sensay Lawrence. He and me will teach u together.

La Russo and Daniel look at one another with respect and determination as the good kids of the vally watch and listen, eager to learn.

We then see a shadowy Kreese in a dark room pick up a photo of him and a old army buddy of his with their arms around each other and then Krees dials phone.
Krees: (evilly, on phone) Rememeber that favor u owe me? Well.... it is time to deliver.

Then we finally see some scenes from season quatre.

Krees: (approaching tall man with long gray hair at his very, very, very lavish home that the man got with wealth from bad company that destroys environment... as symphony music plays in background to simbolize that the tall man is very distingushed) Terry Silver! It has been a long time.

(The tall man is his old army buddy who yunger Krees saved from a pit of snakes in Vietnam, as we will evenshually see in a flashbak during season quatre)

Silver: (still maybe a good guy, so with suspicion) John Krees!

A little later, Terry tries to turn down Krees's shady offer to help run Cobra Kai.

Silver: (with sincerity and convicshun) I am done with karate for good, John. Back in the 80s I was so hopped up on cocaine that i try to destroy a teenager's life (he is referring to Daniel La Russo) over a karate tournament. (shakes head ruefully) It sounds insane. I will never be that man again. I am happy here now. (He gazes... uneasily?... at the ocean in his back yard.)

Krees: (evilly and snidely becuz he saw at fancy dinner earlier that Silver has wimpy freinds and a boring life even if he is very, very wealthy) Riiight. Okay, that is fine.

Krees walks away with a smirk knowing that Silver will soon come crawling back to be his loyal follower as it always was in their passed. Sure enough, we see a scene of Silver in his wine cellar. He gazes at his fancy wines and then into a mirror. He... pulls his hair back into the trademark ponytail that he wore during his karate days and gives a innocint wine cabinet his signachur (dirty) karate move which is a dangerus move with his hand called "Silver Bullet". Wine bottles shatter to the ground.

Silver's girlfreind Chy-Ann whom he will soon abandun: (from upstairs in a concerned voice) Is everything all right dear?

SIlver: (plasters smile on face) Everything is just fine, dear.

We then see the Cobra Kai dojo, where Krees and Silver are... BOTH dressed in their karate ghees.

Krees: (evil) This is Sensay Silver. He will be assisting me. Do u understand?

Cobra Kais: (obediently, in unison) Yes, sensay!

Then we see scenes of Jonny and La Russo trying to teach their new combined dojos togetha but squabbling and bickering even though the kids like both sensays... but Johnny and LaRusso are too cought up in petty squabbles of the past and do not realize at first that there students can learn from both their styles.

We see Miguel Diaz driving a car for 1st time as La russo sits in the passenger seat to supervise since Daniel knows that driving will give Miguel confidence for college (which is important becuz Miguel is his dotter Samantha's boyfreind and might be Daniel's son in law one day).

Daniel: (singing along as "Sailing" by Christopher Cross plays on car radio) As we sail off to Never Never Never Land, yooouu and meee...

Miguel: (looking slightly amused at Daniel singing) Who is this? He is pritty smooth.

La Russo: (stops singing) This is Christopher Cross. He was very huge in da 80s.

Miguel: (suprised since he thought Johnny taught him all the songs from the 80s) Rilly? I am surprised Sensay never mentiuned him.

LaRusso: (patiently hiding his annoyance at the mention of Johnny) Ya well not everything in the 80s was hard rock. (continues thotfully) There was a lot of great soft rocks in the 80s.... Michel McDonald's, Billy Joel, Chicago...

Miguel: (confused) Who is Chicago?

Daniel: (unknowingly echoing a line that Jonny said to Miguel back in season une about Guns in Roses) I an going to pretend u didn't say that. (He and Miguel chuckle. LaRusso continues) I meant the band Chicago. I luved them. U have never heard of them?

Miguel hasn't so Daniel tells him about Chicago and Peter Cetara there once lead singer before he left them for succesfull solo career. As Miguel listens, he thoughtfully looks at Daniel as if wondering if he mite be the better sensay becuz even though Jonny (Sensay Lawrence to Miguel) is sometimes like a father to Miguel (who never knew his real dad who is bad man from Equador) he is is also sometimes rude and immachur.

Later, at Jonny's door after Miguel is back home we see Johnny say to him-

Johnny: (angrily, to Miguel) Where were u????

Miguel: (meekly) With Mister LaRusso. We was just going home and listened to music.Do u know Chicago? Peter Cetera is bad-a*&!

Johnny: (unimpressed and with disgust and a tinge of jealousy over Daniel spending time with his prize pupil) Peter Cetera is the opposite of bada*&! From now on u come home with me!

Miguel nods sadly yet with obedience. But we then see Johnny watching from behind a tree as LaRusso teaches Miguel about balance and waxon-waxoff at Migaygi-Doe. It was clear that Miguel... didn't lissen.

Johnny: This is bulls*&^!

We then see he and Daniel have a argument as their combined dojos watch and shake their heads despondintly.

Johnny: (yells to Daniel) U always want to do it ur way but that don't work for me. I am quitting ur dojo and going back to my own. (to the Eagle Fang students) Come on!

Daniel: (yells back) FINE!

