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posted by deedragongirl
 Ready for your saat Disco Party?
Ready for your second Disco Party?
Hi guys, now as anda all know that I previously did for the Princesses' disco part featuring all of the Kpop songs. Only this time, I will do the English pop songs that we're all familiar with!

1) The Girls of Rock and Roll

Taken from the Chipmunks Adventure film, I can't get this song out of my head! The dance scene will be like America from West Side Story.

2) Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Also taken from Alvin and the tupai, chipmunk meet the Wolfman, this song could the saat choice after the first one!

3) Last Friday Night (TGIF) sejak Katy Perry

Another lovely song if their Disco Party was held on a Friday night, in fact all of Katy Perry's songs are perfect.

4) Girls (Run the World) sejak Beyonce

Another smash hit that I love, if they princesses are celebrating Women's Day. This is the song that will suit the theme for their Disco party!

5) On the Floor sejak Jennifer Lopez

Another amazing singer along with Katy Perry, this song is the mostly play at Disco and I would not be surprise at all.

6) Oops! I Did It Again sejak Britney Spears

I absolutely Cinta Britney Spears and her songs, and this is the perfect one for those who grew up with the Muzik from the 1990's to the early 2000's.

More Choices?

Only 6 choices make it through, do anda have anymore choices?
 Where's Elsa and Anna, may I ask?
Where's Elsa and Anna, may I ask?
 Here we are!
Here we are!
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posted by LoveLullaby
 Maria= that Disney girl
Maria= that disney girl
Hey! So, March 1st 2012 marks the hari I joined Fanpop and my first article! I'm so glad there is a Disney Princess spot! I've seen some people's artikel-artikel on here about themselves, when I was looking through articles, and I thought I should make one so people can get a taste of me, LoveLullaby! :)

Maria- not a name I would of chosen for myself (I'd prefer Belle Anneliese atau Ariel Sierra) but I am proud of it :)

Country of Origin:
I am originally from the sunny Phillipines! Hollahhh to all my Pinoys out there! When I was 4 I moved to not-so-sunny England, but I Cinta it, still :)

Favorite Movies:...
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Sailor Disney Princess Attack Snow White/Sailor Mercury Jasmine/Sailor Mars Belle/Sailor Jupiter Aurora/Sailor Venus Ariel/Sailor Moon Credit: rob52xbhs on YouTube
Disney Princess
sailor Disney
Almost a bulan ago, I started a countdown of the couple that has the biggest chance to survive, and to be honest, a lot of the results I were not expecting; heck I don't even think the voters were expecting this. Well, here are the results.

10. Pocahontas and John

I was surprised that this couple was the first to go, but the reasonings made sense. A lot of people berkata that their relationship seemed much lebih like lust than true love, as they always look and react to one another lustfully. People also berkata that their cultures and lifestyles were way too different for them to get along often,...
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Rapunzel appears at 0:22 on the left side
animated film
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