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"Esme...Esme...Esme...Es-" I couldn't keep my mind off of her. There was a knock on the door of my office at the hospital.
"Come in."
"Yes, Mia?"
"Are anda clocking out soon?"
"Oh! Yes thank anda ."
I get up, grab my things, and go clock out. I could not wait to get home, to see my beloved Esme. No one could Cinta her as much as I do. The ride utama took longer than usual, probably because I was so eager to get home, but who wouldn't be eager to see their fiance.With the wedding just days away, she and Rosalie were planning the whole thing. I was pulling into the garage, I saw Esme standing...
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I was going to go to Edward and see what his thoughts were. I would go from there.
"Edward, what have Esmes thoght been about today?"
"How much she loves you."
That complicates things,Wonderful.
"thank you."
I walk out and head back to the living room.
Esme is gone,crap. I followed her sent to a cliff. I look over the edge and there she is. She was still alive but bariley. I jump off the cliff, pick up her body, and run as fast a s I can to the house. As soon as I get her in my study. I bite her.

Two days Later...

I am standing in my study observing Esme's transformation. It is nearing the end. About...
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As I held Esme in my arms I felt like this is were i belonged.When I finally let her go she looked up at me I could see the Cinta radiating out from her like heat waves coming up from the asphalt on a hot summer day. It felt as if hours had passed but it had only been a few minit at the most.
"What took anda so long?" she asked
I laughed.
"There were a few things i had to take care of first."At this very moment I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her I loved her unconditionally.But she was human...I would not bring her to this life,I couldn't bring myself to do it.She didn't...
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Carlisle's P.O.V.

I hear a knock on the door of my study.
"Come in"
"hey Carlisle, there is some one at the door"Says Edward
"She says her name is Esme.."
Just then Bella (my fiance)walks in
"I'll be back" I say
As I am wlking down the stair case I remember Esme.I run to the door. I had been waiting for this moment for years.I karang myself and open the door.
"hello" I say
"Dr.Cullen, do anda remember me?"
"Your name is Esme,correct?"
"yes"I could tell she was excited
"please come in" I say
So we sit and catch up...I could see Bella in the corner glaring jealously at Esme.Edward has never really...
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---------------Esme point of view-----------------
I've missed anda Esme", he berkata in his beautiful voice and he bent down and kissed me lightly on my lips. At that moment, my hati, tengah-tengah burst into joy and I felt so happy I could burst. The man of my dream was here and everything seemed perfect.
I woke up with the feel of Carlisle on my lips. I sighed, and hoped I'd be able to see him once again.
I stared up at the light blue celing of mine and Charles' bedroom. The dream had been so strange: the house was like nothing I'd ever seen beforel;...
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Thomas woke Charles and I. He was bawling at the bahagian, atas of his lungs. I ran to him and took him to the bathroom and calmed him down. Again I tryed to brest feed him but I wouldnt work. I stayed in the bathroom for another half jam until Thomas fell asleep. I carried him back to is buaian and went back to bed. I was worried. Thomas had never refused to feed before. I resulved to take him to the docters if there was no improvement. Warey from my thoughts, I fell asleep.
While I was asleep, I had a strange dream. I was standing in the living room...
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