The Eagle Fang kids follow Jonny obedeintly out of Miyagi-Doe but also sort of reluctantly especially Miguel who gives Daniel and his grilfriend Sam one last sad look before the Eagle Fangs disappear into the nite.

We then see Krees and Silver at Cobra Kai teaching their trubbeled students.

Silver: (who still maybe has a tiny sliver of goodness left in him) Every 1 has a weakness, students. (smiles) It is okay. Just learn to defeat it.

Tory: (who shares a speshl bond with Krees and thinks of him like the grand father she never had) (snidely) Oh, yeah? Wut about Sensay Krees? He don't got no weaknesses.

Terry Silver: (smiles with good nature at Krees) Like I said, EVERY one does.
Krees glares and glowers at Silver, evil and hatred in his eyes but knows he has to play along so nods and smiles thinly in Tory's direction pretending that even he has weakness.

But later, in Krees's office-

Silver: (smiles as he sees Krees brought beer that he agreed to give Silver for winning at a karate exersise during that days lesson at their dojo) John! (sees beer and chuckles, thinking for one last moment that he and Krees r on equal terms) To the victor go the spoils! (nicely offers beer to Krees) Do u want one? (generously) I don't mind.

Krees (to Silver, evilly, ignoring Silver's nonsense about the beers): How dare u! (hisses) Don't u remember wut I did for u in 'Nam? U almost die in that pit of snakes and I save u!

(Silver has a PTSD flashback of cowering in Vietnam as foreign soldiers try to make him fight their leader so he will fall into pit of snakes and get killed ded like some of their fellow soldiers who were also caught and held prisoners of war)

Young Krees (in Silver's flashback, bravely stepping in front of a frightened Silver): I will go.

Silver's very very very troubled mind goes back to present and he stares with both fear and respect as Krees shakes beers and yells.

Krees (yelling evilly): I have no weakness! U will never tell them that again! Just remember ... I am ur captain. Will u listen to me... soldier?

Silver nods reverantly at his captain Krees, vowing to do whatever it takes to be a good soldier as his last ounce of sanity finally slips away.

We then see a brief scene of Sting Ray who is no longer on probashion from being at hi school (attemping to be hired as security guard before he foolishly join fight during season deux brawl) trys to come back to Cobra Kai where he was tolerated before he had to leave Cobra Kai after brawl due to his probashun and was thot of as comic relief from his much yunger friends.

Sting Ray: (in 3rd person) Sting Ray is back!

His yunger friends such as Bert greet him happily but then Krees approaches him with disgust and says:

Krees (evil and snide): Wut r YOU doing here? This dojo is for HI SCHOOL STUDENTS.

Sting Ray: (somewhat hesitantly and with fear but trying to be bold) I came to join Cobra Kai. I am a man who will fight for ur honor. (tries to appeal to Kreese's sense of power and greed, holds out fistful of bills) I will pay u all the salary from my job. I am living with my sista rite now so it is no trouble.

Krees: (in an evil voice as he ignores Sting Ray's money) U r a joke. A buffoon. U will never be part of Cobra Kai. Leave... imMEdiately.

Sting Ray sees that Kreese means business.

Sting Ray: (humiliated, mumbles) Yes...sensay.

He slinks sadly away. But then we see--

At Cobra Kai, Sting Ray meets with Terry Silver behind Krees's back to try to appeal to him instead.

Sting Ray: Sensay Not Kreese! I mean... Vice Sensay. (He does not know Silver's name) I want to be back in Cobra Kai.

Silver (smiles... crazily, which Sting Ray does not pick up on at 1st) U want to be Cobra Kai?

Sting Ray: (smiles back, ignorantly and naivly believing that Silver is listenig to him and will take his side) Yes, sensay. More than anything else in da whole world.

Silver: (still smiling crazily) U want to be Cobra Kai? U want to be Cobra Kai? I will make u Cobra Kai!

Suddenly Silver does a karate move on Sting Ray and sends him crashing to the ground!

Silver: (grinnng with insantiy as he does karate move after karate move after karate move on Sting Ray, who lies in a patheitc heap on the floor and does not get up or fight back) U want to be Cobra Kai? I will make u CObra Kai! (Again and again Silver hits and kicks and does karate on Sting Ray and repats he will make him Cobra Kai.) I will make u Cobra Kai! But u have to do ME a favor 1st!

A battered and broozed and bloodyed Sting Ray manages to nod in agreement before slipping in to unconscience.

We then see Sting Ray lying in a hospital bed hooked up to machenes as a detective peers at him with conern.

Detective: Who did this to you, Raymond? (Sting Ray's real name)

Sting Ray/Raymond: (very very very very weakly and fearfully) John.... Kreese. (He slips back into unconscience in his hospital bed as the detective somberly writes Kreese's name on a notepad.)

We then see more scenes such as a kid named Kenny Pain getting his a&^ kicked by mean bullies (including ... Anthony La Russo) but then after bonding with Johnny's now not as estranged son Robby Keen and joining Cobra Kai Kenny gain confidence and gets revenge on Anthony.

