Female Ass-Kickers Who Is On Your "Dream Team"?

Cinders posted on Jul 11, 2010 at 07:56PM
The scenario is this:

The world is ending. Soon. You have been tasked to assemble a team of five professionals to avert this catastrophe. You are advised to hire people who are experts in a variety of fields in order to fully utilize as many different talents as possible. Who do you choose?


You have just been alerted that a sinister virus has evolved to attack the male biology, and every male you considered hiring is now comatose. Fortunately, somehow, the women are immune to the virus.

You are left with a pool of strong, highly capable women at your disposal. Now who do you choose to save the world?
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hampir setahun yang lalu Asvini said…
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1. River Tam - As well as the fighting and being a genius advantages, her being psychic could lead us to the source of the problem.

2. Echo - Because I'm a dirty rotten cheat, and she has lots of personalities including a professional safe breaker, a hostage negotiator and an assassin.

3. Sarah Connor - Learned a lot of military and fighting skills, is used to facing stronger enemies.

4. Buffy Summers - All the slayer abilities, has some experience organising a group of fighting women (fighting both enemies and amongst themselves), and if she dies she'll probably somehow end up back in the fight eventually anyway, lol.

Here I'm torn between Bennett Halverson and Temperance Brennan, because I want to round out the group with brains not brawn. River's a genius but also often too damaged to do much with it, and Echo would be more use out in the fray than in a lab (I've decided my group has a lab apparently). Temperance would be more use if she had to actually fight for some reason, Bennett's field of research seems more handy for an end of the world disaster.

5. Bennett Halverson - I decided her intellect and main area of study could be more useful than Temperance, not only could she help with the brains/research she knows how to make a mind wiping device.

My answer would likely be different every time I was asked (probably depending on which shows/movies I'd most recently seen, I'm easily swayed like that) but for now, this is my team :)
I just realised I have two Summer Glaus. I hope they don't get into evil twin fights and ruin my world saving.
hampir setahun yang lalu Frizzhead said…
1. Willow Rosenburg: This girl packs a lot of punch supernaturally and would probably keep the team from getting too depressed with her quirky attitude.She also would have the intelligence to aid the team

2. Sue Sylvester: I think every person should bring something new to the team and Sue brings malice and use of tactics like i have never seen before and as a coach she'd be in good shape. She would be the chiefr manipulator.

3.Xena: She would be the brute strength of the group and in charge of weapons and can deal with any Greek Gods that feel like bothering them.

4.Neytiri: Her extremely thick skin would make her more durable than any other member and if that and her size wasn't enough she has poison tipped arrows and gymnastic and combat skills

5.Eowyn: Every team needs a leader and i think Eowyn would suffice.She is brave and strong in mind and body, and is still kind and loyal when she needs to be
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hampir setahun yang lalu huddygirl2 said…
1.Ziva David:she has the brains and knows how to out smart people ex assassin meaning great fighter and her knife skills are amazing.
2.Martha Jones:she's smart and she was a doctor so if some one ever gets hurt she knows' want to do
3.Abigail sciuto her job may not be fighting but she can still save herself using her skills and pus her job is technology she also knows how to hack.
4.Sarah Wolker:pretty much the same with Ziva
5.Mulan:quick thinking and good at planes
hampir setahun yang lalu huddygirl2 said…
really? it dead's at me?
hampir setahun yang lalu housefrk said…
Temperance Brennan: She's extremely intellegent as well as able to physically kick ass
Emily Prentiss: Also able to physically kick ass, and her profiling skills would pick up the slack in one of Brennan's weaker areas

Ziva David: I think as far as physical ass-kicking goes, she's about as good as you get. I mean, come on, ex-assassin.

Olivia Dunham: in case we needed to kick ass in multiple universes

Juliet O'Hara: physically the least qualified member on the team, but she's got great detective skills, and she's been through a lot and come out the other end, so we know she's emmotionally strong
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hampir setahun yang lalu KateDenali said…
Nikita: She's kick-ass and smart. She's been trained to be a deadly assassin, and has amazing strategies and thinks on her feet.

Buffy Summers: She's a slayer for crying out loud. Who wouldn't want one on their team?

Echo/Caroline: She's had some amazing personalities programed into her; most of them kick-ass and dangerous, but some devious and smart.

Katherine Pierce: She's a vampire for crying out loud. Though she and Buffy might clash, Katherine's very smart, manipulative, devious, and tough to boot. They could get over their differences.

Bonnie Bennett: Not a vampire, but a pretty close second. A little witch who would no doubt be amazing. She's very reserved and hesitant, so that would be a small problem. But a hesitant witch is better than no witch. Plus, she knows some dangerous spells.

Hehe. Two of my people are from Vampire Diaries.
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hampir setahun yang lalu huddygirl2 said…
Martha Jones is even better if you watch Doctor who you know want I mean.
hampir setahun yang lalu RLFox5x5 said…
1. Buffy- Shes a leader. Shes resourceful. She's the frickin slayer, job description is in the title!

2. Selene- Shes fast, strong and has a large pain threshold and has the weapon resources. Also she's 500+ years old so has plenty of experience. She has the level head among the group, and follows orders well were others dont. And those who dont she can put in there place *cough* faith *cough*

3. Faith- 2 slayers are always better than one. Pure muscle, plus she'll call Buffy out on her faults if she's doing something wrong.

4. Cameron-She can get the job done in situations that require brutality and no remorse, whereas the others may feel guilt.

