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posted by jenjenboo10
Geeks are just smart gangsters and hoes!! Belevie
me I was datin a geek and he cheated on me wit 4 other girls
there ya go. Geek mean-
G- Gangsta
E- Enappoirpet
E- Esstancial
K- Killer kissers!!

Srry im a bad speller! hahahahahahahahaha Wells
I have to write a longer thing so i will say that Geeks as a girl is-
G- Girl
E- equal smarts atau lebih smartry then a boy geek
E- En a school libary
K- Kickers

srry i messed words up. LOL :) I'm not a geek but I know alot of them. I dont call em geeks but smart gangsters. So do not uderestamite a smart gangsta. Oh when i berkata cangkul, hoe i ment smart cangkul, hoe atau girl. lol. Some geeks are just geeks though. Plain and weird. LOL Well live well if ur a geek.
posted by TweenaCat
anda must put on a dramatic, profound voice to read this bit * :

For years we have endured narrow-minded prejudice and thoughtless stereotyping. We have been belittled and taunted. We have been made to feel worthless and boring.
And we are not only talking here about stupid high school bullies, but about people in general, judging us on what they hear in the media. Ooh, the media have been prejudiced against us since the dawn of time (shut up, it's called a hyperbole okay?).
We are all portrayed as carbon copies of one another, strange, stupid, unsociable freaks. This my friends, is geekism....
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Listen up fellow Geeks. Now, we don’t even have to leave the house to enjoy the pop culture convention experience.

On Saturday, December 6th, the first ever a live, free, online, direct-to-fans personal convention experience called CON-CON is set to launch.

Two of our kegemaran convention regulars, voice-over stars Yuri Lowenthal (Prince of Persia, Ben 10, Sunset Overdrive) and Tara Platt (Legion of Superheroes, Naruto, Persona) are behind this brand new convention event.

The free 6-hour online event will be packed with live panels filled with celebrity guests from TV, film, videogames, and...
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posted by knifewrench
Now I realise from the forum that Snerkie doesn't like hackers, and that's something we can Debat another time. But I can tell anda now, that this is lebih important than revenge; this is to help end hatred.

The WBC (Westboro Baptist Church) are the most intollerant people on the earth who I know of, just check the Debat spot, it's full of information on them. If anda can't be bothered to look, allow me to summarize: The WBC are a horrible cult who claim to be Christians, but go against everything The Bible says. So far, they have protested against homosexuals AT A HOMOSEXUAL PERSON'S FUNERAL!...
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Great pic that pretty much sums up the personality types of the PC world.