Kenny Pain (after pumelling a now scared Anthony La Russo in locker room at big tournament): When u get to hi school u will be in a world of Pain... La Pusso (his mean nickname for Anthony). (Kenny grins maniacly)

Anthony runs away and Kenny sees that Robby was watching the whole thing unfold in horror from doorway of locker room.

Robby: Wut r u DOING?

Kenny: (casual) That was my bully.

Robby: (confused becuz he likes the La Russo's even if his father Johnny doesn't really yet; it is one of many things they do not share in common) Anthony La Russo is ur bully?

Kenny: (with determinashun) Not anymore.

We then see matches at big turnament and Carrie Underwood who is at the tournmint singing as a special guest. We see Eli winning the boys division proudly (he had breefly lost confidence after Cobra Kai kids cut off his mohawk which was the reason he was called Hawk and made him bada*& and vowed to quit Karatay after that but his best freind Demitri who did not hold a grudge from when Eli was mean in seasons deux and tres gave him pep talk, so Eli came back with newfound confidence and won tournement) and then Samantha and Tory have the girls fight and Tory is declared winner of girls division makign Sam cry an cry and feel like failure and disappointment to her dad. But then, after Tory gazes at her trophy with pride and goes back inside, she sees.... Terry Silver handing the referee a bundle of money!!!!!!

Silver: Nice work.

(Crooked referee nods and Tory stares sadly at her trophy now feeling liek a fraud even though she worked so hard to win and overcome her trubbeled life and defeat Samantha LaRUsso who she thinks of as spoiled princess.)

Finally, we see Krees and Silver sitting together at a table and having drinks.

Silver: U remember when I said that every1 has a weakness?

Krees: (gives evil nod and scowls slightly not wanting to be reminded of Silver humilating him in front of his students by saying he had weakness but listens as deep down he still considers Terry his best friend and Krees knows that he also needs to keep him around as soldier and right hand man)

Silver: (in a nonchalanet voice) I found my weakness... it is u, John.

Krees: (surprised) Oh?

Silver: Ya, I always wanted to be ur good soldier. (smiles crazily) But not anymore.

Suddenly police cars pull up and police officers leap out and slap handcuffs on Krees!!!

Police officer: John Krees, u r under arrest for the assualt and attemptid murder of raymond Porter.

(He is referring to the attack on Sting Ray -- which Silver framed his best friend Krees for!!!!)

Krees struggles in handcuffs and tries to lunge at Silver as his Meranda rites are read to him but the police shove him into the back of there car.

Silver: (crazily and with a big smile) Do not worry, John! I will find somebody to help me take care of Cobra Kai as u deal with ur LEGAL TRUBBELS. (cackles evilly)

As the police car drives away... with Krees inside, Silver laffs and laffs and pretends to conduct symphony music that he now hears inside his very, very, very trubbled and deranged mind.

Wut will happen???? We will soon find out, 4 it is tme now for season cinq to begin!

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·7 bulan lalu Evil_Elena said…
Chapter Deux - Season Cinq episode une - A long long way from home

We begin dis season by seeing a familyar lookin pool with a Japanese man swimmeng around in it. He steps out of the pool. It is Chosen Taguchy who used to be arc enemy of Daniel La Russo way back in the day when they was much much muck much yunger but in season tres Daniel flew back to Oakinowa to get away frum the trubbels of Cobra Kai and find hisself and do some soul searcheng, and it was there that he met people from his passed such as Chosen and learned that Chosen was a change man. LaRusso and Chosen have water under bridge now and are like ole freinds. So much that wen Meyage-Doe and Eagle Fang lost toynament in Season quatre, Larusso even used his $ from being succesful auto dealership owner to fly Chosen to America for awile!!! This is so Chosen could help Daniel and Johnny defeat Terrie Silver. 

Amanda LaRusso walks out to her backyard carrying a londry basket.

We see the stark nekkid legs of Chosen standing in front of Amanda.

Amanda LaRusso: (gasps loudly and with shock and runs back inside)

We then see Amanda LaRusso and Daniel Larusso in there living room bickering about Chosen.

Amanda La Russo: I knew he wuz staying here and that is fine (she says that part as if she doesnt really mean it) but does he have to be nudeist in our back yard?!?!?!

Daniel LaRusso: (with exagerated pashense) He is not tryeng to cause trouble. That is just how he does things in Oakinowa. He is a man of routeen.

Amanda: (crossly) So get him membership to YMCA! Its summertime, Daniel. I thot we'd be having mai tais by our pool, not having nekkid men swim around in it!

Daniel: (calmly and patiently) I will talk to him.

In da next scene we see a place that looks very different from the vally and Miguel Diaz is stepping off a bus carrying a ruck sack and looking lost and over whelmed.

Miguel has a flash back to a day that hapened not that long ago. He is at Johnnys house and Johny (who some times has alcoholick tendacies)  is drunk outta his skull after getting lots of karate moves done on him by Silver (who had tried..... and failed..... to impress Krees by luring Johnny 2 Cobra Kai 2 beat him up but Krees stopped Silver becuz despite his evilness Krees still has soft spot for Johnny way way way way way way deep down in the depts of his rottin soul and feels like father figur to him. Miguel does not know this about Silver and Krees and Jonny, but just think that Johnny is drunk again. Miguel doesnt mind and tenderly help Johnny get up  from where he was lying on floor next to bunch of beer cans and helps him lie down on his unmade bed insted)

Johnny: (in flashbak, drunkinly) Thank u. (overcome with drunk emotion) I try so hard to be good dad 2 u. I know I screw up a lot. I am sorry. I will try not too screw up ever again.

