Colin Firth kegemaran movie starring Colin?

Pick one:
Pride and Prejudice (Mr.Darcy)
Bridget Jones (Mr. Darcy)
Cinta Actually (Mr. Bennett)
What A Girl Wants (Mr. Dashwood)
Mamma Mia! (Mr. Bright)
Easy Virtue (Mr.Whittaker)
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Last Legion (Aurelius)
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mamma mia
mamma mia
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St.Trinians (Geoffrey Thwaites)
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The Importance of being Earnest
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fever pitch
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Can&# 39; t choose between Bridget Jones, Cinta Actually,...
Can't choose between Bridget Jones, Cinta Actually, and Mamma Mia.
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Can´t choose between bridget jones and pride & prejudice
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Can&# 39; t choose between all of them& lt; 3
Can't choose between all of them<3
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Relative Values (Peter Ingleton)
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Dorian Gray
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Hope Springs (Colin Ware)
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A Single Man
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King's Speech
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Johanne Vermeer
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Kingsman: The Secret Service (Harry Hart/Galahad)
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