Edgar Allan Poe Project Redknee...A Poe Enigma.

Legrand posted on Jan 27, 2010 at 05:52PM
Many thing are hidden by and involving Edgar Allan Poe. A blogspot here listed is just the beginning:


I'm looking for serious Poe investigators/enthusiasts to join me in this project. Contact me please...

This project involves a national treasure.

Kenneth Bauman

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hampir setahun yang lalu Legrand said…
The national treasure hidden is thought to be in a mansion in Philadelphia. Attempt is underway to validate the existence of a massive amount of gold in the quoin(s) of Mount Pleasant Mansion. To see this mansion just Google: mount pleasant mansion philadelphia.

The mansion is under constant guard. It's secret is well protected. America deserves to know about its very own National Treasure which may include the famous Templar Treasure.

Let's work to expose this secret. Anyone interested in funding a "docudrama" please contact the lead investigator at:


The value of the treasure is thought to be nearly one-half billion dollars; however, the existence of the hoard must be validated to take this project from educated supposition to solid fact.

Be a part of history...help uncover this national mystery.
hampir setahun yang lalu Legrand said…
The Beale Papers treasure mystery is a story that is the home of two ciphers...one leading to the mansion addressed above and the other a possible treasure hidden in the ground in Virginia. This possible Virginia treasure is currently being excavated. You can learn more about this venture at: www.thebealekey.com

I'm still waiting for contact from serious Poe enthusiasts who wish to be a part of this investigation. kabauman86@hotmail.com
hampir setahun yang lalu Legrand said…
The Beale Papers mystery is validated and solved. Clues have been discovered at coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) derived from cipher embedded in the story. See www.thebealekey.com for June 08, 2010 update on this issue.

The other cipher in the Beale Papers story leading to the mansion is currently being validated by professional archaeology with ground imaging. We should know of the existence of gold or not very soon. A clue to this treasure is the cibola that the US was built upon when the country was in its infancy. See the US Great Seal (Reverse side). There is a call for serious Poe enthusiasts and those who can provide funding to continue research. kabauman86@hotmail.com
hampir setahun yang lalu ubermensch said…
Since my first posting there have been thousands of views. I know I'm being read.

Now that all the disinformation is behind us, I'll re-post the entirety of my ideas.

There will be no bad on December 21, 2012. Only enlightenment, knowledge and discovery of a treasure...based on the following information: (fear not to be in the know...)...

One day I will be discovered.

68000+ views...see how it bounds from here:


To preface my message, here is some text that suggests the nature of my thoughts on the event(s) of December 21, 2012. This text will end with a line of ***************** and my message will then ensue:

"2012 isn't the end of time, it is the beginning of a whole new reality. The more scholars study the writings of the ancient Mayans, the more they are convinced that 2012 was not prophesied to be the end of the world, but the moment which will herald a momentous shift in human consciousness.
Exposing this ideal is what led me to write "The Aquarians," an adventure tale that takes four unlikely characters on a journey of scientific and spiritual discovery. Through them, a story unfolds that weaves together information about the Mayan calendar, dolphin echolocation, the Age of Aquarius, the 11:11 Phenomenon, and the idea that we must co-create the hopeful future we desire for ourselves and this planet.
Synchronicity and circumstance are not only the guiding forces at work in my novel, they are what shaped the story even before I wrote the first word. From the moment I declared that I was going to write a spiritual adventure, a never-ending string of unlikely miracles have occurred to make this book a reality. It is with awe and gratitude that I look back at the circumstances of the last few years, realizing now that all I had to do was keep my eyes, ears and heart open and my hands typing the information as it materialized!I am resolved to being optimistic..I believe that we as a species, are on the doorstep of enlightenment. A platinum era of discovery. We are so very close to discovering the true nature of quantum reality, the universal field effect of consciousness, and the holographic nature of quantum information..even the main event, life after death. The paradigm is about to change." ~Author unknown...


