Criminal Minds Girls Introduction & Conversation Thread.

Kelsje posted on Jan 09, 2010 at 03:50PM
So this thread is a little late :P But it's still nice to do!
Here you can introduce yourself by filling out a list with questions. But you can also have normal conversations with each other about anything and everything.

So I say enjoy and i'll start with my introduction. Here's the list:
My Favorite TV Shows:
My Favorite Music:
My Favorite Color:
My Favorite Animal:
My Favorite Movie:
Something About Me:

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hampir setahun yang lalu Kelsje said…
big smile
Name: Kelly.
Age: 18
Birthday: June 12th
Country: Netherlands
My favorites TV shows: Criminal Minds, Fringe, Heroes, House and soo much more :)
My favorite music: Phew.. that's hard.. to name a few Lady GaGa, Black Eyed Peas, Muse uhmm. I pretty much like everything there is out there.
My favorite colour: Blue
My favorite animal: Cat, (every kind of them) Dog.
My favorite movie: I LOVE Horror movies (like SAW, Final Destination) , but a good action ( X - Men Origins: Wolverine) or comedy (The Proposal, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) is fine too :D
Something about me:
I live together with my mom and I never got to know my dad. (and no it does not bother me)I've got 2 cats and 1 dog. Have no siblings. Go to school at which i'm learning to be a Child care worker. I've got lots of friends. (too many to name really) but my closest friend is my niece. (we have been since we were little)
My friends say that I talk too much, but in a good way .. (otherwise it gets boring) but sometimes in a bad way XD. That i'm always happy & hyper. That i'm a good listener and that i'm good at defending people/meself when needed. Oh yeah and they say that i'm short all the time. But eh.. i'm used to it haha.
I love my friends and they love me back! :)
hampir setahun yang lalu grigorits said…
Name: Madara
Age: 18
Birtday: april 18th
Country: Latvia
My Favorite TV Shows: criminal minds, NCIS, fringe, the big bang theory, how i met your mother
My Favorite Music: Owl city, The black eyed peas, angels&airways, linkin park, Joshua Radin
My Favorite Color: light blue
My Favorite Animal: dogs and cats
My Favorite Movie: love&basketball, stick it, accepted, the final destination (all), superstar. I like all kind of films :)
Something About Me:
i live in country with my dad, mom & brother. Have dog and cat. I still go to school. Not sure what i want to be in life(stil thinking about it). Huge fan of sport. i play basketball myself for 11 years. i celebrate fridays and hate mondays. friends says i am very funny, friendly, ambicious. good at playing cars and shufling them.
hampir setahun yang lalu suu said…
Name: Susana
Age: 18
Birthday: November 26th
Country: Portugal
My Favorite TV Shows: I like a lot of tv shows. In fact, there's so many that I can't keep up with all of them. But if I have to pick my top 3 I'd have to say Criminal Minds, Bones and Grey's Anatomy.
My Favorite Music: Again, I have too many! I really like Michael Buble & Daughtry.
My Favorite Color: Don't really have a fav. one but I like Orange ^^
My Favorite Animal: Dogs!
My Favorite Movie: Gosh, this is like the 3rd question where I'm going to say too many! At the moment, my favourite one is probably The Proposal. I LOVE Sandra Bullock's movies and this one was awesome.
Something About Me: Something about me? Well, I hate talking about myself (LOL). I'm in my first year at the university. I'm left-handed but I can do almost everything with my right hand (I can even write). I love reading but lately all I've been reading is my school books. I hate being late for something and I hate having to wait for someone/something. And well, that's about it. ^^

