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 Back together at last!
Back together at last!
Chair Tales S02E11- Meet The Parents

It's the morning after the Cinta in Limo incident. Blair and Chuck are still in New York at a hotel suite where they stayed the night. Blair would be meeting with Dan and Serena that morning to go back to Connecticut. Chuck had told Blair that he was staying in New York for a week atau so on business and that she should go utama with Serena and Dan and he'd see her when he got back home. She'd agreed and told him that things would be different when they were finally reunited at home, things would be better. He berkata he couldn't wait to put the past behind them and alih on. They had fallen asleep peacefully, finally back on good terms. Blair would return utama that morning...she could finally alih back home, where she belonged, with Chuck....it meant that she would have to go back to Zane's that day, to pick up her things.

Blair wakes up, opening her eyes and observing her surroundings, yes, it happened, last night was real, she was lying in a katil with Chuck, her Chuck. She turns over in the katil to face Chuck. He is already awake, waiting for her eyes to make contact with his. He strokes her face and smiles at her. She responds with a beaming smile before cuddling up to him and resting her head on his chest. He wraps his arms tightly around her. He wasn't going to let her get away again. He'd learnt his lesson the hard way...

C: Morning.
B: What time is it?
C: Dont know...dont care....i could lie here for ever...with you. (he runs his fingers down her naked back)
B: Chuck?
C: Yeah?
B: I Cinta you.
C: (she looks up at him) I know...I Cinta anda too.
B: I really really Cinta anda and i missed anda so much.
C: I know, and i meant everything i berkata last night, Im sorry for ruining things for us.
B: No, it wasn't your fault...it takes two to tango...i was at fault too.
C: Hey, its in the past...whatever happened...the important thing is we're together now...and i will do everything to make this work...I want to make anda happy.
B: I already am.
C: Then i want to make anda happier...you deserve so much better than ive ever telah diberi you...
B: (interrupts him) Chuck...there is nothing better than you...your all i want...whatever person anda become...i dont care...as long as you're always in my life, as my one and only love...i could never Cinta anyone else...it would be anda atau no-one.
C: (closes his eyes, she can tell he is emotional so she holds him tightly) all i ever wanted was for anda to accept me...to just Cinta me unconditionally...without asking me for more...without expecting me to be the kind of guy anda read about in fairy tales.
B: I know...Chuck im sorry for being pushy...i dont care about my expectations any more...we dont have to be like Serena and Dan atau any other couple....what makes our relationship work is when we be us. No lebih pressure to be lebih than just us, i promise. We Cinta each other and we're together, that's all that matters...any thing else is just a bonus.
C: Sure (he smiles and kisses her) I missed anda too. Im sorry i have to stay here and be apart from anda again, but we'll be together soon ok.

They continue to kiss.

* * * * * * *

Later on that day. Serena, Dan and Blair have returned to New Haven and Dan has returned to his house while Serena and Blair have gone for lunch at a cafe.

They talk over lunch.

B: So how was last night?
S: It was great! After the game, a few of us hung out because Nate was leaving! Cant believe anda missed it B!
B: I know i...had things to sort out...ill tell anda soon, first tell me what happened with you!
S: Well, we berkata our goodbyes to Nate after giving him a good send off! He even managed to find a girl to spend the evening with before leaving! I already miss having him here...it kinda reminded me of the old days...high school...
B: I know...it was nice...he should definitely come again some time. atau maybe we could have a reunion in Manhattan.
S: Yeah that would be amazing! Anyway...so after Nate left, Dan took me to this amazing restaurant for a midnight dinner! Their deserts were to die for! So the night ended on a high...we went back utama and...well...
B: Grose...ok anda can stop there!
S: B! (nudges her)
B: What?! Im eating!...i do not want to hear about anything involving sex and Dan Humphrey!
S: (they both giggle) Ok fine! So tell me how your night went?! Nate mentioned that anda and Chuck managed to talk...do anda have good news atau bad news?
B: (smiling) Well let just say Chuck may have to get the cleaner in for the back of the limo!
S: Omg! B! Are anda serious?! So did anda guys even talk before anda jumped into the back of that limo of his!
B: (laughing) Of course we spoke! I wouldn't let him near me when i was so angry with him.
S: Really? anda guys perform at your best when your angry.
B: true (they laugh) But this time was serious...we did actually talk and make up before we..had sex.
S: Well...you know what they say, make up sex is the best sex!
B: I know...and it was! (they laugh) but really...im just glad we sorted things out.
S: So you're back together?
B: (smiles) Yes...we are! (giggles)
S: (hugs Blair) awww im so happy for anda B...i knew anda two would get back together...as if anda could live without each other!
B: I know....my life was so miserable without him.

* * * * * * *

Later on that day.

Blair has arrived at Zane's house.

He knew it was Serena's engagement treat yesterday and Blair had gone with her high school Friends to the Knick’s game. He thought she must have gone back to Serena's house and stayed there the night. He hears the front door open. it must be her. he quickly gets up and goes to see.