Miguel: (tenderly becauz Johnny is like father he never had)  That is okay..... (musters up courage to say wut he has longed 2 for so long) I luv u.

Johnny: (smiles drunkly) I luv u, 2.........................................­...­...­...­...­.. Robby.

Miguel remembers how much it hurt his feeliengs 2 hear Johnny say that and how he cried and cried. Miguel has another flash back 2 earlier that same nite at the hi school prom where he and Robby Keen had one of there many fights at prom after party at Sting Ray's sister house.

Robby Keen: (sneers as he raises hand to do karate chop on Miguel) My dad don't even like u. He only nice 2 u because he screwed up wit me!

Miguel didnt really believ that mean comment when Robby said it. But da next day at big tournament Miguels back got hurt so bad that he yelled SENSAY and for a few tense minutes everyone in the hole auditorium evem wonders if Migel be paralized temporarily again. Forchantely he wasnt but as he recovered backstage a doctur gave him a choice to keep figting ... or to proteckt his back and call it a day and forfit. Miguel has yet another flash back, to being in that room backstage where Johnny is also there.

Johnny: (somberly as Miguel gives his painful back some much needed rest) I think u can do this. I am counting on u to win this tournamint for the futchure of Eagle Fang.

That made Miguel decide that Johnny only cared about karatay and that maybe Robby was........ rite. He knew what he had to do next. Miguel... left the tournamint and left a note for his motha and yaya (granny) and hopped on a bus to Mehico to find.......... his REAL dad. Miguels mom Carmen always said Miguels bio dad was very very very very very very very very danjerous and bad and mean. But Miguel thot that she was just exagerating and that he was mature enuff to make such desicions on his own.

Miguel: (back in present in Mexico) (aproaches some men whom he thinks might be from America becauz they are white and might understand him better. The men are holding surf boards.)

Miguel: (politely and machurely) Excuse me.

Australian surfer: (in Australia accent) G'day mate! Wut can I do for u?

Miguel: I am looking for a man name Hector Salazar. (He tells them the area were his bio dad Hector Salazar mite be.)

Australian surfer: Ya, I know where that is, mate. Y don't I show u?

One of the Australia surfer's goons hands him a map and the surfer who was talking to Miguel makes a big red X on it.

Australian surfer: X marks da spot!

He hands map wit big X on it to Miguel (who is very very very greatful) but then says-

Australian surfer: Say mate, do u think u can spare a little something for my trubbels?

Miguel: Sure, sure. (He pulls out his wallet which is thick with his life savings that he saved from doing chores and also got for birth days and Christmases) How much do u need?

Australian surfer: Oh, maybe 5 dollar. Does that sound fare?

Miguel: (very reliefed to not have to pay a lot from his savings) Ya that sounds more than fare! 

Miguel starts to give the surfer a carefully folded $5 bill but his smile quickly turns to a trubbeled frown when the surfer says-

Australian surfer: Now how much do u want to pay for da bag?

Miguel: (very confused) Huh?

A surfer goon tauntingly holds up Miguels ruck sack which he had evilly and sinistirly stoled from Miguel when he was asking da main surfer for direcshuns. Miguel does not know what to do for his bag is filled with very important things that he needed to help him find his bio dad.

Miguel: (sighs) How much do u need?

Australian surfer: (with a mean smirk) How much do u got? (He yanks Miguel wallet from his hands and takes ..... almost all of Miguels life savings. He passes some out to his goons and puts some in da pocket of his bathing suit and then gives the rest which is a very small and meager amount back to Miguel who sadly puts in back in his wallet as the goon with his ruck sack carelessly tosses it back 2 him.)

Australian surfer: (with a taunting wink) U did not think that I would take all of ur money, did u? (As Miguel turns to leave feeling sad and foolish and robbed, the Australia surfer yells one last mean comment) By the way welcome to Mexico!

The Australians surfers roar with laffter. Miguel ignores them and walks away and looks around at Mexico with a lost expression on his face. Now wut to do?

The next scene is still in Mexico but this time it is Jonny we see, who is walking out of Mexican conveniece store wearing a pair of red shades. They still have a tag dangling from them but Johnny don't care. He is happy becuz he and Robby had brakethrough after tournamint and now r no longer estranged and are on father and son road trip together to Mexico. Secretly it is so that Johnny can rescue Migel and take him back to the vally but Robby doesn't know this yet.

Johnny walks over to his car, carryng a bag of presents for hisself and for Robby.

Johnny: I got us some things. (*tosses Robby two bottles of Coca-Cola that look a little different than the American kind*) Mexican Cokes!

Robby: (after looking around to see if anyone overheard, and in embarsed voice) Dad their just Cokes.

Robby said this becuz he has had troubled life and doesnt know a lot of things like that Mexican Coca-Cola is rilly a little diffrent than American Coca-Cola becuz it uses real caned sugar and not hi frooktose corn sirup. Johnny doesnt know this either but doesn't care and ignores Robby comment.