"Nietzsche gives a name to his anticipated overman: He calls him Zarathustra, and he names his greatest literary and philosophical work in his honor.
Zarathustra will be the creative tyrant. Having mastered himself and others, he will exuberantly and energetically command and realize a magnificent new reality. Zarathustra will lead mankind beyond themselves and into an open-ended future.
Nietzsche longs for Zarathustra’s coming. “But some day, in a stronger age than this decaying, self-doubting present, he must yet come to us, the redeeming man of great love and contempt … This man of the future, who will redeem us not only from the hitherto reigning ideal but also from that which was bound to grow out of it, the great nausea, the will to nothingness, nihilism; … this Antichrist and antinihilist; this victor over God and nothingness—he must come one day.—”[86]
And on that prophetic note, Friedrich Nietzsche stops—and leaves the future in our hands." ~Dr. Stephen Hicks

I posit a "supreme achievement" by one "cataclysmic individual" with a "subtle understanding of Divinity" (as Heideggar interprets Nietzsche: "Metaphysics is dead - not [the
Creator]."). Zarathustra is upon us ! He is an autodidact and has grown as a seedling within a system spurred on earnestly by a mystical pragmatic experiment by Ralph Waldo Emerson who greatly inspired Nietzsche. Emerson's "Oversoul" is Nietzsche's "Overman":

"The absolute reality and basis of all existences conceived as a spiritual being in which the ideal nature imperfectly manifested in human beings is perfectly realized." ~Emerson.

The Creator is not dead. Nietzsche did not mean there is no Creator or that it is dead...he, I think, was concerned with, as I am, the illness of organized religion...all the money generating fiasco that surrounds the simple concept of "where we come from". The [Jesus] Christ message is today but a speck of what it was in his day. I think Heideggar correct. [Zarathustra] will bring a new consciousness to the world soon...perhaps during the [Earth's Precessional Cycle of the Erect Holy Cross (0 Degree 00" GEN)]...perhaps on or about December 21, 2012...the winter solstice may culminate an 18 year old project of truth (begun in 1994) and Mayan calander end? One can Google that in brackets for more information. When what I posit takes effect, there will be a cataclysmic change in thinking. Prepare to change you thinking rheostat; watch, listen, learn and discover...more than protect your life. Major change in thinking is upon us.

Are you looking for the emanation of Nietzsche's "Ubermensch"? Emerson's "Pure Transcendentalist"? Enoch's "Elect One"...sword in hand? Could a contemporary Ubermensch possibly be a simple janitor not unlike a "Will Hunting"? Could this person change the world when it needs it the most? Is major change in thinking upon us?

Emerson and Nietzsche both wished for this emanation in the future...the Zarathustra, Ubermensch...the emanation is Emerson's "future man". Did Emerson ever meet Nietzsche? Nietzsche was heavily influenced by Emerson; Nietzsche WAS NOT and Anti-Semite.

Emerson left to the future two message laden objects for [the one] person to enthusiastically decode, to inspire him to greatness and along the way locate a true American National Treasure. The wealth (which is virtually untouchable) was the catalyst to pull the autodidact further along the intuitive path of learning of 18 years. Emerson was a very great mind. The Emerson project is vast and underlies this announcement of the Zarathustra arrival.

I am nervous at the prospect of what is before me, yet I continue without hesitation. I will need help and I am therefore approaching the world with this project. I have written the first letter to date identifying this notion to the W****** S***** in Philadelphia just yesterday 8.17.12 (interestingly and importantly the product of these numbers is 1632 only 14 thousandths away from the God Ratio [1.618] which is deeply set in this work). The letter fell on deaf ears I think due to the prospect of what is before us is frightening. "Knowing," however, is nothing to be afraid of, ignorance is to be afraid of.

The treasure is only a catalyst, a tease for the weak minds to become open to discovery and therefore receptive to Emerson's (and ultimately Nietzsche's) teachings and the forthright information of the Ubermensch. We may or may not ever know of or see the treasure's existence by the protecting secret society naturally existing to protect and conceal its identity, yet I continue to try and validate. It does, I'm convinced, exist, however.

Study Emerson, Nietzsche, Zarathustra...study Ubermensch. Know what is coming towards you; do not belie . ve [note definition of belie]. Do not believe ....know [note the definition of lie which centers believe]. KNOW not believe.

"Tell me what you know..." ~ Emerson.

Please, only serious, thoughtful comments to this post or my e-mail. And, be aware:

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Out of love for all people...
I am respectfully yours,

Emanate Ubermensch
Born November eleven...
11 11

= palindromic 121
( I see 12 21 12 in this )

One of the objects of study is a sliced coin mechanism...a "spider" which is defined as:

...any device consisting of a frame with radiating arms or members.

