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 Request for connor3 (without background)
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Disney Princess request without background for connor3
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I have put together the wedding themes for our renaissance girls in this part of the article. Here we go

Ariel: The Treasure Trove
I didn't want to give her a pantai wedding, as she was hardly in Cinta with the waters. She was however totally mesmerized with all unique things on land. She loved collecting numerous little trinkets from land and made an eclectic collection in her grotto, a treasure trove. I think she'd Cinta to have a mix and match wedding theme with beautiful decor pieces coming together to mesmerize her, clock sejak the seating, candle stands of various shapes and make, forks and...
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In lieu of my 3 tahun anniversary on this site (which actually took place sometime in February), I decided that I would write an artikel looking back on what this site has telah diberi to me and how grateful I am to have come across it. While I haven't frequented this site in months, it still holds a dear place in my heart, as well as those who I have met through this site. Well, here I go. For those of anda who don't know me, this will probably be a pretty mundane article, so I wouldn't be offended it anda stop Membaca now. If anything, this artikel is really for me to get out my pent up Cinta for this...
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There are many things that I Cinta about each DP but there are certain character traits that aren't as admirable in them. Though, it's because of the mix of good and not-so-good traits that a character becomes interesting. Having berkata so, I still Cinta all DPs, some lebih and some less. So, here's my counter-part artikel on "What I Cinta about each DP".

1. Snow:
Her bossiness is tad bit annoying to me. I mean, why did she have to lecture around dwarfs and act not-so-her-age. I never could fit this in her adorable, cute and chirpy personality. Her lecturing and bossiness on moral grounds are so out...
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 Which is your favourite?
Which is your favourite?
Since Korean entertainment has dominated the whole of Asia, here are the Disney Princesses' favourite Korean dramas and why they Cinta it!

Iris (Mulan & Shang)

This Korean drama is about spying and espionage, this drama reminds me of both Mulan and Shang because it teaches them about spying.

My Princess (Rapunzel & Flynn)

Although the story is very similar to the Princess Diaries, Rapunzel did not find out that she is a princess until later of the story.

Winter Sonata (Elsa, Kristoff & Anna)

As the tajuk mentions, this drama is very old but it Suits the trios. Both stories are set...
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Today I'll be thinking of who'd come out champion in a fight of the Disney Princesses, first I'll be thinking of their advantages and disadvantages. Also I'm ignoring the obvious, their kingdoms.

Snow White:
A: Has All The Forest Haiwan and the Seven Dwarves in her will, won't be fighting, she'd just be saying the commands for them, she does have her ways of getting people to do what she wants. She's very organized too
D: She is easily sabatoged and gullible. And forest Haiwan aren't the strongest of animals. Besides she has no magic sejak her side

A: It isn't easy to make her pissed...
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 Who's Singing voice do anda choose? Jasmine?
Who's singing voice do you choose? Jasmine?
So, this song has been covered sejak a few artists, like Lucy Hale sejak turning it into a country version. Then, another Disney bintang sang it, it is none other than Lea Salonga herself! Are anda ready for a battle between Team Salonga and Team Menzel? Here we go!

Idina Menzel

While I enjoy her version, she's a bit pitchy in certain parts. Although at some parts she's very emotional and I like that, because she's very ominous like Elsa and I'm glad that I like her version.

Lea Salonga

Many of anda know that she was the Singing voice of Mulan and Jasmine, when I heard her version. I thought that she sounds even better than Idina! I would not actually mind her voicing Elsa anyway.
But I guess that they don't want Elsa to sound like melati, jasmine and Mulan!


While both of them are good singers, I would say that Lea is the best singer out of these two!
 atau Elsa, Disney's Idol?
Or Elsa, Disney's Idol?
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I know she's always typed as an Intuitive, especially an ENFP, and it's understandable why; I had once typed her as an ENFJ myself. She does, after all, just "know" the lights are "meant for me!" But is that really indicative of someone with strong intuitive preference? I think it's because this tendency for people to type nerdy/quirky/silly ESFJs as ENFPs, not only Rapunzel but characters like Steven Universe. It gets frustrating because that just implies only intuitives are inherently imaginative.

Anyway, to the typing:

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Rapunzel is very warm to everyone she meets....
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I telah diposkan this on the Frizen peminat club while back and now I'm posting it here.

Everyone on here that knows pretty much knows how much I Cinta Anna and despise Elsa. I mean, I certainly like Elsa lebih than I did when I joined in July, but I really hated her when I joined. So that's not saying much.

Right now, Elsa is twelfth place on my Disney Princesses as opposed to thirteenth place like she was when I first joined, while Anna made it to the top, instead of saat place. So, both have moved up on my list, but Anna is still way in front of Elsa on my list.

It may not come as a surprise, since Elsa...
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