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reid and garcia talking about hotch
Criminal Minds
dr spencer reid
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Chapter one - Unexplained

I woke up and remembered why I had to get up so early. My new job at the BAU I slowly got up and ate my breakfast. 'Well ..Girl this is your new life' i berkata to myself. I went to have a pancuran, pancuran mandian before I did anything else. I picked out a pair atau skinny jeans and a baby-doll bahagian, atas and put them out in my room. After I was done everything I went to go to my fridge and get something to eat for after.

As I drove to work I saw people waiting for something. It looked weird but I keept moving on. So as I parked I noticed a guy about my age walking in also. So I looked at him and...
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I think the reason that girls are attracted to him is bcause, he doesn't seem perfect like other characters from other shows do. I find his facial imperfections humanizing in some ways. Like his slightly crooked chin and his thin nose make him seem lebih normal. Then we have his social graces. He can barely talk to people, and any girls he talks to just thinks he is a creeper. Those social flaws seem endearing and silly. And finally,we have his scientific mind. The main reason why men don't seem to like him as much is because they think he is a nerd. But women think that smart men are wonderful. Some women wish their husbands were jsut as smart as Dr. Reid. So, There is my theroy on why girls are so attracted to Dr. Reid.
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Ok now I decided to write a fic about me and reid lolz so i am posting it here lolz and on the reid peminat-peminat spot lolz. This was half sophies idea so thanks.(sorry bout spelling and stuff spelll checks not working.) i tried I ddont think i got reids character too well but i guess ill see. Feed back is encouraged and l;oved alot so if u could komen i would Cinta it. ok well here it is.

Her eyes met his as she passed him, for the first time she could tell he was actually her true love, his eyes just spoke to her. He was like the missing piece to her life, she...
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