Female Ass-Kickers FAK Icontest Theme Suggestions

DarkSarcasm posted on Jul 08, 2012 at 01:45AM
Long story short: I'm running out of ideas for the link. You guys are probably more creative than I ever was, anyway. =P

If there are any themes you'd like to try, or any that we've had before that you liked & want to do again, speak up! =)
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hampir setahun yang lalu misanthrope86 said…
What about a gender swap theme?
hampir setahun yang lalu misanthrope86 said…
Some Halloween themes, most/all of which you've probably already thought of ~

Blood (duh)
Moon (or Night, but we've done that very recently)
Scared or scary
Headstone quote (ie what you think might be or should be written on your FAK's headstone)
Disguise or costume (we've done that one a couple of times too though...)
Horror movie crossover
Pumpkin colouring
Candy colouring (ie multicoloured)
Icon This! with a Halloween-y image
Dia de los Muertos imagery
hampir setahun yang lalu DarkSarcasm said…
big smile
Oooooooh. Thanks, Twin. I especially love the headstone one - link =D
hampir setahun yang lalu KarinaCullen said…
Red Eyes
Very White Skin
Yellow Eyes
Black&Orange or Black&Red
Scary Fake Backgrounds
Bad Weather... lightnings
hampir setahun yang lalu misanthrope86 said…
Christmas themes ~
- Christmas movie/tv special/story crossover
- Christmas lyrics
- Red & Green
- Mistletoe (ie kiss/kissing)
- Holly
- Santa Hat (or maybe just any holiday clip art)
- Family
- Fairy Lights (some sort of multicoloured/sparkly/bright colouring/effect)
- Christmas card (you know, like those cheesy christmas cards that people make with a photo of their horrible family on the front... like that, but with your FAK)

Meh, that's all I got. I'm already soooooooooooo over christmas...

hampir setahun yang lalu DarkSarcasm said…
Nice ones, twin! Sorry you're over Christmas already... at least it's only one round! Of this contest, anyway. ;)
hampir setahun yang lalu KarinaCullen said…
So..... i don't remember if you already used these themes, but i'm boreeeeeeeeeeed!
Here i go:

- Nautic
- Wind
- Hospital
- Fresh (POV)
- Abrupt (POV)
- Abstract (POV)
- Brainless (POV)
- Bracelet
- Craft
- Delicious
- Flesh
- Dust
- Dynamic (POV)
- Gentle
- Fruit
- Garden
- Shade
- Severe (POV)
- Quiet
- Scape
- Pyjamas
- Scandal (POV)
- Protective
- Scarlet
- Power (POV)
- School/Learning
- Objective
- Steam(y)
- Obituary
- Distracted
- Disturbed
- Noble
- Sham (POV)
- Shame
- Incapable (POV)
hampir setahun yang lalu KarinaCullen said…
big smile
- Magical (POV)
- Purse/Bag
- Painting Effect
- Profession
- Field
- Lipstick
- Cocky
- Enough (POV)
- Metal
- Guilty Pleasure
- Bow
- Open Door
- Building
- Bed
- Shower/Bathtub
- Fashion
- Dork
- Belt
KarinaCullen commented…
I'll be back! ;P hampir setahun yang lalu
DarkSarcasm commented…
Jesus. O.O hampir setahun yang lalu
hampir setahun yang lalu KarinaCullen said…
I remembered some more! ;P

- Ambition (POV)
- Prudent
- Ambush
- Provocaion
- Amend (POV)
- Rhythm
- Beaten
- Reward
- Beg
- Sanctuary (POV)
- Brief (POV)
- Sanity
- Clean
- Satisfaction
- Close
- Evil
- Curse
- Test (POV)
- Custom (POV)
- Territory
- Entrance
- Thankful
- Flaw
- Theory
- Heroic
- Forever (POV)
- Lame
- Mercy
- Untold/Secret
- Oversight
- Waste
- Pout
- Rising (POV)
- Welcome
- Youth
- Talisman
- Savage
- Religion
- Mark
- Obedient (POV)
- Natural (POV)
- Genious
- Caution
- Bully
KarinaCullen commented…
And then i realized... i suck when i choose the themes for my contests! hampir setahun yang lalu
DarkSarcasm commented…
Well, these are now official FAK property, but I guess anda can use a few... ;) hampir setahun yang lalu