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NaokoElric writes...

"Now, I want to highlight that it is not only woman Arakawa-sensei was being sexist too. Are anda familiar with the Omake of an AU FMA, in which computers excited? Hohenheim introduces Edward to pornography and Edward's searches is full of dirty words? Again, another point highlighted sejak AveriaAlexandros. Edward is quite asexual in the manga, but he is male so he must like woman and look up nude pictures of woman online, does he not?"

Um...I read most of the Manga online and only own a few volumes so far, so I haven't seen a lot of the omakes. I think...
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I Cinta this <3 ! Original video sejak "Rockbell XII" on YouTube. I own nothing!
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Just a little Royai video to get anda through the hari :D
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