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ROTJ said:
A lot users use to go there, but they left, they couldn't take the bullshit of the founder of the website (who's not right in the head) or the other users anymore (only a handful now), neither could I, such as the hypocrisy, the constant lying and a real lack of understanding the character. There was a lot of heated arguments, the founder and the others who stayed just couldn't admit the fact that Gambit was being treated like shit at the the time (because he was and still is) and the founder didn't like being criticize... a few years later, they finally somewhat come to that realization, but it's too little too late. that site is compete trash now, most of them there want Gambit stuck as a ladies' man, act as if he's still in his late teens or early 20s, never growing up and never being committed to anyone. When a fan base doesn't want their favorite character to grow, have any real meaningful development and move on... then there's a problem.

Some can make an interesting point here and there on certain topics, but that's about it and it's nothing special. They've become too bitter, too easily amused, so desperate that they will cling to anything involving the character no matter how badly written he is and believe nearly every rumor...

I love Gambit, but those are not the fans you want to talk too about him. I know that's nothing new with a lot of fan bases, but that needs to be called out on. Also, on the main page, I don't know why the founder still has a link to the Gallery and Links, it just takes you to the forums... talk about lazy design or a real lack of effort.
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