Glee What is anda kegemaran song of Episode 8 from season 5 (PREVIOUSLY UNAIRED CHRISTMAS)

Pick one:
Here Comes Santa Claus (Gene Autry) (Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry and Santana Lopez)
Rockin' Around the Krismas pokok (Brenda Lee) (New Directions and Will Schuester
Mary's Little Boy Child (Boney M.) (Marley Rose, Tina Cohen-Chang, and "Unique"
The tupai, tupai, chipmunk Song (Alvin and the Chipmunks) (Kurt, Rachel, Santana and Cody)
Cinta Child (The Supremes) (Wade "Unique" Adams, Marley Rose and Tina Cohen-Chang)
Away in a Manger (Traditional) (Kurt, Rachel, Santana and New Directions)
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