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“Let the fight begin!” Kowalski berkata into the microphone.

    A roar of the crowd was released. I stood sejak my allies, Lilly and Yamcha, as all the others ran to their weapons. I ran out leaving them stranded. The fight had begun, and how could we win? Our team probably couldn't win. I picked up a spear, a bow and a quiver of arrows, and a battle ax. I ran back to Yamcha and Lilly when I was attacked sejak a girl with a light blue streaks in her hair. She was a white lemur named Lexii. She threw a spear at the back of my head, but I managed to dodge. I took my Arrow and tried...
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"What's this?" Raven said, looking directly at the quite blue haired girl with two blades in her hand, standing seterusnya to a taller penguin with an American look. She stopped, and disappeared.

"Where did Raven go?" mangga berkata running out in the direction she had seen her.

She reappeared once lebih in front of Mya. She slashed the penguins face, spilling blood from her. "That blue hair. Could anda be?" Raven asked her, licking the blood from her claws.

"If anda mean Dehilia's daughter, yes I am." Mya wiped her bleeding face. "Long time no see Jackass." She yelled, charging for Raven as she drew her blades....
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The seterusnya day, Kowalski grabbed his loveulazer and loaded it into the car, then he turned around and saw Lilly standing right infront of him. "GAH!" He yelled, staggering back and falling into the car. Lilly rolled her eyes a bit and peeked in.
"So, where are anda headed off to so early in the morning mister?" Asked Lilly, leaning against the side of the car. Kowalski hastily sat up and jumped to the front seat. "N-Nowhere. Just taking my loveulazer on a little Sunday drive..hehe." he replied, starting the car. Lilly moved to the driver's side and peered in. "Sunday drive? Kowalski, it's Friday."...
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