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Hi, I'm a photographer, artist and of course author. I like to challenge my skills and see how far I can go! I'm a outgoing person whose creative, intelligent, smart, beautiful, independent, and a little feministic. I'm a strong christian girl and I Cinta Jesus our Lord. I'm single but I'm NOT looking for a boyfriend, (I believe in courting not dating). I Cinta my church and my family, and I'm a member of the G.R.W.C (Girls Membaca and Penulisan Club) at my church. I'm great with kids and my goals in life are to become a: Photographer, LPN and/or RN. I like to stay busy and create things for my...
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I saw some sad faces in link for this so-called "Valentine's Day."

So I thought I'd remind Fanpop what February 14th is all about.

A few things anda should take note of:

February 14th is also, and most importantly, link. Anyone who cares about women, atau just likes to talk about vaginas, is urged sejak this Vagina Enthusiast to attend your local university, community, atau high school's production of "The Vagina Monologues." And if anda try and tell me that your community isn't putting it on, make sure anda double checked. V-Day is taking place AROUND THE WORLD (not just America), so seriously look into...
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 the great johnminh
the great johnminh
O.K., this is quite short but I figured I'd have a stab at this, it's The Twelve Days Of Fanpop, it's basically the Twelve Days Of Krismas with different words, I tried to make these to do with John where I could, most of the numbers are Rawak except three four and five, which are the amount there are, and then one has to be something in a pir tree, oh I bet this makes no sense to anda since anda haven't read the song yet. I'm not really bothered to write it out all twelve times because, noone will read it all, anda would skip to the twelfth hari anyway. The imej will be added again seperatly...
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R.I.P Paul Walker, Im still upset about anda passing away.
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Footloose.. Donk edition Enough berkata
kevin bacon
soulja boy
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