Johnny: (hands Robby a little bobbel head chijuajua wearing a sombrero) Here is a littel dog. Dont say its racist becuz I bot it here! It was their idea! 

Robby smiles at the littel dog and at the Mexican candy and Mexican snacks that Johnny hands him next. Finally Johnny tosses blue T shirt at him that says F.B.I. on da front of it in yeller letters.

Johnny: Look at the back.

Robby does. The back of the shirt has siloutte of scantily clad lady and says Female Body Inspecktor also in yeller letters.

Johnny: (chuckles) Arent those wild? I got myself one, too.

Robby smiles politely.

Robby: So wut are we doing in Mexico again?

Johnny: I told u we are just having road trip. Now come on.

They drive away eating their Mejican snacks.

In the next scene, we are at Miyagi Doe where LaRusso and Chosen are facing LaRussos loyal students who have fallen in their line prepared for lesson and are looking back at La Russo and Chosen with reverance and respect and listening atentively.

Daniel LaRusso: This is Sensay Chosen. He is here to help me but (reluctantly becuz Amanda made him say the next part) I am afraid I have some bad news. I am shutting down Miyagi-Doe. It is just too dangerous.

Miyagi Doe kids: (shocked, stunned, angry, disappointed) Wut? Why? No! This sux! (etc.)

La Russo: (sadly but with pashinse and wisdom of a good teacher becuz he knows that thats what Mister Meyagi would have done) I am sorry. Miyagi Doe is shutting down but it will always be in your hearts.

The Miyagi Doe students look sad but nod with acceptance at the wise words of there sensay who they know knows best. Samantha La Russo is there but doesnt look very sad though, becauz after losing to Tory at the tounament she is tired of karatay. So she secretly doesnt mind this news but doesnt say that to her dad.

In the next skene, Miguel is walking into a shady and sinister looking bar in Mexico. He goes to the back where a group of men is playing poker at a table and smoking and drinking. A thug standing guard nearby tries to stop him.

Thug: (rougly and meanly, in Spanish) Where do u think ur going kid?

Miguel: (ignores thug and glares at the man who appears to be head honcho who he also thinks is his bio dad Hector Salazar)

Miguel (in mean and tuff voice, speaking Spanish): Hector Salazar? I am.... Miguel Diaz.

Miguel thinks and hopes that the head honcho mite immediatly recognise his name but instead the man just look bored and continue to play poker.

Poker playing bad guy: (bored and unimpressed by Miguel tuff voice, in Spanish. The rest of this secene also all in Spanish but with sub titels so American viewers understand wut they are saying)  Nice to meet u Miguelito. Whatta ya want?

Miguel: (trying to jog the mans memory since after all it has been many years) My mother is Carmen Diaz. U two used 2 know each other back when u still live in Equador. Rememba?

Poker playing bad guy: (still playing poker) Ur old lady sounds hot.

The poker playing thugs roar with laffter and look at Miguel like he is joke and has 3 heads. 

Miguel: (yells angrily and frustratedly) I want answers rite now! (he slams his hand down on the table for emfasis)

The thug standing guard snarls at Miguel after that out burst and try to grab him. But Miguel does karate on the thug who crashes to the ground.

Poker playing bad guy (now a little bit interested in Migel but mad): This guy thinks he is da boss. R u going 2 let him beat u up like that, cousin?

Thug who got karate done on him: (from the floor) (*groans in pain*)

Poker playing bad guy (crossly and angrily): Get up off dat floor! U r being dramatic! (switches glare to Miguel who came in and caused all this trouble) Now u listen to me! I am not who u think I am. I dont know any lady name Carmen. (he says Miguels ma's name with revulsion and digust) Furthermore u r not the boss of this place. I am. Now u get the f^%$ out of here before I...

The mean head honcho lets out a string of curse words in Spanish that turns the air blue. Miguel doesnt know if this is his bio dad or not but can tell the mean man means bizness so he sadly nods in agreement and leaves as the thugs go back to there poker game.

In the next scene Johnny and Robby are driving down a dusty road of Mexico and Johnny has (off camera) told Robby the real reason that they came to Mexico together.

Robby: (angry) U got to be kidding me! U bought me to Mexico to find HIM? (He says this with anger and disgust as Robby and Miguel are very very very jealous of each other and Robby thinks that Migel steal his dad becuz even tho he barely knows Johnny who has been absent for most of his life, Johnny still the only dad that Robby has)

Robby: (madly) So much for father son road trip! (sulks in passenger seat)

Robby has a flash back to when he was still a student at hi school which he since been explelled from after making Miguel temporary paralized. He is sitting in Princple's office and Principle has just called Johnny since she couldnt reach Robbys mom Shannon since she was off wit one of her boyfreinds.

Principle: Is this John Lawrence? Are u da father of Robby Keen?

Johnny: (voice over phone) Ya. What'd he do this time?

Principle: (somberly as she glares at Robby) We found him with Molly.

Johnny: Who is Molly? Is that some chick he was hookeng up with?