5. Willow- Her computer skills are epic and always come in use, plus she's an extremely powerful witch so she pretty much covers the intelligence and power department all by her self.
hampir setahun yang lalu J-C said…
Super Buffy - She's faced and won many Apocalypse's before. + all her abilities.

Sydney Bristow - She saved the world from viruses before, she'll come in handy.

Willow - Genius and powerful.

Zatanna - The more magic the better.

Wonder Woman - a great leader.
hampir setahun yang lalu housefrk said…
Hey guys. Changing my team around. Plus I realized that I only had a four person team before. So this is my new team.

1. Zoe Washburn - I know it's more conventional to put River as the Firefly representative for a team, but it occurred to me that over the run of the show, River probably got the crew into just as many, if not more, situations than she got them out of. Zoe's still quite able to fight, and very strategic. She can lead if she has to. I just feel like River's too much of a wild card for it to be worth it.

Olivia Dunham - I'm maintaining that it would be handy to have someone who can cross into another universe and/or identify people who have come here from another universe.

Ziva David - playing the ex-assassin card again. Someone tell me that wouldn't be a handy thing to have.

Temperance Brennan - still physically able to fight, and extremely objective and logical. Keep us level headed. Plus, you've got to have a resident genius it the world is ending.

Kate Beckett - I know I swapped out one police detective for another. I feel like as far as critical thinking skills go, Juliet and Beckett are about equal, and Beckett's a better fighter than Juliet, so that's why I made that decision.
hampir setahun yang lalu HouseofNightRox said…
1. Amelie (Morganville Vampires): Amelie from the Morganville Vampires is a good choice because she is tough and a very old vampire, which means she is very strong. She is also sly and cunning.

2. Katherine Pierce: Katherine is a good fighter and is cunning and manipulative.

3. Neferet: Neferet from the House of Night is Powerful, Manipulative, and can control the Powers of darkness.

4. Marisa Coulter: She is a fair fighter and VERY manipulative. In "His Dark Materials" she manipulated almost every male character.

5. Buffy Summers: She is Tough, Brave and a good fighter.
hampir setahun yang lalu DarkSarcasm said…
(Some of these characters are a little on the dead side, but I'm just gonna go ahead & pretend they're not. 'Cause they're fictional and stuff anyway.)

Veronica Mars - Human, Veronica Mars - She'd be the versatile one. Good with computers, can blend in anywhere, picks up on the tiniest details - I'd have her doing a little of everything.

Pam - Vampire, True Blood - I imagine she could kick some serious ass. Very quickly. When she's not being lazy or afraid of ruining her favorite shoes. Shut up, my team needs a vampire and Pam's awesome.

Nymphadora Tonks - Witch, Harry Potter - She may not be the most talented witch from the series, but she's an Auror. She's had the training, she knows what she's doing, she's got a lot of heart. A witch could definitely be useful when the humans are at a loss. I could count on her to lighten the mood.

Hana Gitelman - Evolved Human, Heroes - Hana analyzed, planned attacks & developed strategies for the Israeli Army. Then she was taken by The Company, who showed her her true potential... and now, Hana can access anything digital through her mind. She'd be the planner/researcher/expert on everything.

Luz - Human, Machete - She led a revolution, fights for what's right, helps people get better lives, kicks some major ass & runs a taco truck. She'd lead the way, pump us up if we're lacking enthusiasm, kick some ass and provide tacos. Plus, if we fail and the world's going to end after all, I'd totally hit it.
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 (Some of these characters are a little on the dead side, but I'm just gonna go ahead & pretend they'r
hampir setahun yang lalu Lunalovely said…
^ loving the Tonks pic!

1:Buffy Summers - Do I even need to say why? She's a freaking VAMPIRE SLAYER! Thats reason enough

2:Hermione Granger(Harry Potter) - The most intelligent witch of her age. She has an immense knowledge of spells and always plans ahead.She's also extremely bossy, keeping everybody in the right track.

3:Toph Beifong(Avatar:TLA) The greatest earthbender in the world!She can bend metal and despite being blind she can sense where everything is with her earthbending, making it impossible to sneak up on you, and her sarcastic attitude can give you a laugh once in a while

4:Hit Girl/Mindy MacCready (Kick Ass) - This little 11 year old will beat the shit out of anybody! She has an amazing knowledge of knives and guns and is one of the awesomest powerless superheroes

5:Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter) - Yeah, she's a little psycho and one of the bad guys, but her skills in dark magic make her a great witch.
hampir setahun yang lalu spark34 said…
1 Wonder Woman
2 Phase 4 (Dead or Alive)
3 Samus
4 Bulma
5 Jack (Mass Effect)
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hampir setahun yang lalu Bibi69 said…
1. Carol Peletier {The Walking Dead}, smart, quick, bad-ass, humanity, caring, loving, medic skills, can cook, good mom.... So pretty much everything

2. Buffy Summers {Buffyverse}, super strength, fighting skills, caring, loving, bad-ass

3. Mindy Macready/Hit-Girl {Kick-Ass}, fighting skills, quick, sneaky, sassy, arrogant, bad-ass

4. Ellen Ripley {Alien}, bad-ass, humanity, strong, smart, mother figure

5. Hermione Granger {Harry Potter}, witch! So she can pretty much do anything
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 1. [b]Carol Peletier[/b] {[i]The Walking Dead[/i]}, smart, quick, bad-ass, humanity, caring, loving,