Eurovision Song Contest Moskow online!

Nekto posted on Mar 28, 2009 at 06:40PM
Last month we were working hard to create site, with useful content about Moscow and Russia, what you don’t know and, sure, about Eurovision 2009.
Even now we have a lot information about unbanal places in the capital of Russia. Where it ll be useful for U to be them all (dash all these official excursions, the are for grandparents! )
Also on one page, there are videos of Eurowinners from the whole 54 years af all the being of this contest. And we ask you not to believe everything, that you can see in our blog. It’s simply a brutal joke. It’s only our sense of humor. By if U only smile and appreciate, so go to Video/Overboard. Though everything that is written in preface is also joke, hope it’ll be very interesting for U to meet our rather specific subculture and originality. Our working on the site will be continued till the final concert, so come to our site as often as u could. A lot of surprises from the heart of Russia are waiting for U.

Eurovision Song Contest No balas