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Artemis was born long lalu in the time of ancient greece. Her mother was the mortal leto and her father the great king of the gods zues. When Artemis and her twin apollo were to be born Hera gave an order to all the lands not to let her rest so she could give birth. But leto found an island that was not completley land and Artemis and apollo were born.
anda may wonder why she is called the eternal maiden for when artemis was young she asked her father to promise to never make her marry and atemis was named the eternal maiden, the goddess of newborn animals, the hunt and all maidens.
But artemis was not a forgiving goddess. take for example a young hunter. he saw artemis bathing and was turned into a rusa and killed sejak his own dogs. The 14 children of a woman because she boasted about her self over leto. Apollo killed her seven sons and artemis killed her seven daughters.
Artemis was an amazing goddess and is stilled portrayed in many texts today as the eternal maiden.
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The Protogenoi are the first entities atau beings that come into existence. They form the very fabric of our universe and as such are immortal. The Prôtogenoi are a group of gods from which all the other gods descend. Although generally believed to be the first gods produced from Chaos, some sources mention a pair of deities who were the parents of these Prôtogenoi. These deities represent various elements of nature. Chaos has at times been considered, in place of Ananke, the female consort of Chronos.

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