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posted by superDUNCANfan
There has been 1 hari in my life, that was scarier than all the other days.......

It was 17 years lalu but i remember as if it was yesterday. I was at my house, it was raining outside. And inside was much worse, there was a gloom about like something terrible was going to happen. There was a knock at the door." I'll get it mom!" i opened the door and let out a scream. There on the other side of the door was Duncan... but he looked horrible! He had Blood-shot eyes,a bullet in his leg,his colar bone was broke,and he was shot in the back(lukily not in the spine!). He was mumbling while brushing...
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I was in a complete state of shock i dint know whether to scream in exciment atau cry my eyes out he tilted his head "What's wrong." i frowned "Duncan I-." he cut me off "There's someone else is there but u didn't have the hati, tengah-tengah to tell me right!i just come out of nowhere and want u back and i screw up again well this is perfect!" he stood up and punched the dinding "Duncan it's not that it's-" "i'm sorry i put u in this area Court i don't deserve u!"i could feel my tears fall down to my cheeks they were hot i started to sob "Duncan anda don't understand I-" he cut me off "Save it Courtney i know...
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The three boys successfully left the party alive with out causing a fight.

Duncan:*walking far behind DJ and Geoff*Man, I can't just leave, there was too much left unsaid between me and her, man I feel like I'm leaving a part of myself here with that Courtney girl*stops and walks back towards the Capulets' house*

Geoff:Man that was one heck of a party wasn't it Duncan?*looks behind himself to see Duncan gone*Duncan?!


Geoff:Where the heck did he go?

*Capulets' House*

Courtney walks out of her room onto her balcony, in a tank bahagian, atas and shorts. She rests her elbows on the railing. She looks...
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Our story takes place in the town of Toronto. Here, we find a couple 16 tahun old boys named DJ and Geoff, walking down the street, passing sejak the Capulets' house. Unfortunately, there were two other boys standing outside the house, there names were Tyler and Noah.

Tyler:*sees DJ and Geoff walking sejak and flips them off*

Geoff:*sees Tyler giving them the finger*Are anda flipping me off?

Tyler:Maybe I am atau maybe I'm not, what's it to anda Montegue.

Geoff:*mumbles* Stupid Capulet.

Tyler:What did anda say Montegue?!

DJ:Nothing, come on Geoff lets not start something here.

Noah:Oh, anda don't want to start...
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posted by lolibarbie
This one-shot is dedicated to Isabella121797 since her birthday is on the 17th! Happy birthday, girl!

Courtney's POV:

"Why don't anda just go talk to him?" My best friend asked me while we were at our kegemaran cafe`.

"Why would I wanna talk to Duncan?" I asked defensively.

"Because anda like him!"

"Bella, the last thing I feel about Duncan is that!"

Isabella is my best friend, she's crazy, smart, and awesome! She has the same skin tone as me, my hair except it's a tad darker, and dark brown eyes. And she just always knew the right thing to say...mostly.

"Courtney, what was the first...
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posted by sugarsweet076
I hated that i had to get up.i hated that i have to go back to school and see that goth chick.

"Babe anda up?"

"Yea duncan i'm up"

i walked in the bathrrom to fix my hair before i walked out to see me getting a bump.

"Duncan!" i yelled.

he ran in as fast as he could and said.

"You ok.."

Yea i'm fine...come feel my tummy"I berkata as i grabbed his hand and put it on my tummy.

"Well..i can fell something in there"

"Yea...i can't believe i'm almost one bulan in"

"Yea i know.....princess i need to tunjuk anda something"

he grabbed my hand and covered my eyes with his hands.he lead my to the table.he moved his hands...
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posted by sugarsweet076
I ran to my room to see Duncan sitting on my katil looking at the skull he gave me.

"......You still have it"

"Yea....i wanted to throw it away but i didn't"

I put it back on my nightstand and came over to me and kissed me.

"How in the hell are we going to raise peanut" he berkata chuckling a little.

"I have no idea...."

I kissed him again.He pushed back.

"What is it"

"..........I want anda to alih in with me"

"Duncan..i want to stay here"

"As my girlfriend soon to my wife anda still want to live with yout mom and dad"

"Duncan i'm not.." before ii could say another word he got down on one knee and held out a...
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posted by sugarsweet076
Today was the first hari of school.the first hari i had to face everyone and say i took my bad boy back.And i got pregnant.

I walked through the doors to see Duncan smileing at me.I walk up to him.

"Don't tell anyone right away we need to tell your parents first"

"I know"

I got to my locker and opened it and got all my stuff out.

"Courtney are anda pregnant with Trent's baby?"

"...No..who told anda that?"


I texted bridgette to meet me in the bathroom.She came

"Why did anda tell everyone that i'm pregnat?"

"Because...you are and anda need someone to take care of this baby..what about your furture...
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after Chris told us that i went to sleep.I woke up to a note on the chair beside me.

I'm sorry I put anda through this pain.I Cinta you.My chioce is clear now.i never should had left you.Meet me at the waterfalls tonight at 7.I got a surprise for you


"how sweet".I thought as i smiled.

"I guess the better person won"

"Yea i guess i'm sorry Gwen"

"Don't be sorry..it was my fult for felling for him..he never shut up about you"



I got up and ran to the bathroom to start geting ready for the date.I know it's only 5 in the morning but i wanted to look amazing.

7 at night.
I walked...
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