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Asvini posted on Mar 26, 2011 at 08:23PM
I thought it might be a good idea to have a forum for suggesting books featuring strong female characters. A place to list any books you like which you feel fans of strong female characters may enjoy. Perhaps gaining some new fans for a story you like, and the chance to find some new books to love yourself.

There are no limits on the type of strength, so it is not necessary for the female characters to be physically tough as long as you consider them strong.

The only thing I would ask is, if you choose to talk a little about the book and why you think fellow fans of strong female characters will enjoy it, try to keep it as spoiler free as possible.

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hampir setahun yang lalu Asvini said…
Though it's a classic, so may have already been read by most here, I'll start by recommending Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.

Genre - generally listed as some combination of Gothic/Romance/drama
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 Though it's a classic, so may have already been read sejak most here, I'll start sejak recommending Jane Ey
hampir setahun yang lalu ncismpm said…
Katniss from the Hunter Games is very strong in my mind
hampir setahun yang lalu Bond_Of_Fury said…
Okay, it may sound corny, but... Peter Pan? Wendy isn't exactly an ass-kicker, but she's a strong girl if you ask me.
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hampir setahun yang lalu Me_Iz_Here said…
Maximum Ride. The series starts getting ruined around the 4th book but gets OK again.

And, of course, The Hunger Games.
hampir setahun yang lalu Faith-Rulz said…
The Raging Quiet is a novel by Sherryl Jordan. It takes place in medieval times, when God was cherished and witches were burned. The novel revolves around a beautiful, hardworking young women named Marnie, who is sent off to be married to a lord in order to let her family keep their house and farm. Traveling to their new seaside cottage home with her new husband, she encounters a boy her age who is being whipped. Raver is known as a madman with demons. As fate turns, Marnie becomes his closest friend, discovering that his behaviour has nothing to do with madness. What Marnie doesn't soon know is that the villagers see her as a murderer and a witch. This is a novel of longing, and the danger of being different.

Also check out her other books: The Secret Sacrament and The Time Of the Eagle (two wonderful books with both equal strong female and male leads) :)

Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rag­ing­_Qu­iet­&qu­ot;­

Author Kim Wilkins: Gina Champion mystery series for young adults (2000–2006....its about a girl who has innate psyhic abilities who uses them to solve mysteries and also discover herself and her path in life)
Bloodlace (2001)
Fireheart (2002)
Moonstorm (2003)
Witchsong (2005)

Cate Tiernan: Wicca Series which follows the Wiccan adventures of a cast of high school students.
Book of Shadows
The Coven
Blood Witch
Dark Magick
The Calling
Full Circle
Night's Child

hampir setahun yang lalu Kiniko90 said…
His Dark Materials Trilogy - Philip Pullman
- Northern Lights
- The Subtle Knife
- The Amber Spyglass

The Mediator Series - Meg Cabot

The Millennium Trilogy - Steig Larsson
- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
- The Girl who Played with Fire
- The Girl who Kicked the Hornets' Nest

A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini

North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell
(^ the miniseries is also a pretty good watch)
hampir setahun yang lalu totaldramafan01 said…
Hunger Games
Twilight Saga
Harry Potter (though I think we've read them all)
hampir setahun yang lalu huddygirl2 said…
Well there's a series Gregor the overlander all the female characters where strong save to one cuz she doesn't and the other one cuz she's 2 LOL
hampir setahun yang lalu ryans_love said…
I love the Samurai Girl Series by Carrie Asai. it has lots of martial arts in it (which i looove) and the main character, though annoying at times, is pretty kickass.
I agree that His Dark Materials is a wonderful series. Definitely read it!
And I HIGHLY recommend The Eight and The Fire by Katherine Neville. It has a very strong female lead (though 2 separate ones, mother and daughter) and the story is fascinating - it puts an interesting spin on history and teaches you about history and chess at the same time. And, of course, there's romance :)
hampir setahun yang lalu powerofthewish said…
Anita Blake Series by Laurell K Hamilton. Vampire hunter with a sense of humor.
hampir setahun yang lalu river_goddess said…
Tamora Pierce is really good at writing strong female characters. I recommend starting with the Song of The Lioness quartet.
hampir setahun yang lalu pandawinx said…
(Contains minor spoilers)

-The Skulduggery Pleasant series, a nonuplet set of books starring Valkyrie Cain/Stephanie Edgly (You'll find out why she has two names in the novels), and her growth as a person. She's a female ass kicker (in my oppinion) because she can fend for herself and doesn't obsess over the leading male like you'd expect characters like her to. She's really fiesty, sharp-witted and funny! It also features tanith Low who is a bad-ass warrior, and a feminist.
By: Derek Landy.
Genre: Crime and mystery/fantasy with a hint of dark comedy.
Age and gender range: Unisex book for 9+ year olds (yeah, it's pretty universal, adults, kids and teens are going mad for it.)
Fanspot: link

- The demonata. Has some minor disagreeable traits (Most female characters are very promiscuous and scantily clad, like Juni Swan and Meera Flame. It also features Juni trying to escape defeat by offering herself up to Grubbs Grady as some kind of sex slave. O.o WTF moment: "I could be any woman you wanted...",), but on the whole features both girls and boys kicking some good ole' fashion ass. Bec Macconn (female lead in book 4 and 7, featured in book 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10) is the entire brains of the 10 books, often outwitting her male colleges and in the end was responsible for (spoiler) saving the world. Seriously, she owns it. She grew up in a time and place where a female's place was in the kitchen and she rebeled and defied sexist traditions. She was epic.
By: Darren Shan.
Genre: Horror.
Age/gender prefrence: Typically boys, but I'm a girl and i enjoyed it to some extent. Ages 12-15 i think.
Fanspot: link
hampir setahun yang lalu VMars4ever said…
Dearly, Departed. It's fairly recent, but it's a good read. Nora Dearly definitely holds her own.