Disney Princess Which princess would anda consider to be the *ideal* you? (As in, not necessarily the way anda are, but the way you'd LIKE to be?)

Pick one:
Industrius, hardworking, clever, and realistic.
Self-sacrificing, wise, spiritual, and loyal.
Feminine, romantic, gentle, and sweet.
Intelligent, romantic, witty, and unique.
Fiesty, stubborn, independant, and smart.
Dreamy, steadfast, kindhearted, and positive about life.
Fun-loving, playful, impulsive, and a go-getter.
Nurturing, pleasant, domestic, and motherly.
Intelligent, fiercely loyal, tough, and strong-minded.
Curious, creative, playful, and optimistic.
 phantomrose89 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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