Principle: (firmly and disbelievingly) It is an illegal drug Mr. Lawrence! (she hears Johnny sigh in disappointmint) Why dont u speak to ur son and ask him about it. (She hands the phone to Robby, who boredly takes it)

Johnny: (angry) Robby wut da h*ll? U r doing drugs now? U will ruin ur life!

Robby: (chuckles bitterly and sarcastically) Oh your one to talk! U r a pathetic loser.

The principle looks shocked as Johnny sadly doesnt answer since he desires a relashunship with Robby and wants his son to admire him and plus at that time Robby was sort of rite.

But back in the present day, since they now have a relashunship and he has come a long way, Johnny now knows how to handle Robby moods a lot better.

Johnny (calmy and causally): Calm down. It still is a father son road trip. There is just this extra step.

Robby: (*pouts and sulks*)

Johnny: (slightly inpatienly) I told u I would always be there 4 u from now on. Wuz I just supposed to leave u at home?

Robby (madly): U should have told me the truth!

Johnny says some excuse that to Robby sounds like a bunch of bs but Robby tunes him out and thinks that he wishes he was back in the vally while also paying attenshun to the road since Johnny is too busy blabbing and making excuses 2 pay proper attenshun to it. Robby sees..... a vehickle approach theirs.

Robby: Dad look out!!!!!!!!!!!

We hear tires screech and Johnny and Robby make it out of the other car path just in the nick of time..... but there car is slightly broken now and they got stuck in an imbankment. Johnny and Robby sigh and try to figure out wut 2 do next.

Back in the vally at La Russo house, Daniel LaRusso and Chosen are watching and studying video of Cobra Kai winnign the All Vally Tournament and pausing to make comments on how evil Terry Silver is and how they can stop him. (They dont care about Krees becuz he got arrested for beating up Sting Ray and is now out of there way rotting in a jail cell.)

Daniel pauses the video on a screen of Silver's cold and calculating face. Which has a crazy grin on it becuz Cobra Ka won the tournment (and also becuz Silver knows what he is going to do to Kreese later on but LaRusso and Chosen dont know about that part yet.)

Daniel: (to Chosen about Silver) He is smart and manipulative. But together we can over power him.

Chosen: (nods with confidense and jumps up to show Daniel something that he bought to help defeat Silver) Espechially with help of these.

Chosen reaches into his carpet bag that he bought with him all the way from Japan and pulls out...... two swords!!!!

Daniel: (gasps; he secretly admires the swords and knows they r ancient and powerfull but doesnt want Amanda to see since she is getting world-weary and fed up of all the karatay and has told Daniel this many many many times) Chosen! Put those swords away! U can show me later. But not in living room. (Daniel looks over his shoulder to make sure Amanda is not around and didnt see Chosen's weapons)

Chosen: Okey (sheepishly puts his two swords back in the bag, then Chosen and La Russo turn there video back on and talk some more about defeating Sliver and Cobra Kai)

Then there is a scene of Samantha LaRusso who is practicing karate and having flash backs of getting beat at tournmint buy Tory. Even tho Samantha is tired of karate she is still ascared of her arc enemy Torey and needs to stay in top shape to defeat Tory if another fight happens.

Samantha cell phone rings. She answers it.

Samantha: Hello?

Miguel: (tinny and far away since he is in Mexico) Hi Sam.

Samantha LaRusso: (panicked) Miguel! Where r u? R u okay?  R u safe? How is ur search for ur dad going?

Miguel: (isn't sure how to answer the last question after wut hapened in that bar, which he still standing outside of) Um... uh... er... you see.... 

Samantha: (ignoring his babbling) U need to come home rite now Miguel! Ur mom is soooo worried. Everyone is! Ur mom says that ur dad is really really dangerous!

Miguel: (a tad impatienstly) Oh I'm fine.

Samantha: Why did u leave the tournament? I thought that u would be there in my corner. Don't u even care what happened to me there? 

Miguel: (now very impatient becuz even though she is his girlfreind sometimes Sam makes it all about her a little too much) It is not always about u Sam! Wut about MY corner? Dont u care?

Samantha: Yes but...

Miguel: (angry and cross) There are more imporant things in life than karate, Sam!

Samantha: (also angry and cross and pointidly becuz she wants to make the point that Miguels bad and dangerous dad is more important than karate and that he not safe in Mexico) Ya, I KNOW!

Samantha (who has a flair for drama) hangs up her phone after this without saying gbye but Miguel dont care becuz he heard a Spanish man in background say the name Hector. He turns and sees a man who look MUCH nicer than all the mean men who r playing poker inside and also looks a little bit like....... Migel. The kind looking man is throwing things away in a dumpster.

Other man to Hector Salazar: (tsks) Somtimes u r too nice Hector.

Hector Salazar: (smiles modestly as Miguel watches them from a distance in awe and wonder)

Then we see Johnny and Robby who are still in the imbankmint, fixing their broke car.

Johnny: Look, u don't have to stay. Once we get this car fixed I will give u some money and u can take the bus back to the vally.

Robby shrugs. Johnny's phone rings. It is his true luv, Miguel's mother Carmen.

Johnny: (answers in a loving voice) Carmen.

Carmen: (frantic and worryed) Johnny! How r u? R u and Robby safe?

