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please komen i think im going to finsh this then write other stuff on here.

Crimson pov

I looked around *why did I do that* I went over to my computer meja and e-mailed bulla no doubt Vegeta would block me from Trunks e-mail account.


Sayain girl21- hei Bulla I cant believe I did it.

Bulla rulz-Did what?

Sayian girl21-I broke up with 17 just 5 minit ago.

Bulla rulz- :o what why? no your not. are you?

Sayian girl21-yes I like Trunks I guess I always did just didn't figure it out till now probebly.

Bulla rulz- YAY if anda two ever get married I would actually be your sister.

Sayain girl21- hay im just 18 thank anda very much I wouldn't get married for a while.

Bulla rulz- how long do anda mean sejak that.

Sayian girl 21 -If youd let me finish if Vegeta would even let us go out and we would still like each other. Besides a while is about 7 years.

Bulla rulz- 7 YEARS thats a long time.

Sayian girl21- Plus since anda like GOTEN I wouldnt be wanting that to happen itf i was you.

Bulla rulz- do not

Sayian girl21- do to I saw won of your notebooks and it berkata bulla + Goten 4ever.

Bulla rulz- ok I kinda do. And I c your point but still anda 2 would make a great couple.

Sayain girl21- good luck with that besides we can never c each other remember.

Bulla rulz- wait I have a idea and its so romantic

Sayain girl21- What?

Bulla rulz-you 2 could secretly date

Sayain girl21- wait whats trunks nama pengguna again.

Bulla rulz- Trunks is just it I think why

Sayain girl21- hes requesting to sertai on our im erase all the messages

Bulla rulz-done
I clicked ok to let trunks in

Trunks- hay anda 2 wat up

Bulla rulz -nothing i gtg

Sayain girl21- Bulla

Trunks- hay 17 told me anda 2 broke up is it true

Sayain girl21- yeah

Trunks-I gtg I have to pack.That probebly what Bullas doing

Sayain girl21- why?

Trunks- Were going to planet Vegeta he wished it back he was thinking about it before the dragon balls was gone but now with the new ones hes going to wish it back well actually he already did. Last night he took yours and found the others.

Sayain girl 21- Serously

Trunks- Yeah but dad want Goku and his fsmily to come including gohan videl and pan.Something about not wanting to travel across the galexy to fight him atau something anyway bye

Sayain girl21-bye
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DO NOT OWN DRAGONBALL . DragonBall is Owned sejak TOEI ANIMATION, Ltd. and Licensed sejak FUNimation Productions, Ltd.. All Rights Reserved. No copyright infringement intended .
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super vegito
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This is my 11th AMV.Youtube Account=SuperSaiyan1Gotenks
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Dear DBZ fans,

A new era of DBZ gaming has begun, I invite anda all to sertai us, we are the community of ZEQ2 Lite.

This game is made sejak peminat-peminat all around the world that gathered togheter as one, the version available is BETA but it is playable and lots are playing it.

The official release will be this year. Be there. Come now, DBZ peminat-peminat UNITE !

Give your best for the best DBZ game ever.

Trailer : link"></param><param

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*over with goku*
Goku:to ascend to the seterusnya level anda need to believe anda can and strive towards it

Goku Jr.:ok

Vegeta jr:alright lets do it

*they both put out an enormous amount of energy*

Goku:keep at it

*with the z fighters*

Krillin:who are you

????:come and find out

Yamcha:sounds good to me*attacks him head on*

????:tch*punches him aside*

????:if it's that important I will tell you, my name is Azeus, happy?

Tien:grrrr*flies up*Tri beam ha!*fires tri beam*

Azues:well, looks like someone isn't useless

*by pan*
Pan:*sense her dad*Dad, is that you

Videl:actually it's me

Pan:mom!*hugs her*

*z fighters*
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 Toriyama explains Goku's mother Gine
Toriyama explains Goku's mother Gine
Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball series, has finally shed some light on who Goku’s mother is likely to be. 18 years after the official series ended in Jepun and 11 years after the after the ending of Dragon Ball Z in North America, Toriyama sheds the light on who Goku’s mother is. Her name is Gine, while her face is yet to be revealed, many peminat-peminat wait for the Toriyama’s Jaco the Galactice Patrolma Manga in April to which we’ll finally see her. There was also an interview which sheds quite a lot of light on this matter as well as a huraian of Gine, keep reading.

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A new Dragon Ball spin-off series called Dragon Ball SD will be published in Shueisha's new magazine Saikyô Jump, starting 3 December 2010! This new series (SD= Super Deformed) will be aimed at a younger audience, in full color and created sejak Naho Ooishi, who previously made the two-part Manga adaptation of the Jump Super Anime Tour Special. It is unknown whether atau not this will be a one-shot atau an on-going series. The official announcement also states that the story will feature Goku running wild with Kuririn and the rest of his friends, and "that popular character is set to appear". Interestingly, December 3rd is also the Dragon Ball manga's 26th anniversary!
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I created this in one night! I am so proud to call this my own!
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