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Here are some of my kegemaran Freddie Mercury quotes! I hope anda like them too!

•Listen, if anda guys wanna alih around and shift your assess a little, that's okay sejak us. anda can take all your clothes off if anda like, too. It doesn't matter. . . Fuck off!

•I always knew I was a bintang , and now the rest of the world seems to agree with me.

•Gay as a daffodil.

•Hello everybody! hei hei hey! Okay! anda know, it's not always we do shows in the daytime and I fucking wish we'd done it before. I can see anda all now! And we have some real beauties here I can tell you!

•I hate pockets in trousers......
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I was in the mood to write an artikel and could not find a better subject than my absolute kegemaran singer Freddie Mercury. I tried to choose the best words to describe this very special human being and find out it wasn’t that easy to do just that. But anda can tell me if I succeeded atau not.
In my opinion Freddie is:

Fabulous, fearless
Rock god
Exquisite, elegant
Dynamite, dynamic
Incredibly brave
Entertainer of the universe

Musical genius
Everlasting like the sun
Real inspiration for the world
Contagious personality (in a good way)
Unique voice, unbelievably...
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Both Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson posed for foto-foto wearing a crown and the traditional clothes associated with a King.

Working Together.

Michael Jackson released a single called 'State Of Shock' (1984) which appeared on the Jacksons 'Victory' album (1984). Jackson first began working on this duet with Freddie Mercury but in the end Mick Jagger appeared on the final version. Jackson and Mercury also worked on two lebih songs 'There Must Be lebih To Life Than This' and 'Victory' but did not finish them.


Both performers have had a statue created in their likeness. Michael Jackson...
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