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Sometimes we understand that gud things dont last long, we accept that ppl got to die someday. But why kill Jim off? U know wat I tink? From the beginning of the first season, if u carefully scrutinise Jim and Melinda's relationship as a married couple ud see that Melinda is always kinda stressed out as if she wants more, someting lebih and Jim is just loving and gives her alot of love. Remember times wen Jim would have to leave to go to work and Melinda would be say on her computer atau Membaca someting about some ghost,,dont u see how she just barely kisses him then goes quickly back to what...
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Melinda: (While Tom Gordon is trying to strangle her) Dad, please... Dad!
Tom Gordon: Don't call me Dad. I'm not your father.
Melinda: I wasn't talking to you!
(Paul Eastman appears behind Tom.)

Tom: You're too good for your own good. I was hoping that anda would get scared off, but anda don't scare easily do you?
(Tom starts choking Melinda)
Melinda: Dad...please, Dad!
Tom: Don't call me Dad. I'm not your father.
Melinda: I wasn't talking to you.
(Melinda's real father's ghost puts himself in Tom's body and releases the choke hold)

Melinda: You're my father? Have anda always known?
Paul: After I died I'd...
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posted by ghosty_girl
Ghost Whisperer, seterusnya to Desperate Housewives, is one of my kegemaran shows. i must know everything about it. it affected me a lot the first time i saw it. after watching it, i knew i needed to watch more. i remember at the s2 finale, i was super exited, and i cried when mel died for a minute. "oh no! my new kegemaran tunjuk cant be over already!" i thought. then to my relief, it was renewed for a 3rd season. then, i bought the s1 and 2 dvds. waiting for the 3rd season to debut, i couldn't stop talking about ghost whisperer. it was driving people crazy! when it finally came, i decided to calm down,...
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Our man on the scene in L.A, Matsen, caught up with the Ghost Whisperer herself, Jennifer Cinta Hewitt aka Love, who gave us the scoop on the latest episode of Ghost Whisperer, “Ghost in the Machine”. A unique take on the show’s format, expect lots of green screen, special effects, and wire stunts. The episode, which airs tonight (10/17/08) on CBS at 8, features JLH in all her virtual glory, “flying around and kicking people”!

anda can check out the interview
Melinda's (Jennifer Cinta Hewitt) investigation of a poltergeist in the hospital leads to a showdown with Supernatural forces terrorizing her and her son on tonight's "Ghost Whisperer."

"We have lots of strange children marching around in scary masks, which is so creepy," Jennifer tells ET. "It's like, 'Why do we always have to make children creepy?' I'm constantly asking the producers. I'm like, ''Can't we just have a child who's not creepy, because it freaks me out. It gives me nightmares and I don't like it.'"

There actually is a non-creepy kid on "Ghost Whisperer," and that is her son Aiden...
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posted by princessfelicia
Most persons that I know hate Melinda..even my dad and a couple of friends. I guess most of it comes from her being this all round superhero on television.they dont like that AT ALL. like my dad berkata once, I tink it was at the end of the saat season,,,my mind giving up on me....wen Melinda was about to die and I was bitting my nails. "HOw come everybody dying and she aint dying?" my father boldy asked and I berkata that shes too good to die. lol. isnt she?? her work isnt finished in Grandview. Shes not evil so why must she die now? boy I tell u if Melinda dies soon Id be heartbroken.
SHes such...
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posted by cudambercam13
Rated T-M, sorry I suck at age ratings :P

Melinda walked into the antique shop, dropping her dompet, beg tangan on the counter as she turned to face Delia. "How'd it go!?" "Don't sound so eager." Melinda replied with a laugh. "I watched Aiden last night; I deserve details." Melinda looked at Delia and smiled. "Sometimes details can never explain an event so... Dramatic."
Delia laughed and threw her arms up in the air. "Da da da DAAA! She got LAID, people!" Delia replied, assuming they were alone. "By who?" They turned around to see none other than Ned and Eli walking through the doors, with huge, stupid...
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posted by ghostw
ghost whisperer is one of my fav shows seterusnya to most haunted my fav epiosiod in season 1 was the one when the plan crashed in to grandview,but i loved ander.My fav episod in season2 was the gavering [but i did not like how diler handle mel tlling her about her gfit]i was sad at the end when i found out about that she has fav episoide in season 3 was the first one i thoght the e-rays where freeky.i have not found my favrut episod in season 4 yet.My fav
cater is mel i like the way she ues her gift for good and stuff.jim is my saat fav cater i like the way he thinks that he helps mel sejak saving lifes that is so sweet.I like dellier but some times she could be a bit mean to mel the way i see it but i gess she kis cool.ned is vrery cool i like it how he help mel if jims not therer.
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