Madara, you play basketball? That's so cool. Basketball is my favourite sport and I used to play it as well (I stopped playing two years ago).
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hampir setahun yang lalu Paramore-CSI said…
Name: Tatyana-"Jaquline" claire stCathrine "sinka" Andreone
Age: 14
Birtday: october 5th 1995(im a libra and the year of the pig)
Country: Canada
My Favorite TV Shows: really list them well my top threes grey's anatomy, private practice and criminal minds but i watch alot of crimedramas and teen dramas
My Favorite Music: industrial, screaom, pop(different pop) indie, everything but country and old rock
My Favorite Color: lime and mango
My Favorite Animal: artic seal or artic tiger oh or walrus
My Favorite Movie: anything horror and sisterhood of the travelling pants
Something About Me:
I hate talking about me ok not that true but ummmmmmmm,I played soccer for 9 years I am the outside left midfeilder(we are in semi finals). I play rugby wing on games but i play in the scrum on practices!!I have 2 brothers and a doggy!!!I used to play basketball i am sporty and I run!!yah I love to run!!I can now make good banners and i write poetry and stories!I once injured someone cuzz they called me short lol(we were playing a drama game where you fight and you start with oh no you didnt oh yes I did!then you go into dialoge and in that she called me short so i thrusted her arm behind her back and drover her to the florr! Friends say im aggresive and crazy and fun and a,bitious and quirky and nuts but smart and energetic and always drunk!!Teachers say im absolutley crazy and cute!!I have a million frineds and i like to party!!!My ipod is my baby and so is my camera and i have a pealr ring that never leaves my finger!!oh BTW teachers are mean to me lol ok no there mean in a nice wayy!!anyways thats all atm!!
hampir setahun yang lalu Celina79 said…
Name: Colette
Age: 30
Birtday: March 21st
Country: Switzerland
My Favorite TV Shows: Criminal Minds, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, CSI New York, Private Practice, CSI, House and maybe more to come ;)
My Favorite Music: Sarah McLachlan, Alicia Keys, Natascha Bedingfield, Coldplay, The Fray and many more
My Favorite Color: Red and Purple
My Favorite Animal: Dolphin
My Favorite Movie: Period Drama's like: Pride&Prejudice, Sense&Sensibility and North&South, I also like Love Actually, The Proposal, Breakfast at Tiffany's and many more
Something About Me: I'm a mum of a 5 years old Girl. I work part time as a secretary and for the rest of the time i'm a mother to my daughter. We are a great "Girls" team, we love to go outside, biking, swimming and just having fun.:)
hampir setahun yang lalu Kelsje said…
@ Jackie: lolz.. You can get very mean if someone calls you short eh? same here :P
I never officially played soccer but I LOVE to play! Yaay for you! Semi finals.. good luck!

@ Susana: I never know what shows, movies or musicians to pick either. There is just so many of it all :)
hampir setahun yang lalu Paramore-CSI said…
@kelly lol i can get soo mean lol well she called me short in drama when we were doing this fighting game thing so duh!!yah I know I am so happy!!
hampir setahun yang lalu Blue85 said…
Name: Lauren
Age: 24
Birtday: Dec.10th
Country: America
My Favorite TV Shows: NCIS, Criminal Minds, Bones, Law&Order:SVU, Dancing with the Stars, Gilmore girls, CSI:NY & Miami
My Favorite Music: I like a bit of everything.
My Favorite Color: Blue, red & black
My Favorite Animal: Dogs/wolves, cats & horses.
My Favorite Movie: Any of the classics, A Walk in the Clouds, plus many more.
Something About Me: I'm easy going and down-to-earth. I'm close with my family and have a younger brother.I've got two cats. I like to joke around a lot but I know when to be serious. I'm very open-minded and will try almost anything at least once. I love to do art, photography, read, play guitar, sail/kayak/go to the beach, sing, spend time with my family, spend time at the theatre. And.. I don't know what else to say. If there's something specific you want to know about me, feel free to ask. :)
hampir setahun yang lalu prentissadmirer said…
Name: Sara
Age: 14
Birtday: Feb.2nd
Country: South Korea
My Favorite TV Shows: Die-hard Criminal Minds,DedicatedFringe,SVU
My Favorite Music: I like Kelly Clarkson's music & sometimes beyonce or Taylor swift
My Favorite Color: Red, pink, etc.
My Favorite Animal: dogs
My Favorite Movie: Lord of the rings
Something About Me: MY AGE has been little bit crazy......I am 14 old girl and I go to middle school in South Korea. I prefer dramas to movies and I do not have any pets. I am bit serious but I really want to be friendly. I am also a die-hard fan of Yuna Kim, figureskater from south Korea.(Top skater in the world)..and just ask if you are curious about sth.!