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Fresh from her humiliating stint as a TV actress, Rachel decides to "Let it Go," Singing the hit track from the movie "Frozen."
let it go
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(Sugar Motta was at her locker, looking for her school buku and putting on lip gloss. She had a whole bag of invitations in her locker, ready to be passed out to students who would want to attend her Valentine's hari party at Breadstix. Artie showed up, stopping his wheelchair sejak her side.)
Artie: So...I was thinking. I know we don't really interact much, but...I really like you.
Sugar (smiles): Really? I knew the whole school likes me, but I didn't think anda like me THAT way.
Artie: Well, I watched some of the video anda put on Twitter, trying to perfect your Berlakon skills. I've grown to like...
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Cory Monteith is loved sejak thousands all over the world for his portrayal of Finn Hudson - the lovable, slightly dorky, football playing, Glee club bintang on the hit fox series Glee.
However, in a new interview Monteith reveals he is vastly different to his popular on-screen character.
The 29-year-old actor opened up to Parade magazine about his troubled past and how he has managed to turn his life around.
“I’m not Finn Hudson,” he declares. “I’m lucky on so many counts – I’m lucky to be alive.
“I burned a lot of bridges. I was out of control,” he told the mag, adding that his drug...
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