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Courtney's POV: "Courtney,I'm serious.You two are perfect for each other.You guys should totally go out."Bridgette said.

"Bridgette,for the last time,Duncan is my best guy friend.Nothing more.I can trust him and he can trust me.That's what best Friends do. Not go out with each other.And plus he already has a girlfriend."I said.

"So?And his grilfriend is your biggest enemy."Bridgette said.

"Just because Duncan's girlfriend is one of my um,enemies, doesn't mean I should attomatically hate her."I said.

"Yes it does!If anda like the guy,then anda should definatly fight Gwen for Duncan!"Bridgette said...
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I was sejak Duncan’s side all time but my fears were growing because if he wasn’t going to wake up before the sun set the doctor will stop the machines so he will die.
The doctor was stopping the machines so I was sobbing because Duncan was dying in front of me and I just couldn’t do anything about it. Finally I decided to try to talk to him.
I took his cold hand in mine then took a shivering breath.
“Duncan, it is Courtney. I am really sorry; if I haven’t made anda mad anda won’t drive that fast and be in that situation. I am begging anda to pardon me...
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After makan malam, majlis makan malam we each went to our rooms.I laid in my katil until Duncan came over.

"Wat are anda doing?"

"Nothing...just holding my princess"

"Bt anda have your own bed."

"And So"

I got up and got on bahagian, atas of him.Wr started to make out.His hand made their way up my back.I stopped because i didn't seem right.

"What's wrong princess?"

"I don't know...i guess i'm scared"

"Why youre selamat, peti deposit keselamatan with me"

I smiled then started making out again.I didn't really want to go any further so i wasn't giving it my all.

"I'm taking my baju off...do anda object?"

I shook my head no.Then we started to make out again.He was topless.I...
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She took me to the living so i could tell my dad who i was dating again.

"Robert anda need to hear this?"

"What is it dear?" he berkata as he turned the page in the news paper.

"Tell him" she berkata as she pushed me forward.

"Daddy..you know i respect anda and mommy..but i'm datting.." before i could finish Duncan came through the door.

"Hey Mrs and mr.shay"

"Hey babe" He kissed my cheek.

My daddy didn't say one word.

"Are anda not hearing this?"


"She's dating Duncan again"

"Yea i am"

"Well anda can tarikh who ever anda want honey you're 18 we can't make anda dumb him"

I looked at Duncan with the biggest smile.He...
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c pov

ugh bridgette made me go to a lady gaga tunjuk i hate this but oh well

FEW minit L8TER

no no no i have to sit sejak duncan great!!!

d pov ugh geoffs making me go to a lady gaga tunjuk i hate laddy gaga

FEW minit L8TER

NONONONONO!!! i have to sit sejak princess and gwen is sitting sejak trent great

c pov

man lady gaga wears some reaviling clothes now heres the last song thank god

Caught in a bad romance

Caught in a bad romance

Want your bad romance

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"I'm utama Princess" Duncan berkata as he came through my window.

"What are anda doing here?"

"Well anda seem glad to see me" he berkata as he knew i was annoyed.

"Babe relax" He berkata as he took my book.

"Give my back my book"

"Courtney are anda ok" my mom yelled.

"I'm fine mommy"

"Mommy?" Duncan asked confused.

"Shut up...I never told them i took anda back"

"Oh should I go to them now or.."

"Duncan shut up"

"So when are anda going to tell them then your my Princess again"


"sure" he berkata as he knew i wasn't going to tell them.

"I will" I lied.

"fine..i'll make anda a deal..you tell them and anda get to come to...
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OH MAH FUCKING HELL OF A GOD! It's finally the IAD again :D I'm sorry this story isn't very long, I'm quite busy at the time and such ^^;

IMPORTANT NOTE; TDI never happened, keep that in mind :)


Courtney's POV.

"Dear Diary.

Wow, how boring haven't my life just been lately? Nothing exciting has happened, Bridgette, my BFF, moved to NY to study with her boyfriend, Geoff, i'm all alone back here in Kansas. Well, at least i can earn some money sejak walking the dog for my neighbors, and anda never know when you'll need some money!
Oh, and...
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