Johnny: Ya. (glances at a still sulking Robby and their broke car which is slowly getting fixed by their team-work which they r managing to do despite the tenshun) We are fine. We just got.... stuck in traffick but we r almost at the bus stop. Did u hear from Migel?

Carmen: No but Samantha La Russo did. He is fine. For now.

Johnny: (relived) Good.

Carmen: Mebbe I should come down and join u.

Johnny: (firmly) No! It is much too dangerous! U stay there and wait for Miguel to call. Robby and I can handle it.

(Robby doesnt say anything looks at Johnny with new and more respeckful eyes since he is showing compassion and care for another person)

Carmen: (worriedly but trustedly) Okay.

Johnny and Carmen hang up and Robby hands Jonny a rench and looks thotfully at Johnny as they continue to work on their car which is now almost all fixed up.

We then see a different car, only it is back in the valley -- it is LaRusso's car which is parked outside the fanciest new dojo of Cobra Kai (which now has many new dojos becuz of Silver's $$$ and evil plan to turn it into global empire). La Russo and Chosen are inside the car watching Kenny Pain and other Cobra Kai kids hand out Cobra Kai shwag and fliers and invitashuns to a buncha other kids who now want to join Cobra Kai since they won the tournamint.  Kenny and the other Cobra Kais have big proud grins on their faces as they strut around like proud peacox.

La Russo: (bitterly but with concern for the children of the vally) Look at them. All those kids. Sliver sure picked the rite place. It has the most foot traffick. He is going 2 recuit the whole entire Vally. (shakes head)

Chosen nods but is sort of distracted becuz he can see Silver inside thru a window practicig karate moves with some students. Silver sends one crashing to the mat after doing a karate move on the student (who dutifuly gets back up and bac into karatay stance).

Chosen (somberly): I have seen those moves before.

La russo: Huh?

Chosen explains that Silver is doing and teaching karate moves from a very very very very very wise and respected sensay that Chosen and Silver both trained with a long long long time ago in Japan. Chosen knows that if Silver teach Cobra Kai those moves then it might help him acheive his goal to turn Cobra Kai into evil global empire. LaRusso look worryed and conserned after Chosen tells him this.

Then there is a brief scene still of Chosen and LaRusso, but now they are at Daniel house (in a room that Amanda isnt likely to go in since she still respects Daniel space when he practice his karate even though she is fed up with it) both wearing karate ghees. Chosen shows La Russo his weapons and does a karate move on La Russo that make him crash to the ground.... but not out of meannes, but only to show that he is a good fighter and that Daniel made the right choice.

In the next scene we r back in Mexico at a street fare now, where Migel is watching from a distance as Hector Salazar act kind and loving toward a woman and a littel boy who are walking around with him.  The little boy is kicking around a ball. When suddenly the ball rolls rite towards Migel! Migel stops the ball with his foot and as the little boy runs over, Miguel gently holds the ball out to him.

Miguel: Hi, I mean... hola. (also in Spanish but quietly so Hector Salazar and the woman wont hear and and very very very gently) My name is Miguel. Wut is ur name?

The littel boy (who might be Miguels half-brother) smiles but since Miguel is a stranger does not say his name or say anything at all.

Woman with Hector Salazar: Luis! Come back here!

Luis runs back to his ma and pa, clutching his ball.  Miguel watches him run away and looks some what frustrated but continues to follow after them but keeping a safe distince.

We then see Johnny and Robby are at the same bus stop that Miguel was at earlier. Johnny walks out of the bus stashun store and hands Robby a fist full of bills.

Robby: Wut is this?

Johnny: We r at the bus stashun. U take this money and go home. Sorry I dragged u into this.

Robby wordless takes the money but now isn't sure that he wants to leave altho he does not tell Jonny this yet.

Johnny: (sees the Australian surfers who are still there) Dont leave yet. I will be rite back. I am going to ask if those guys over there saw Miguel.

Johnny walks over to the surfers who are stil standing around on da beach.

Johnny: R u English?

Australian surfer: (in a fake pleasant voice) Australian.

Johnny: That will do. I am looking for kid. Mebbe u saw him? About seventeen, from Equador and has a slite build but we r working on that.

Australian surfer: (fake casual smile) Ya I gave him directshuns earlier.

Johnny: Great! Where did u tell him to go?

Australia surfer: I have a map. Why dont I show u?

As his goon once again hands the main Australian surfer a map and he marks a big red X on it, another goon sneakily and sinisterly try to pick Johnnys wallet from his pocket. Johnny pretends not to notice at first but then takes the goons arm and does a karate move on it!

Johnny: Bad move d*ckhead.

Australian surfer: (*glowers becuz he thought Johnny was just a dum American*)

Johnny: (angrily) Look man I dont know wut scam u r trying to pull but just tell me where the kid went!

Australian surfer: Look man. One way or the otha I will get ur money. Now we can do this the easy way.... or the fun way.

Johnny: (*sneers*) Take 1 step toward me and I will take ur surf board and I will shove it so far up ur a&^ that ur freinds will be riding YOU!

Australian surfer: (*a little scared now but trying to be tuff and cool since it all his goons against just Johnny*) (smooths his tangled and some what dreadlockd hair) Okay.... the fun way.

