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What are the Fanpop Etiquette Team's papar on Fanvid spamming, and how can we make it stop?

basically its only on a couple of spots that annoy me it used to be the buffy spot but then the people who were adding alot of fanvids were adding a lot lebih other good content so i let that off, but on the tv spot its constantly bombared with fanvids from gossip girl and one pokok hil mainly which is annoying becasue i Cinta both of these shows but not enough for there to be 20 vid in 5 mins love, so i was wondering what it the etiquette here?
 x-missmckena-x posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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germany123 said:
Personally i dont care for fanvids. Most of them are terrible: the scenes are cut oddly atau have blurry internet pictures in a slideshow- the audio doesnt match the scenes, most of it are the same useless couple scenes over and over again..i COULD go on :P

but i do see that lots of people like them..they MUST since they obviously bulk post them on Fanpop (dont get me started on LoVe fanvids miscategorized in the veronica mars spot..or stupid OTH/GG fanvids on the TV spot-reason i unsubscribed from there)

My idea to really tackle the problem would be for them to be their own category. if they were telah diposkan in the "fan video" section one could filter the updates, uncheck the box for "fanvids" and presto: your kemaskini wouldnt get spammed.
i think ill make a suggestion in the forum..

Up until then I think shipping vids need to be in the right spot and i think people should THINK (and cari ;)) before they post but i also think bulk adding screencaps is stupid and spkng in txtsp is stoopid AND CAPSLOCKING IS STUPID <3 fake hearts in the tajuk are stoopid but i think i belong to the minority on Fanpop there :S
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
harold said:
It's pretty simple: if a lebih specific club exists that is a logical "subset" of the club that is being bombarded, the content should be reported as miscategorized, with the note Membaca "should be moved to the <more specific club's name> club".

In your example, the Televisyen club is clearly a "parent" club of any specific TV show's club. As such, it shouldn't have any content related to a tunjuk which has its own club. Say "Doctor Who" video get telah diposkan there - fanvids atau not - they should all be flagged as miscategorized and requested to alih to the Doctor Who club.

Of course, if the specific TV show's club has a child club for a particular aspect of the tunjuk - say, the Logan-Veronica relationship from "Veronica Mars" - the reports should specify that, atau the people in the "Veronica Mars" club can then lapor the content and request to have it moved down the line.

Content should always end up in the most specific club related to that content.

That's not to say that anda can't have content telah diposkan in lebih than one club, but the two Kelab should not be logical relatives of each other. For example, the well-known link video belongs both in the Saturday Night Live club and the Justin Timberlake club, as it was a sketch on SNL performed sejak JT. Neither club is directly related to the other as logical parent atau child. The sketch could be telah diposkan in the TV club, but it lebih appropriately belongs in the SNL club, because that is lebih specific.
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
mycrownofjewels said:
I agree with the whole fanvid commentary: I think there are few fanvids I would actually want to watch because they're poorly constructed. But to piggyback on what harold said, so when somebody posts something in the "Disney" atau "Classic Disney" peminat spots, how does this concept work? Can anda lapor something as miscategorized that occurs in Disney that anda believe relates lebih directly to Classic Disney atau is that rule irrelevant for those type of clubs? As another example, if someone posts a video about Beauty and the Beast atau Snow White in one of these all encompassing spots, is it technically in the wrong category? Thanks for jawapan to these largely ignored topics! :)
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posted hampir setahun yang lalu 
i woud say its a grey area. esp when Fanpop started it was always encouraged to post the same video in multiple spots (snow white in disney,classic Disney aaaaaaand snow white) because people were still BUILDING Fanpop and it made sense to "fill" spots. now it hink its spammy. yet i have reported a number of SHIPPING video (grrrrr) and they never got moved.but i guess anda can lapor (putting the club in the notes section) and see if something happens
germany123 posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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