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I think we should all send petitions so the boys will get back together. I think they sing better when all five are together. It just isn't DBSK without all of them together. I also hate that none of their CDs are sold in the US. Please help get DBSK back together.
Do anda really want DBSK to stay apart? I personally don't see why anda would. They are great together, and anda should never break up a great thing. I can't send a petition because I live in the US and I don't know the address for the judge. But the people that do know the address and Cinta DBSK should send as many petitions in as they can.
What would happen if the boys never got back together and they stopped Singing at all? Where would all their peminat-peminat be? We would have no lebih DBSK. That means there would be no lebih Jaejoong, YunHo, YooChun, Xiah atau ChangMin.
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