They begin to fight to loud raucous music..... but even though Johnny is outnumbered, since his opponits are just surfers and dont know karate, Johnny still has the upper hand at first and breaks their surf boards and knocks some of the goons into un-conscience. Then it seems like the Australians mite be gaining strengh on Johnny.... but then Robby comes to his fathers aid by doing a karate kick on one of them! (Which Johnny watches with pride) Together and as a tag team Johnny and Robby easily and efortlessly defeat the goons and their main leader and leave them all lying unconscience on the beach.

Johnny: Adios, d*ckheads.

After that scene we once again see Miguel who is still at that street fare  trailing after Hector Salazar and the woman and little boy named Luis. Suddenly, Luis's ball get away again and he runs out in the middle of the street.........................in front of an on-coming veickle!!!!!!!!! Hector and the woman watch in horror.

Woman: Luis! Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But then Miguel rushes over and in one quik moves swoops up Luis and his ball and delivers them safely back to Hector and the lady just in the mick of time.

Woman: Oh, my baby! (She and Hector fawn over Luis who does not even seem upset and check him to make sure he is safe and has no bumps or broozes.)

Woman: (finally looks to Miguel after she sees that Luis is safe) O thank u! U save my little boys life.

Hector: U r a hero. How can we ever repay U?

Miguel: (in Spanish, like Hector and the woman are also speaking) Aw... it was nothin'. I was just in the rite place at the rite time.

Hector: (peering thotfully at Miguel) Ur accent... where are u from?

Miguel: (sheepishly even tho he wants to pretend he isn't from there) I am from L'America.

Hector: (nods and continues to peer at Migel) It is funny...... I feel like we have met before.

Miguel struggles inwardly as he wants so badly to tell Hector that he's his real dad...... but knows that he must wait for the rite moment.

Miguel: (shrugs) I dont think we ever met.

Hector: Well anyway. How can we repay you? (reaches for his wallet as Miguel protests) I insist since u saved this littel boys life.

Miguel: Naw, man I couldn't. (modestly) I just did what any1 wood do.

Hector: (puts wallet away) Well then u will come to our house and have dinner with us. Tonite u r our family.

The woman and Luis smile and nod and since this was just the opening that Miguel was looking for he happily agrees to come to dinner and they all walk off happily together.

We then see Johnny and Robby looking at the ocean on the Mexican beach as they drink there Mexican Cokes together and have a heart to heart father-son talk.

Johnny: Thanks for helping me out back there. U shouldnt be here. Why dont u get on the bus and go back to the vally. I can handle this on my own.

Robby: Acshually.... I think I would rather stay.

Johnny: (suprised) R u sure? We still need to find Miguel.

Robby: Ya that's fine.

Johnny smiles and puts his arm proudly around Robby shoulders and they smile and crack jokes and clink their Mexican cocacola bottles together while enjoying the rest of their peacefull moment on the beech.

Then there is a montage of brief scenes like Daniel sadly putting covers on all his Miyagi Doe equipment which he thinks that he will no longer use and Johnny and Robby driving down a Mexican road in the dusk eating Mexican candy and exchanging happy father son smiles. And Miguel beaming at Hector Salazar and the woman and littel Luis as he eats tacos with dem and raises his water glass in a "cheers" gesture and feels like part of their family and like he finally found where he truly and rilly belongs (but also looking a little sad and jealous as Hector tenderly wipe sauce from Luis's mouth since Migel missed out on things like that when he was Luis age). And then Amanda walking out the pool and smiling as she sees that Daniel made mai tais for them to enjoy in the summer time together (and even though Chosen is still staying with the La Russos he is not swimming nekkid in their pool and Daniel and Amanda have it all to themselves).

We end the episode at the main Cobra Kai dojo where Silver gives lessons and where he now walking evilly down a line of people wearing karate ghees. They are NOT Cobra Kai students but other sensays who are answering ad that Silver placed to find a new rite hand man, since that used to be him but now he has taken over the top posishun that Kreese use to occupy so his old slot is available....for the rite sensay.

Silver: (evil but not as obvious as Krees) I called u all here today becuz I am opening new Cobra Kai dojos all over the vally and the world. That means I will need more sensays. (stops and gives each hopeful sensay a critickal once over as he speaks) Since Cobra Kai is the champions, u will need to prove urselfs and show that u know karatay and the way of the fist. U will need to do more than expected. But .... I will also PAY more than expected. (pauses) Do I make myself clear?

Hopeful sensays (in a karate yell in respeckful and obedeint unison): Aaaiii!

A wicked smile spreads over Silver's face as he nods his approval at there obediense and peers at the last sensay who is the one he seems to be the most interest in. We finally see the hopeful sensays face, which is a poker face on account of the man is pretending to be just one of the hopeful sensays who want to work with Silver and be his rite hand man.... and not anybody who knows anything about Sliver's shady past. But that is not true for as we see his face close-up, we see that the man is somebody who has heard all about it and is really there to inflitrate Cobra Kai and help take it down................................ Chosen!!!!!!!

Wut will happen next??!  Will Silver find out the truth about Chosen? Will Miguel stay in Mexico with Hector Salazar? Find out these things and more in Chapter Tres, coming soon!