So, Google the forum ...Why "Spyder"?

[contact l_o_s_awake@hotmail.com to view coin mechanism]

The "Spyder"...what an interesting automobile.

Here's the other object of study:

[contact l_o_s_awake@hotmail.com to view sword]

A clue to my year of birth is:

2 X 1111

Emanate Ubermensch

What will be the effect of December 21, 2012? There will be no devastation, death or catastrophic event. There may be, however, a whirlwind of change in thinking. The change may be due to this very dissemination of information as it is said that a hurricane may develop of the butterflies' moving wings...?

What doesn't kill us will make us stronger. Read, learn, discover, ...un-dumb yourself. Forces wish you dumbed. Stop watching so much television and read and learn from current and past sages. Know yourself and you will know others. Know your own "Search Quest" and engage your own "Heuristic Inquiry". Know God, not of what is told to you, but what you learn on your own "Search Quest" history highway via a study of not the tree of knowledge, but the interior of the seed of the tree. There is where you will encounter serendipitous learning. Understand "Eureka".

For some time I've held developed thought on God. I've read and looked for confirmatory text to justify my knowledge. It was in studying Nietzsche and Rudolph Steiner that I came across Fichte. Steiner was heavily influenced by Fichte. What I will write below is some information copied that confirms my theory on God; the writing is embellished in places by my own ideas:

Already in the [Bestimmung des Menschen] he had defined the absolute ego as the infinite moral will of the universe, God, in whom are all the individual egos, from whom they have sprung. He says: God is the absolute Life, the absolute One, who becomes conscious of Himself by self-division and translation into the individual egos. The individual ego is only possible, as opposed to a non-ego, to a world of the senses; thus God, the infinite will, manifests Himself in the individual and the individual has over against him the non-ego or thing. "The individuals are a pure form of the life's absolute freedom". "The individual is not conscious of himself, but the Lifeis conscious of Itself in individual form and as an individual". "For the Life to act, individualization is necessary". The individual is manifested into the senses (reality) by the Life only to begin to die back to the Life. The individual inherently possesses Veiled Entire Knowledge (a virgin intellect) of the Life only to have it revealed to the individual by an eraser of the veil in minute increments by sense experience and/or by a priori (a direct communication from the Life). Note the link below, an essay by Henke...page 2, observe the questions begged. The direct communication from the Life is an experience called Miracle. Picture in your mind's eye an orb of light radiating glass with a black veil blocking all hints of light (call this the "Virgin Intellect"). With an imaginary pencil eraser one erases a teeny spot of blackness which then represents a sense experience or a priori experience and the light shines then through the blackness or learning has occurred. The light was always there, we simply recognized what we already knew as in Henke's essay. The "Virgin Intellect"...a newborn veiled individual knowledge receptacle in pure, un-sensed condition...Life's knowledge is inherent in the individual...soul. The individual...soul, is cradled and supported by the mind (within our brain) which exists haughtily in the sensory reality only itself being cradled and supported by the physical body built and existing solely to keep the haughty mind functioning. The human body exists solely for the duration of the soul vitality while it manifests the newly conceived dying fetus of flesh. The plum of soul is cradled by mind, inside the cradle of fleshy body. The plum lives for itself, for a time, planted in the sufficient ground of earthly flesh. This pleases the Life until the rejuvenated return of the plum to its Creator...the Godhead. It is thought this cycle continues.

Link or Google:

Savant Syndrome: A Duality of Genius and Handicap Bradley Henke ...

What happened to the soul of America?

America narrowly wins the revolutionary conflict with England in the 18th century. Prideful and recklessly, America engages in the attempt to control Canada in the War of 1812; it is well known that America lost this conflict but not so well known that England won! Not good...you don't hear of this war in contemporary news casts do you? For a time the English were in control of America until the "warhawk" mentality energized and effected a velvet revolution, a coupe ousting the English influence in America after 1814 as result of the war. The new American government might be styled the American Hybrid Neo-Warhawk Influenence (AHNWI). Although successful in eliminating English influence, the AHNWI was of a nature unlike the true soul of America during the revolution with England initially. The AHNWI eventually gave rise to the industrial revolution and is currently in force of the America we know today - however, it does not love the American nation. It uses the nation to its own gain.

