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elfen lied
Episode 1

*Chicago, Illinois*

Sideswipe: *Driving with Lucy* I like Chicago!

Lucy: *Smiles* Sideswipe...about yesterday...do anda actually Cinta me?

Sideswipe: Yeah.

Blowpipe: *Driving seterusnya to Sideswipe* Lucy and Sideswipe sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G!

Sideswipe: Will anda please shut your face Blowpipe?

Blowpipe: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the jeruk, pickle carriage!

Spinster: *Fires at Blowpipe*

Blowpipe: GAH! *Fires back*

Spinster: *Fires a peluru berpandu at Blowpipe*

Blowpipe: *Blows in a bunch of little pieces*

Sideswipe: BLOWPIPE!

Spinster: *Prepares to api, kebakaran at Sideswipe*

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Episode 2

*Sahara Desert, Africa*

Megatron: *Sees a group of military vehicles approaching* Kakuzawa?

Starscream: It looks like it...

*The trucks stop, Kurama and Dr. Kakuzawa come out of the trucks*

Kurama: Lord Megatron, we have come to make a deal.

Megatron: And the deal is?

Kurama: *Reveals four Decepticons* We shall trade you...

Starscream: It’s Blight, Needlenose, Spinster, Runamuck, and Sparkcrusher!

Megatron: We shall have our soldiers back...

Kurama: And we want Lucy.

Megatron: And why is that, fleshling?

Kurama: That is classified information.

Megatron: ...fine. Then we have a deal, human insect....
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