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posted by gleswigiagirl
 me and her 2 years ago!
me and her 2 years ago!
theres all different typpes of pepole and theres all different types of ffriendships like me and my best pal chloep

anda know when it comes down to it real Friends will always support anda the best they can but if maybe they dont seem to be helping anda with your problems then maybe right now they have theyre own issues so dont freak out try and help them just dont forget to save time for yourself!

^_^ =] :0 :D :p :9 :( :00 X) XD XP

make sure anda dont leave them out

always consider theyre feelings

if it aint working out try again if it still aint working maybe its for the best to perpecahan, berpecah up for a while then get back together cause anda need each other!
posted by harold
This is the fourth in a series of profiles of link, started back in January and only published now because I was doing about eight at once. It was last edited on 13 May 2008.

As with many fans, I first became aware of tubby2002 when she started posting to the link over a tahun ago. Since then I've been lebih and lebih impressed with the extent of her contributions, as well as her passion for reviewing and rating other users' content. In talking to other users about her, I found I wasn't the only one. Not one user I spoke with had anything but praise for her.

For example, link wrote: "I am a HUGE...
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This is saat in the series of profiles of link, for the simple expedient that linkwas the saat to reply to my inquiry. This artikel was most recently edited on 17 March 2008.

I first became aware of Temptasia back in May 2007 from her activity in the link, though it wasn't until later, when she became a regular poster to the link and link spots, that I had a lot of interaction with her.

In talking to other users about Temptasia, there was one constant in everyone's comments: here is a woman universally admired for her positive and friendly interactions with the Fanpop community.

link wrote:...
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posted by dazl
 The lovely Eden!
The lovely Eden!
Get your minds out of the gutter!

Two credits for this:

-Harold for coming up with the idea of interviewing a Fanpopper.
-Edennirvana for agreeing to hantar herself to my degrading nosiness.

Interview with Edennirvana, coming to us from Puerto Rico.

1)When did anda first discover Fanpop and how?

1. I'd say mid september of last year, a friend of mine wanted me to open a myspace account, so she asked me to check out her account. I was obsessed with the song that was used for the CSI promo of season 8 so as I was checking out her account I started browsing through some myspace groups about CSI and...
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