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Source: Quoting Anthony Brandt (it was Hotch who berkata this quote)
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Chapter one - Unexplained

I woke up and remembered why I had to get up so early. My new job at the BAU I slowly got up and ate my breakfast. 'Well ..Girl this is your new life' i berkata to myself. I went to have a pancuran, pancuran mandian before I did anything else. I picked out a pair atau skinny jeans and a baby-doll bahagian, atas and put them out in my room. After I was done everything I went to go to my fridge and get something to eat for after.

As I drove to work I saw people waiting for something. It looked weird but I keept moving on. So as I parked I noticed a guy about my age walking in also. So I looked at him and...
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he one bahagian, atas actor, he counts for everything , till death to us part.

anda sure to be in Cinta with him . thats if anda like him LOL hahahahahaha :)

if anda think that hes a geek then anda are wrong .

he looks so smart and yeah he goooooood at what he does even if anda don't think so yeahhhhhh .


i think that anda should have a role model cause then anda look up to them for like they are your god .

thats my artikel on my opinion.


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