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Cinders posted on Apr 10, 2009 at 09:23PM
Hey there, Dr Horrible Fanpop Fans!

I'm looking for a male voice, preferably a tenor, but basically anyone who can sing Billy's part decently well. This isn't an audition, it's literally first come first serve.

Here's the deal: I'm audio-engineering an amateur version of "My Eyes." I have a Penny (the lovely Alicia Craff), but I'm in need of a Billy, as the singer I asked has backed out on me.

Your task as a singer is very simple: link to hear the instrumentals. Plug in your headphones, so you can hear the track, but it won't come out in recording. Then, take a microphone and sing the part into it (voice only!). A suggestion to take the air out of your voice: take a piece of cloth and hold it over the mic. It's an impromptu shield from breath and air and works OK.

If you're interested, please reply here, and I will message you an e-mail address to send your audio file too. When I string it all together, I intend to post the final results on Fanpop. It's a chance to sing Dr. Horrible with a talented singer/actress and show it to all of Fanpop! How can you say no?

If you read sheet music and would like to follow some sheet music as you sing, link.

If you're not that advanced a singer, and need the notes in the vocal track, link.

EDIT: If you were referred here from the singing spot, link is the song I'm planning to put together. You'd be singing Neil Patrick Harris' part.
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hampir setahun yang lalu heeeresjoyce said…
This sounds like a fun project! I can't volunteer, obviously, but I'm looking forward to hearing the final result! :)