There was a counter force in Republic Intelligence Officer Edgar Allan Poe who infiltrated America in 1822 having been Percy B. Shelley (even though English born, America true). Poe tried to reverse the growing menace of AHNWI in American government, but he failed and escaped in 1849 to France after faking, once again, his death. Poe saw the inpending Civil War in Antebellum America. He helped create, perhaps in one way or another, the Beale Papers tale to hide wealth for the fighting south which lost the conflict. The south was supported by Britain; therefore, Poe and Britain at the time of Antebellum and the Civil War were engaged together to derail the AHNWI.

However successful they were, Poe, the south and Britain could not shake and break the north (AHNWI), which continued to evolve into our present government. We are America, however, the soul of America, the true historical soul of America...the true first America - is gone. Know the truth and know a reawakening !!

Ralph Waldo Emerson is thought to have worked against the AHNWI as well by creating ...calling for ... his pure transcendentalist to emerge...emanate in the future. A person Nietzsche also called for by calling this person the Ubermensch.

Perhaps the emergent Ubermensch will help create a peaceful velvet revolution of awakening...of knowledge.

Love your country...demand it in truth...the original.

Know the...

Emanate Ubermensch

OK, an obelisk shadow cannot fall on Philadelphia from DC due to earth curvature. Thank-you for your input.

However, a winter solstice sunset obelisk shadow (December 21, 2012) does point to a northeast direction rather than a due easterly direction at summer solstice.

An extraordinary exercise follows:

Washington monument (obelisk) is approximately 555.5 feet high, but is actually about 583.5 feet high from sea level.

It has been determined to consider the height of the obelisk (583.5 feet) in nautical miles instead. In other words, the obelisk represents 583.5 nautical miles instead. There's a reason for this.

So, how far does this distance go and in what direction?

Run an exact straight line from DC, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Trenton, NYC (statue of liberty), Bridgeport, New Haven, Boston to MSI.
Well, the direction is clearly northeast from DC. The distance 583.5 nautical miles lands us square in the water southwest of the Bay of Fundy or nowhere. Hmmm.

DC to Philadelphia (statute miles) is right at 133.16. Philadelphia to Bridgeport is right at 133.16. Bridgeport to Boston is right at 133.16. Boston to MSI is right at 266.5. This is 666 statute miles. Curiously convenient. 666 statute miles from DC is MSI. What is MSI? In a bit...

So, we were dealing with the distance of 583.5 nautical miles. This is not 666 miles, right? Wrong. 583.5 nautical miles converted to statute miles ( times by 8 and divide by 7) = 666.85714. So, 666 statute miles from DC obelisk is MSI. So, what does 666 represent? No, not the devil.

A certain thesaurus used by Freemasons (having 1000 entries) to code things, reports 666 to be:

...a refuge, sanctuary or hiding place.

MSI is Machias Seal Island in the Bay of Fundy. Google BEALE CIPHERS ANALYSES and click on page 26, then read #6.

Note the great battle for ownership of MSI by Canada and the USA. I wonder if this may be due to what might be hidden there. The island is basically not accessible due to being a bird sanctuary. Hmmm.

Isn't a good treasure hunt better than the world ending on December 21, 2012?

Do the nine locations (DC to MSI) equate to the:

13th Degree: Royal Arch of Enoch (or Knights of The Ninth Arch).

Google the above to see "Collar-purple silk or velvet, and suspended to it the jewel-a gold triangle, on which is engraved the delta of Enoch, with rays. On the obverse side of the jewel is a representation of the first three recipients of this degree, two to of them lowering the third into the subterranean vault."

The "Royal Arch" of nine...Hmmm.

Is the Book of Enoch the "lost word" referred to in "The Lost Symbol"?

Is it possible this all could be just coincidence?

"spin stories"?


“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Let's get down to brass tacks.

When December 21 comes and goes without incident, what will be left is a magnificent mystery documented by two books and eighteen years of research. Surely someone out there well heeled enough can buy the copyright to movies, future books, access to my library, etc. It's for sale. Will the right candidate come hither and enter the realm of mystery? Only very interested and serious prospects need apply to my e-mail; it won't be cheap and will be extraordinary. I will contact you by phone to discuss further. Your identity will remain private. To date, I am unable to access any suspected treasure and have been paid nothing for my efforts; I wish for this to change!

Only about 129 hours to go...

Kaba_____ (129 in Gem atria)