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Today was the happiest hari of my life, not only did my handsome prince wake me up and I'm heading to my istana, castle but for the first time in my life I am safe. Even the dwarfs house I still was scared from my own step mother could be there. I had heard that she had died from killing me and that I was to take over.

As we walked sejak prince Ferdinand berkata " anda are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, I Cinta anda so much I would fight and die for you, anda complete my heart. That wicked Queen stopped us from being together longer. So it would be an honour Snow White if anda would marry me." The prince gave out a golden ring to me and I immediately berkata "Yes of course I will. anda saved me and I Cinta you. " We then kissed for a long time.

When the istana, castle servants heard and they were ecstatic we were getting married and relieved that my step mum was dead. The servants bowed down to us. One stood up, and berkata " For years Princess Snow white anda have had a life of sadness, bullying and a horror tunjuk from your step mum, but don't worry anda are safe. anda deserve to be Queen and your king looks like a perfect husband for you." There was a loud applause from everyone as we both smiled.

A few weeks later I was in my shiny white dress and a golden tiara marching down a red carpet with the whole of the istana, castle servants, the 7 dwarfs and other people from the local town here to see me and my handsome prince, in a black suit with a white shirt. The vicar announced our vows and we were soon husband and wife, we kissed each other and made our way to our castle.

At the istana, castle a large crown was placed on my prince's head he was now king and my crown was placed i was now Queen. I then made my speech. " For years the sebelumnya Queen has been giving anda nothing but harsh laws including heavy taxes, unfair death penalties for the innocent and Haiwan have been killed for amusement. The slaves here including myself were bullied, insulted some even killed just because the Queen wanted to.
As the Queen I will be kind, generous, caring and will listen to any message anda may have. I promise." There was a loud cheer from the crowd followed sejak loud chants of all hail the king and Queen.

The dwarfs visited me, I kissed them on the head, even grumpy came. I berkata I will visit anda soon and they berkata they would come back if they wanted to I berkata they can. A young boy came to me gave me a bunga and berkata " I wish I could give anda lebih for such a kind loving person as anda are." He then started to bow and I berkata to the boy " anda don't have to bow, we will bow to you". We then bowed to the boy then everyone in the whole room did.

It was wonderful hari for a wonderful occasion, which concluded with me Singing someday my prince will come and the king Singing one song. I had forgotten all about my stepmother I think everyone had!
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This part of my ranking is a lot lebih positive than the sebelumnya half. I absolutely adore every character in my bahagian, atas ten, so I tend to gladly accept and Cinta every aspect of their characters, flaws and all.

10. Snow White

I used to find Snow White fairly annoying for a long time, but now, every time I watch her movie, I can't help but Cinta her even more. Snow is easily one of the most unique and endearing Disney characters ever made. She's genuinely sweet, polite, motherly, caring and able to keep a positive attitude despite what she's been through. I truly admire...
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 A picture I made for the conest. "Your kegemaran hero with a DP
A picture I made for the conest. "Your favorite hero with a DP
In the years I've been on Fanpop, I've noticed that Ariel is one of those characters that people either 'love' atau 'hate'. Honestly I'm the only person I know of who doesn't feel very strongly toward her either way. I guess I lean a tiny bit lebih toward the 'Ariel lovers' side because like her just fine, but I don't 'adore' her. But oh well no one is complete neutral. Anyway speaking from the perspective of semi-neutral party here is my opinion about Ariel's controversial behavior.

1. Is Ariel Stupid?
No, I don't think she's stupid. I think she made some reeeeeeeeally bad dissensions like going...
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