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WorldNet NewsWires (C) January 6, 2012

For Marshall Barnes, "Parallel Universes" Reclaims Fringe Cred From "Fringe"

By Debbie Lissa

"A character who has had experiences in their youth involving altered states of consciousness research that led to seeing parallel universes, investigates a series of strange occurrences and has involvement with exotic science technology".

Sounds like the basic of plot foundation for link, right? Wrong. At least not until Fringe was written, somewhere in 2007/2008. Up until that time, it was exclusively the plot-line of the real life of Marshall Barnes, as depicted...
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(C) 1/21/2011 WorldNet NewsWires


by James Stamos

Marshall Barnes, the man who revealed in a statement online and live at the Cleveland Ingenuity Festival in September, about how (now over 30) elements from his life are embedded in the FRINGE concept and unfolding link, has now released a new shocker that will leave FRINGE peminat-peminat wondering what is going on.

Live right now, as the latest episode of FRINGE is still on the air, Marshall's latest statement includes the possible origin of where the Observers come from (both as an idea and in the story),...
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Via HNNEWS Reports: We now have confirmation that the long awaited Marshall Barnes FRINGE statement has been telah diposkan at Urban Ohio just a few hours before he is due to make a live appearance at the Cleveland Ingenuity Festival - link .

R&D Engineer Marshall Barnes has released an official statement claiming an unusual level of correlations between his work and life and elements in the FRINGE TV tunjuk plot which go back lebih than 30 years. There is no claim of infringement, however something right out of FRINGE itself seems to be implied. This is just the beginning...

Follow-ups from the event will be forth coming on this breaking story... Track it via twitter @WNNWs