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 2x07 The Idiot's Lantern
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Doctor Who
series 2
season 2
episode 7
the idiot's lantern
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This Doctor Who screencap contains bilik keluarga, ruang tamu, bilik depan salon, salon, ruang menunggu, bilik, and kedai. There might also be den, salon, ruang tamu, kedai, bilik melukis, and bilik bacaan.

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I know some of anda can't see this on the actual BBC website, but if anda live in the UK anda can find this story here:

Also, if anda can't access the site, part one of this story can be found here:

No. 1, Gallows Gate Road. Part Two. Written sejak Rupert Laight. Illustrations sejak Brian Williamson.

The Doctor heard a distant voice. A young woman. 'Is he all right?'

'He still looks very pale,' berkata another voice. 'Hold on, I think he's coming round.'

The Doctor sat up, and reality span into focus. 'I'm fine now,' he said, still on the floor sejak the front door. 'I think I won the battle.' And he began...
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Before anda ask, yes, I already know who Missy is. This is just two theories I have that involve her.

Theory 1: Gus and the Orient Express

I strongly believe that Missy was behind Gus and the events of the entire episode, "Mummy on the Orient Express".

Here's why:

1. Gus was an AI, as was Seb, Missy's receptionist that she most likely created.

2. Gus wanted to study the Foretold and reverse engineer the technology keeping it "alive". And this technology could very well be similar to what Missy used on her Cybermen army made out of corpses, much like the Foretold!

3. Missy has the TARDIS' phone number...
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