Z: Hey...(he walks over to her) how are you...where were anda last night? I was worried about you.
B: (she smiles) I ...umm im fine..i was with my friends...and then...
Z: And then?
B: (she giggles) me and ....Chuck.....we're back together! (she lets out a little laugh)
Z: Oh....that quick? I thought anda wanted a break?
B: Ive had enough of a break....i cant live without him!
Z: Really...you did while he wasn't around.
B: Yeah...but that's because i had to...(she suddenly remembers sleeping with Zane) ummm...im moving back home.
Z: (he looks at her blankly, clearly disappointed) are...you sure...?
B: Ummm...yeah...we're back together Zane...
Z: I heard the first time....(he walks off into the lounge)
B: Zane!? (she follows after him) Is everything ok?
Z: Its fine....(he looks up at her) so anda probably need to get your things then?
B: Ummm yeah.
Z: So thats the only reason you're here right? to get your stuff and leave...as if nothing happened?
B: Zane...(she looks down) i appreciate anda letting me stay here...but i have to go now....you have to understand.
Z: Well i dont.
B: I was here temporarily Zane, anda know that.
Z: He hurt anda (he get up and walks to her) He doesn't deserve you...you deserve better Blair!
B: I Cinta him (she smiles) i can never Cinta anyone else....im sorry....i have to go...
Z: You're never going to forget....it wll be in your memories every day....every night...
B: What are anda talking about?
Z: Every time you're with him....you'll remember it....that night...you....me....you wont forget Blair...
B: (she turns away from him) I have to go...
Z: It happened Blair....you cant just ignore it!
B: (she runs towards the stairs) I have to pack!
Z: (goes to the foot of the staircase as she runs up the stairs) We slept together Blair.....it happened! anda might want to pretend like it didn't happen....but i wont! (he storms off out of the house)

Upstairs Blair has reached her bedroom and closed the door behind her, leaning on the door for a moment gathering her thoughts.

He was right...she would never forget...it was only a week atau so ago....and she hadn't forgot...she had ignored it...pretended that it hadn't happened hoping that she would never have to face that reality again......Chuck could never find out....she would never be able to live with herself if he left her again....she had accused him of cheating but she was the one that had cheated...and that wasn't her only problem...she was beginning to feel sick again...

* * * * * * *

It has been a couple of weeks and Chuck has finally returned utama after a long business stay in NYC (and it really was just business). Everything is going great with Blair and Chuck. They are happier than ever. He had been making so much effort in making her happier, calling her everyday from NYC just to tunjuk her that he was thinking of her constantly and that he was missing her, and she had been giving him her support with the business, running errands for him in New Haven whilst he was away, she spent a lot of time in the office getting to know lebih about the business and helped sejak even asking her mother for a loan...Chuck was reluctant to agree at first but she managed to convince him, so whilst he was in NYC he had visited Eleanor to pick up the check and make peace with her. The business was picking up with the extra funds and Chuck even had a new sponsorship deal on the meja, jadual awaiting approval...everything seemed to be falling into place.

Except for one thing...something Blair had been keeping to herself. She had visited the doctor...she wasn’t going to ruin her life over eating problems again...she had been feeling sick for the past couple of weeks...she knew she hadn't been eating properly but she was still trying to keep a healthy diet...but sometimes she couldn't help but throw up because the sickness made her feel the need to. Luckily this time around she was lebih mature, she went to see a Doctor almost straight away, it used to be something she had no control over, the disorder would come and she wouldn't even realise until it was too late...so she went to see the Doctor right from go just to prevent it coming back in full flow.

It was today that she was expecting her Doctors consultation...just to check if the bulimia had done some long term damage maybe she was experiencing side affects to the supplements she was taking whenever she missed a meal. Chuck had only been back for two days and she couldn't let Chuck find out this time....it would hurt him...he would think that it was his fault...but deep down she needed his support...maybe if the bulimia was back she would have to tell him...or even if it wasn't back she could still tell him that she thought it was but that she'd been told sejak a Doctor that she was all clear...he'd be grateful that she'd been honest with him...he hated her suffering in silence...

* * * * * * *

Later on that evening.

Blair and Chuck are in bed, cuddled up with each other.

C: Hey...i've been thinking...about the future...our future...(leans his forehead on hers)
B: What about it?
C: Well...it may come as a shock....but i've been thinking about...
B: What?
C: Marriage...and stuff.
B: (is shocked) What? Really? You've thought about it?
C: Yeah...i know its important to you...and i know it's what anda want....so i've been trying to come around to the idea.
B: (smiles) And...?
C: And...maybe one day...in the future...i can see it happening...
B: (gets excited) I cant believe it Chuck! I cant believe im hearing anda say this!
C: Look...don't get carried away...there's plenty to do before we get to the stage when we're ready to actually do it...but im just saying that id be willing to....in the future.
B: Of course...i understand (she smiles) Im just so glad that you've thinking about it...you're finally menunjukkan the commitment that i've been longing for...(she kisses him)
C: Hey, i've always been committed to us. I just didnt think that i had to marry anda to prove it.
B: i know...im just...a traditional girl...ive always dreamt of getting married.
C: I know....i haven't....im not a traditional guy...but for you...im willing to compromise. (he smiles and kisses her)

They Ciuman before she pulls away.

B: Wait...there's something i needed to tell anda too....
C: What (he moves closer to her again and holds her in his arms)
B: i was afraid that you'd be angry.....but after what anda just told me...im feeling abit lebih confident now (she sighs) ok...(closes her eyes)
C: What is it? Tell me...What ever it is...im sure its a good thing.
B: And anda wont be mad?
C: Well you're starting to worry me now!
B: ok what if i berkata its good news and that it's something that makes me really happy...i mean its bad timing...but i dont care...its made me really happy!
C: Well then im sure it'll make me happy too! So tell me what is it?
B: Ok...here goes....(she looks into his eyes, he stands patiently waiting atau her good news) Chuck...im pregnant...

To be continued...
 Good news atau Bad news Blair?
Good news or Bad news Blair?
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